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(Very Brief) Intro to Human Perception Models


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Presented at Myntra DesignMYX

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(Very Brief) Intro to Human Perception Models

  1. 1. Intro to Human Processor Models Dhvanil Patel • @dhvanilp Very Brief
  2. 2. Option B is easier to implement! Ismein toh zyada clicks hai! But, this interaction looks simpler! Yeh interaction kaise decide kiya?
  3. 3. Human Processor Models ≈ Simple solution for the problem Perceptual System Cognitive System Motor System Senses Senses Perceptual Processor Perceptual Processor Motor Processor Motor ProcessorMovement Response Movement Response Visual Image Storage Visual Image Storage Working Memory Working MemoryLong Term Memory Long Term Memory Auditory Image Storage Auditory Image Storage Cognitive Processor Cognitive Processor
  4. 4. GOMS Model Framework to think about cognitive effort. Goals Represents what the user wants to achieve, at a higher cognitive level. Operators Sets of goal-operator sequences to accomplish a sub-goal Selection Selection rules provide a mechanism to decide among the methods in a particular context of interaction Methods This is a way to structure a task from cognitive point of view
  5. 5. KLM-GOMs One of the easiest Human processor models Assigns a time cost to each interaction – based on standarised research.
  6. 6. Datepicker 1 KLM-GOMS in action! MPK + MPK + MPK Click on Month. Select July. MPK + MPK + MPK Click on Day. Select 11. MPK + MP + R + MP Click on Year. Scroll. Wait. Mouse Off. MPK Select 1980 = 21 seconds Birthday July 12 2018 2016 2015 2019 2018 2018 2017
  7. 7. Datepicker 2 KLM-GOMS in action! Birthday July 01 2018– – MPK + MPK + MPK Click on field. Type 11 MKK Type 7 MKKKK Type 1980 = 8.7 seconds
  8. 8. Payment Checkout Email Card 2443 - 2536 - 3244 - 3245 CVV 453Date 11 - 22 Pay Money Pay Money 2443 - 2536 - 3244 - 3245 11 - 22 CVV 453 Use Saved Card 8824 = 32.9 seconds = 6.2 seconds
  9. 9. Advanced Modelling ! Tools like Cogulator, CogTool
  10. 10. No need of users All you need is pen, paper, and internet. You can quickly test this out on as many designs as you’d like. Difficult for Mobile UI There aren’t well researched papers / resources on modelling for Mobile UI Super cheap So that they get acquainted with code and design as fast as possible. Fails for highly cognitive tasks When you have a lot of mental operators, this method usually fails. Doesn’t account for errors GOMs methods assume that the user is super efficient at the task. Settles arguments You will now have answers for questions like: How is this better than this? How much time will it take for this?
  11. 11. Image by Waymo
  12. 12. Playment: Training Data for AI
  13. 13. 1,000,000 tags annotated per day
  14. 14. Semantic Segmentation Tools we’ve built this way
  15. 15. Point Cloud Annotation Tools we’ve built this way
  16. 16. Thank you! @dhvanilp