How To Market Your Content


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Content marketing is a vital part of the current market trend. You may not be aware of it or still confuse the difference between blogging and content marketing

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How To Market Your Content

  1. 1. iblo gzo ne .co m http://www.iblo gzo m/2013/03/splashing-ways-to -market-yo ur-co ntent-o n-the-web.htmlSplashing Ways to Market Your Content on the Webby Michael PinaContent marketing is a vital part of the current market trend. Still, thereare people who are not very aware about it and even do not know how touse it ef f ectively f or their business promotion. Are you one of those? Doyou consider it the same like blogging? If yes, then you need tounderstand the basic dif f erence between blogging and content marketing.Let’s go into the details and clear out the misapprehension thatprevail regarding the content marketing.Cont ent Market ing is not t he Same as BloggingBlogging involves writing regular posts but content marketing involvesposts supported by podcasts, white papers, articles, e-books, newsletters, videos, etc. aimed atconverting potential customers into clients by establishing trust in them. Content Marketing is non-interruption marketing and instead of pitching your products or services, you deliver inf ormation to makea potential customer more intelligent.Random Cont ent is not AdvisableLack of content or content clogged with irrelevant keywords, phrases or sentences can irritate the userslargely. T hey might f rame negative impression and just opt to leave the page. Provide only the specif ic,precise and relevant content to the user.Writ e Specialized Cont ent f or a Niche AudienceWhile creating content, remember to target the niche market and not the masses. Whether your industryis specialized or technical, it simply does not matter. Write things only related to your industry f eaturingall possible questions of the clients. Endorse your knowledge and skills to deliver the products orservices.Buy your Cust omers bef ore Selling t hem Cont entContent marketing is all about just giving away valuable content toprovide the prospects exactly what they are looking f or. T he idea isto convince the customers and impress them to make a purchase.T his establishes strong attention, value, authority and trustbetween a site and its customers.All the above points clearly show that content marketing is all abouthighlighting your valuable assets rather than just telling randomthings. With this, there are higher chances of the audience beingconverted into clientele.So, Which Type of Content is required?Creating content no longer remains a cup of tea. It requires time, interactivity and dynamic f eaturecapability. T he very basic process of content marketing involves, f irst get your users engaged. Try toconvince them with an appropriate message and f inally go f or the leads to convert the prospects intocustomers. Let’s look at various types of content through which you can implement this process.
  2. 2. Cont ent Involving Int eract ionIt is the type of content f ound in the f orm of a contest, trend, survey or a poll. It guarantees participationand f eedback. Af ter f illing a contest f orm and subscribing to a trend or participating in a survey, the useris enticed to have a look at the results. If a personality test is conducted, the user shares his/herinf ormation with the site. T his way, content is exchanged in an intuitive manner rather than pleading f orthe user details.Spread Cont ent in a Collaborat ive FashionT he content is useless if it is just limited to you. More involvement of users inthe f orm of shares, likes, comments or discussions will make your contentf ruitf ul as the exchange of knowledge takes place resulting in more leads andhence more business. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter orLinkedIn are the best examples of this.Cont ent Available in Real TimeTime always plays a much bigger and rapid role in bringing the content on the web. You need to be thef irst one to bring the latest news or updates regarding the surrounding world. Such latest and quickcontent have higher chances of creating an impact. T he only thing that has to be kept in mind here is howspeedily you jump on the hot burning issues. Other things to be taken care of include the contentmedium, exact deployment time and how to tailor content ef f ectively to deliver it rightly to the users.Where Cont ent Market ing Lacks? Essential f acets of storytelling are being skipped. A story without important sections or probably a conclusion might conf use the users as to what exactly the content is all about. Not analyzing the content present in the articles written by blog experts, website owners, experienced people or company owners. T his f ails you to understand the purpose behind writing patterns and content methodologies. Dif f erent f orms of media are not explored. More media sources such as presentations, videos, related blogs, movies, books, articles, inf ographics and others should be tapped to include every minute detail to satisf y the target audience. T his way you can also know as to which the medium works best in your f avor. Writing content on all subjects can be time consuming and f atal. Pick subjects that are of your interest and caliber. T he audience should not be kept on the second priority while keeping content on the f irst. Whatever you write, it is f or the audience. T hey have to get f ascinated af ter reading your content. T heref ore, f rame your content providing lots of inf ormation and knowledge. Telling f ake things or lies in your content is not permissible. T his can land you up in a mess. Always, speak truth supported by the f acts, f igures, statements, declarations, etc. Talking about irrelevant things could f rustrate users and ultimately annoy them. While expecting a lot f rom you, the customer get’s f ed up with seeing the content that’s not relevant or not related to your business. Write something that shares your personality and talk about your business while being engaging and compelling at the same time.Ways t o Improve t he Cont ent Qualit yT he need f or a content of extremely high quality is what the marketers wish f or. T his is because the highquality content takes ample time to create and the marketers have just no time f raming it. So, let us lookat a f ew simple ways by which the marketers either can create high quality content in no time or canactually modif y the existing one to improve the content quality.
  3. 3. Check t he Fact sT he content should be f actually very much correct because inaccuracy can cause a big blow to theoverall quality. Put content that is extremely reliable f rom knowledge or inf ormation point of view. Beconf ident about the authenticity of the content bef ore actually publishing it.Have Dat a t o Back your Cont entWhile dealing with data, it should be properly cited by giving an appropriate source. In addition, ref er thereputable sources f or using relevant data in your content. Be very much critical as well as transparentwhile taking any decision related to your data.Support your Point s wit h Good ExamplesUsing dif f erent cases, may be hypothetical or real, along with data can help users to understand thingswith clarity. It also makes your content appear authentic.Explain things with VisualsAs it is rightly said, “A picture is worth a thousand words ”. Visuals enable users to grasp the wholecontent by looking at it and entice them to read the entire thing even in case of time shortage or adisinterested state. You can also make use of inf ographics, but you do have to know how to make itgreat.Include Real Lif e Quot es t o Make an ImpactT he best way to deal in case you have less text is to include real lif e quotes by the industry experts,renowned personalities or technical people. T his saves a lot of time spent in research and evenincreases the content credibility.Language should be Free of JargonsHigh quality content is just not the one that provides relevant inf ormation or knowledge. It should bejargon f ree and simple to understand. Do not use any technical words other than targeted keywords toensure that your user understands each and everything. Crosscheck your content with dif f erent levels ofpeople to know about their views.Int egrat e Visuals and Format t ing WiselyT he f ormatting might be a process of a f ew minutes, but it helps your content to scan through easily ascompared to dense and unf ormatted text. For this, include high quality images, headers, numbering style,bullet points, etc.Proof read & Even Edit Cont ent if RequiredIt is not necessary that the earlier f ramed content is perf ect. Check it again f or any imperf ections likemisplaced punctuations, spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc. For this, hire a proof reader who canpoint out the mistakes and correct them. While an editor can rewrite it, in case it is needed. With the helpof an editor and a proof reader, all the content comes in an organized manner and reads completelyerror-f ree. In addition, that is the most desired f actor the audience looks f orward to.