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Building with Blockchain - Real-World Applications


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How can you live your life without trusting everyone you meet?

The Dialexa team breaks down everything you need to know to understand the fundamental concepts of Blockchain, and how it is being applied to solve real-world problems.

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Building with Blockchain - Real-World Applications

  1. 1. Building With Blockchain
  2. 2. A SIMPLE QUESTION: How can you live your life without trusting everyone you meet? An Ancient Problem
  3. 3. The Byzantine Generals WAR: LIFE, OR DEATH Checklist Dispersed Trusted Permanent
  4. 4. Walmart SUPPLY CHAIN: PROFIT, OR LOSS Checklist Dispersed Trusted Permanent
  6. 6. Blockchain Demo
  7. 7. Real-World Applications
  8. 8. Supply Chain and Food Safety WALMART: HYPERLEDGER IN CHINA Checklist Dispersed Trusted Permanent - Used by multiple companies - Permission-based - Data can not be changed or deleted
  9. 9. Hardware and IoT Smart Locks, Clean Energy, and Shipping
  10. 10. Titlecoin Transferring Real-Estate Titles From One Entity to Another Without an Intermediary
  11. 11. Titlecoin Examples
  12. 12. PROPERTY OF DIALEXA LLC ©2017 - CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY HONESTY If it’s not true, don’t say it TRANSPARENCY Open dialogue is the oxygen that great companies and great ideas breathe RESILIENCE Greatness requires toughness INTEGRITY Doing the right thing even if no one is watching EXCELLENCE Success is a product of execution, not luck TRUST Believe in each other, and strive to be worthy of that belief CREATIVE FREEDOM The status quo is never sacred HUNGER Big results require big ambition Adam Rose OPERATIONS MANAGER Mike Mclaren SENIOR SOLUTIONS ENGINEER Any Questions?