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Your business cycle

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Your business cycle

  1. 1. Dial a CFO can add value … on time, on budget, every timeGrowthMaturityDeclineor ExitStart-upNo matter what stage your business is at …Click on the stage yourbusiness is currently at tosee how Dial a CFO canassist
  2. 2. PEOPLE RESOURCE:•Finance team coaching andsupportSTRATEGY & PLANNING:•Strategic plan refresh•On-going development of annual plansand KPIs•Forward looking financials - BAU andProjectsCOMMERCIAL:•Assessments of new products, services,markets•Tender process managementCONTROL & BUSINESS INFORMATION:•Internal control review•Review and development of key policies•Financial reporting for externalstakeholders•Timely key performance indicatorsADVISORY:•Ensure financial reservesavailable to support growth•Extension of modules - ERPoptionsGrowth Back tomainmenuBenefits we offer ifyour business is in agrowth phase …
  3. 3. PEOPLE RESOURCE:•Finance team performanceevaluation•Succession planning•Business improvement projectsSTRATEGY & PLANNING:•Strategic plan refresh•On-going development of annual plansand KPIs•Forward looking financials - BAU andProjectsCOMMERCIAL:•Initiatives to protect market positioning•Corporate Services Efficiency review•Evaluation of customer and purchasingsupply chainsCONTROL & BUSINESS INFORMATION:•Facilitate tender process for external auditand tax•Annual Report for all stakeholders•International Financial Reporting Standards•Review of Delegated and FinancialAuthority frameworkADVISORY:•Re-assessment of premisesrequirements•Re-negotiate banking arrangements•Preparation for IPO or alternatefunding platform•Evaluation of alternate ERP platformsfor mature business•Provide Non Executive DirectorsMaturity Back tomainmenuBenefits we offer ifyour business is atmaturity…
  4. 4. PEOPLE RESOURCE:•Dial resource to complimentheadcount attrition and transfer ofskills•Succession execution•Business transition projectsCOMMERCIAL:•Assist Business owner in sale transaction•Unwind financial infrastructure•Assess alternate investment options withproceedsCONTROL & BUSINESS INFORMATION:•Analysis of Policy differences with newowners•Migration plan for Delegated and FinancialAuthorityADVISORY:•Migration plan of facilities,premises to new owners•Migration plan of bankingarrangements•Debt repayment and EquityOptimisation•Migration plan of businesssystems•Governance transitionDecline or Exit Back tomainmenuBenefits we offer ifyour business is indecline or an exitphase …
  5. 5. PEOPLE RESOURCE:•Establish finance support team structureand recruitmentSTRATEGY & PLANNING:•Facilitate development of Strategic plan•Development framework for budgeting andreporting•SWOT analysis (Market positioning)COMMERCIAL:•Capital project analysis•Development of terms & conditions oftrade•Due DiligenceCONTROL & BUSINESS INFORMATION:•Establish Internal control framework•Development of key policies•Management reporting framework for internalstakeholders•Development of Finance risk management framework•Establish Delegated and Financial AuthorityADVISORY:•Requirements definition around premises tomeet medium term requirements•Initial Equity and Debt Financing•Company secretarial duties•Selection of business systems•Establish Advisory BoardsStart-up Back tomainmenuBenefits we offer ifyour business is instart-up phase …