Chicago Magazine Nov. 2010


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Chicago Magazine Nov. 2010

  2. 2. i :.. r:.41!e!*,.:,:,_::..,illEiEFiffii ii,,j,:ij_!i=r,i,:!t:,::: SPECIAL ADVERTIS NG SECTIO N, 4=;
  3. 3. l /i: /V{*I A yell over hall oi the consumer wealth managers with more than five years / / responses in the Chicagoland area of experience in the financial services V V indicared ir is difficulr ro find a industry were considered.wealth manager they trust and rely on.(1) Next, each wealth manager wasWealth managers, broadly defined, are those reviewed for regulatory actions, civil judiciaiindividuals who help you manage your actions and customer complaints as reportedfinancial world and/or implement aspects of by FINRA, the SEC, the State Board ofyour financial strategies. Common examples Accountancy and the State Bar.of wealth managers are financial advisors, Then, before finalizing the Iist, wealthfinancial planners, investment advisors, managers were reviewed by a blue ribbontax advisors, estate planning attorneys, etc. panel comprised of individuals from within With more than 31,000 wealth the financial services industry. Althoughmanagers(2)in the Chicagoland area, how panelist comments were incorporated intodo you find someone who listens to you, the final score, safeguards were built into therepresents your interests and operates review process to reduce the abiiity ofpanelwith an emphasis on integrity and service? members to influence the composition of theChicago magazine can help. The magazine final list on the basis of company affiliation.formed a partnership with Crescendo An Elite AwardBusiness Services to find out whichwealth managers scored highest in overall The resulting list of 2010 FIVE STAR Wealthsatisfaction. Managers is an elite group, representing Iess than 2 percent of the wealth managersThe Selection Process in the Chicagoland area. Only 455 of theCrescendo administered a survey, by mail top-scoring wealth managers made thisand phone, to approximately 1 in a high- yeart list. For a more user-friendly listing,net_worth households(3) (over 250,000 wealth managers have been grouped basedhouseholds) and all identified FINRA upon their primary financial service. Eachregistered representatives (over 15,500 wealth manager has also listed up to threefinancial services professionals) within the additional financial services that theyChicagoland area. provide their clients. On the surveys, recipients were asked Although this list will certainly beto evaluate only wealth managers whom a useful tool for anyone looking for helpthey know through personal experience in managing their financial world orand to evaluate them based upon nine implementing aspects of their financialcriteria: customer service, integrity, strategies, it should not be consideredknowledge/expertise, communication, exhaustive. Undoubtedly, there are manyvalue for fee charged, meeting of financial other excellent wealth managers who,objectives, post-sale service, quality of for one reason or another, are not on thisrecommendations and overall satisfaction. years list. Both positive and negative evaluationswere included in the scoring, and only(1) 2009 Consumer Survey, QMI Research(:) FINRA registered representatives, IARs, CPAs and attorneys that provide estate planning and trust services(3) Defined as the upper 1/3 of all households based on net-worth CHICAGOMAG.COM NOVEMBER2OIO
