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Reducing Risks


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REDUCING RISKS What can I do to prevent complications?
Effective risk reduction behaviors such as smoking cessation, and regular eye, foot and dental examinations reduce diabetes complications and maximize health and quality of life. An important part of self-care is learning to understand, seek and regularly obtain an array of preventive services.

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Reducing Risks

  1. 1. REDUCING or
  2. 2. Complications of Diabetes
  3. 3. DIABETES AND HEART DISEASE and StrokeDiabetes increases the risk of large blood vessel damage
  4. 4. Diabetes can lead small blood vessel damage in the eye or kidney Blindness Kidney Disease
  5. 5. Detect Kidney Problems In Diabetes Early
  6. 6. Eye Care
  7. 7. Foot Care
  8. 8. Activities you need to do to reduce complications
  9. 9. Test to be donethroughout the Year
  10. 10. Find out moreWashington Association of Diabetes Educators Print handouts and view videos at: or