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Are you getting the best out of your job or is it getting the best of you? - Do you put in more than 110% to get the job done and the recognition you deserve? - Do ‘unprofessional’ colleagues and ‘uneducated’ clients drive you crazy? - Does the pressure of the work effect the way you communicate? In short, your job is amazing and you’re full of ambition, but instead of heading to a bar for drinks on friday afternoon you go home exhausted! Than it’s time to take charge and recharge; it YOU TIME! Discover how to optimize your energy and overcome challenges with new regained confidence.

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5 step mindset The Whole Package

  1. 1. 5 Step Mindset to ACTivate Your Personal and Professional ImpACT Bonnie Williams, founder of The Whole Package, mentors corporate professionals to communicate effectively and optimize their performance, both personally and professionally. Beyond providing insights for improvement, she also gives people the tools to take ACTION. Bonnie draws on her past experience as an actress and director to guide people to tap into the behaviors that come naturally to them. As a result, her participants become aware of and learn to choose behaviors that serve them well in any situation. Expand your comfort zone Be Yourself and Still Get Different Results with the LIFE-ROLES-ORBIT© If you’re reading this, you’re motivated, intelligent and driven. You have concrete goals and work toward results. But with ambition comes challenging situations. How well you handle these determines how effective you are personally and professionally. Consider how your life would be different if, instead of being thrown off course by challenges, you were energized by them. Imagine if you could face problems effortlessly. Guess what? You CAN! Why? The faster you bounce back, the more time and energy you have to excel and enjoy your life NOW! The LIFE-ROLES-ORBIT© is more than a mindset. It is a practical five-step approach to enhance and expand your personal and professional impact. Do you realize how many roles you play in life? How many responsibilities and expectations do you have to live up to? It takes a lot of energy, and it can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to act. Especially when you’re feeling pressured. You don’t have to “fake it” or change who you are to change a situation. 5 Step Mindset behind THE LIFE-ROLES-ORBIT© See the world through another lens. Imagine your life is a film and you are the star... and the director. www.thewholepackage.nl Tel +31-(0)655957046 info@thewholepackage.nl 1. Script The context: What roles do you fulfill? What qualities do you possess? What are your talents and values? Examples: • A project leader is good at delivering timely results by keeping a global view, having a strong analytical capacity and being able to empathize with colleagues. • A swimmer’s talents and qualities include good breathing technique, discipline, endurance and speed. 2. Character Building blocks: Recognize your talents and positive characteristics you normally take for granted. Gather, incorporate, and understand the value of your abilities. Trust in and realize the importance of what you have to offer. Accept who you are. Examples: Listening skills differ as your roles change. • Professional: Listen for clues to solve an external problem, or for areas to probe deeper • Colleague: Listen carefully and selectively • Friend: Listen patiently, and without judgment 3. Direction Redirect, refocus, reuse: In challenging situations, consider redirecting one of your ‘skills’ from an unrelated role to improve, effect or change a (negative pattern) in your current role. Choose to spend your energy on situations you can influence. If you already do it somewhere else than you know you can. Example: If you listen to a client like you listen to a friend, what might you learn? 4. Improvisation Rehearse: Experiment with new behavior. Take action, learn and develop new skills. • Note: This is the hard part, where you’ll need disciplined practice. If at first you don’t succeed, remember why you were trying it in the first place – to change a negative pattern or situation to get the positive response,recognition and results you want! 5. Review Was it a hit or a flop? Analyze the performance. Did adjusting your approach lead to a different outcome? Does this give you new perspective and possibilities? If so, add this new behavior to your standard repertoire. This is how you re-generate your own positive energy. Things to remember: • Celebrate your accomplishments. Accept your award ;-) • EXPAND YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Broaden your repertoire. professional success, person alfulfillment The LIFE-ROLES-ORBIT© system is a MINDSET. Accomplishing your goals takes focus, practice, discipline, and motivation. It also takes SUPPORT and guidance. That’s where I can help. To learn how LIFE-ROLES-ORBIT© will benefit you or your organization, contact Bonnie for a complimentary, no obligation consultation. The LIFE-ROLES-ORBIT© will help you to effortlessly “take charge” in stressful situations by doing what comes easily to you. • Use the many talents, skills, and resources you already possess to break negative communication patterns. • See beyond your blind spots. Recognize what you do well, so you can repeat this behavior at will. • Don’t “play” your life roles — be them! Be yourself and still get different results.