  4. 4. Special Advertising 5ection WEATTH MANAGERS INDEX OF WEALTH MANAGERS (G=(haritable Giving; EP=Estate Planning; FP=Financial Planning; lN=lnsurance; lV=lnvestments; T5=Irust Servi(es; IX=Iaxation BUSTNESS JerryThielmann Barry Bolton Karen DeRose Daniel Foxen PLANNING Legacy Capital Resources Morgan Stanley Smith DeRose Financial Planning Fox Financial Jeffrey Cullen FP, IN, IV Barney Group Richard Thies EB IV EP, lN, lV Cullen Financial Group BE EP, IV Hamilton Thies & Lorch John Freiburger FB IN Janet Bolton William Dever, Jr. BB TS, TX Partners Wealth Steven Herrmann Morgan Stanley Smith JMG Financial Group Management Rabjohns Financial Group/ CarlYudell Barney EE V,TX EB IN, IV New England Financial Yudell & Lonoff EP, IN, IV EB IN, IV BP, FBTX Michael Bora Spiro Garbis ESTATE PLANNING FINANCIAL Asset Management & Ameriprise Financial Darcy Chamberlain PLANNING Protection Corporation lN, lv Chamberlain Law Group Douglas Ackerman EB IN, IV Kevin Doney Paul Garrett Burt Engelberg The Bensman Group MarkBrown Mesirow Financial Garrett Consulting Engelberg & Smith IN, IV M. Brown & IV Corporation BB TX Barbara Adelman Associates Donald Duncan Be tN,lv Joel Friedman Morgan Stanley Smith lN, lv D3 Financial Myron Gaylord Horwood Marcus & Berk Barney Julie Bucaro Counselors lnvesco BB TX, TS EP, IV TS Balasa Dinverno Foltz EB IV,TX EP, IVTX Robert Glorch Matthew Allgood IV Edward Dunphy Joe Geiger Law Offices of Robert H. Ameriprise Financial Donna Cainkar Morgan Stanley Smith Money Masters/FSC GIorch IN, IV Burr Ridge Financial Barney Securities TS Brian Anderson Planning Services BEEBV BB IN, IV Nathan Grossman Thrivent Financial BB EB IV Mary Anne Ehlert James Gillespie Nathan M. Grossman & lN, lv Wayne Casey Ehlert Financial Group Morgan Stanley Smith Associates EP, IN, IV Robin Anderson CaseyWealth Barney BB TS, TX Andrew Embery EEV LPL Financial ManagementRalph C. Hardy Eg tN Morgan Stanley Smith Edward Gjertsen EP Ariano, Hardy, Nyuli, Barney Mack lnvestment Bradley Anjeletti Michael Cason Richmond, & Goettel EB IVTX Securities Sky Financial Group TX RobertW. Baird & Oliver Ernst BB EB IV rN, rvTXRonald Klein Company Ameriprise Financial Janice Goldman-Picker Anthony Cecchini Klein, Stoddard, Buclc EB IN, IV JMG Financial Group EB rN, tV Ameriprise Financial Waller, & Lewis Richard Babjak Douglas Evans IN, IVTX EP,IVTXKatherine Levy World Equity Group JMG Financial Group Robert Granner Vincent Clemente Schiff Hardin EB IV EE MTX Thrivent Financial Merrill Lynch BBTX Craig Eyler EB IN, IV Vijay Bajaj EP, IVTsRobert Napier Ameriprise Financial Morgan Stanley Smith Matthew Granzow Kevin Coyle RobertT. Napier & EB IN, IV Barney KMG PrivateWealth Coyle Asset Management Associates IV Management Debra Baker Company BB TX Morgan Stanley Smith EB IN, IV Jeffrey Feinendegen IVTeresa Nuccio Barney Marsha Cruzan TS Financial Group Andrew Griffo The Law Offi<e of BB EP, IV J.P. Morgan EP, lN, lV Morgan Stanley Teresa Nuccio & Bradley Barrie IV Barbara Finder Smith Barney Associates Ameriprise Financial Patrick Curtin Morgan Stanley BPRaymond Polach EB IN, IV Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Brian Grote Law Ofhces of Raymond F. Richard Batliner Smith Barney EB tN,lV Ameriprise Financial Polach & Arthur W. Wenzel Batliner and Associates IV Annette Findling IN, IV TX EB IN, IV Scott Dahl Stockbridge Advisors Denice Gustin-PiazzaRaymond Saunders Gregory Berg Menill Lynch Ee rN, rv Wealth Planners Lawrence Kamin Saunders Ameriprise Financial BB EP, IV EB IVTS Christopher A. Fisher & Uhlenhop lN, lv,Ts Faron Daugs Fisher Financial Partners Liz Haas TX Mark Berg BB IN, IV Menill LynchNancy Spain Harrison Wallace Timothy Financial Counsel James Forcucci EB IVTS Spain Spain &Varnet Financial Group EB IV Forcucci & Associates/ Annette HammortreeMaureen Strauts EB tN, tV Richard H. Bergman Ameriprise Financial Hammortree Financial Martin Craig Chester & Terry Davis Mesirow Financial BP, EP, IV Services Sonnenschein Ameriprise Financial IV Erik Ford EP, IN, IV BP, TS, TX EP, IN, IV KarlW. Blovet Ford Wealth Management David HdnsonStephen Sutera Henry DeAngelis Karl W Blovet CPA BP, IN, IV Benjamin F. Edwards & Law Offices of Stephen Ameriprise Financial BP, IV, TX Company Sutera EP, IN, IV BB IV NOVEMBER2OlO CHICAGOMAG.COM