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Pain Validity Test successfully used in court many times


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The Pain Validity Test was developed by a team of physicians from Johns Hopkins Hospital. It is administered as a questionnaire over the Internet in English or Spanish, and results are available in 5 minutes. It can predict which claimant will have abnormal medical tests with 95% accuracy, and can predict who will not have abnormal medical tests with 85% accuracy. Go to to see sample test results, and an example of the test.

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Pain Validity Test successfully used in court many times

  1. 1. This is a small representative sample of the court cases and depositions where the PainValidity Test was used as part of physician testimony and always admitted as evidence.Go to to see a sample of the actual test results.GoAttorney name Court Case Number City and State PVT admittedAlan Legum US District Court Civil action No. 03-1931 Columbia, MD settled (PLF) at arbitrationAlan Legum District Court of Case No. CV PI 0100197D State of Idaho Depostion Fourth Judicial District Idaho Case No: C-2001-73911 Glen Burnie,Alan Legum Circuit court for OT MD. Deposition Anne Arundel CountyCharles Sickles Fairfax County Circuit Case # 194133 Fairfax, VA. Deposition & Court TrialScott Fruge Judicial District Court docket # 470,239 Div. N Parish of East Trial via Baton Rouge Video State of Louisiana Deposition Workers Claim NYS WCB #6931- New YorkStephen Mastaitis compensation 1354: State Telephone hearing before an D/A 8/30/93. deposition Administrative Law Judge Case No. M-2003-45395Thomas Vesper Circuit Court of AC Atlantic City, Trial Atlantic Co. New Jersey docket December Term Philadelphia,Mark Cavanaugh Philadelphia Court 2001 Pa. hearing of Common Pleas No. 000532Kevin McCarthy Circuit Court for Anne Case No. C2002-83654. Glen Burnie, Md. deposition Arundel CountyMarc Case No. DC 430-345- Denver,Neff 0232 Colorado deposition 62-S- Dauphin Co.,Dusan Bratic 2001 PA settled CumberlandDusan Bratic Case 03-6203 Co Settled PA
  2. 2. Scudder Stevens Bureau of Workers Workers Comp Harrisburg, PA hearing at Compensation Claim 1285129-01 Work Comp American General claims board 802715 & 802717 Civil Action: No: 96-020-Alan Lancaster Circuit Court of CV1 Jackson, MS Deposition Lowndes County, MSC. RichardCranwell Circuit Court of the Case No. CL95000860-00 Roanoak, VA Trial..plaintiffCranwell and wonMoore City of Roanoke $5,000,000Matthew Williams Philadelpia, PA DepositionMartin BanksPondLehocky & Wilson