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final semester project presentation of mca.

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  1. 1. Developed ByDhruvil Upadhyaya ( 10MCA116 )Developed AtVeravalOnline INCL, VadodaraVeravalOnline INCLInternal Project Guide External Project GuideMr. Nilay Ganatra Mr. Kalpesh AdhvaryuSubmitted To
  2. 2. Company ProfileCompany Name : VeravalOnline InclEstablishment Year : 2009Owner Name : Kalpesh J AdhvaryuIntroduction : With all respect, I am introducing VeravalOnline Incl, theleading Web developer in Veraval & Vadodara.Veravalonline have successfully submitted their portfoliowith 400+ websites & Internet Marketing consultancy. Aswe know about the second world Internet and day by dayit gets so healthy and Website becomes the ultimate toolfor internet marketing. Veravalonline here inviting you todevelop the professional website that meet your completeprofile or scenario over the Internet. Veravalonline dealwith HTML/PHP/.NET and their frameworks, i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento & others holdingconsistent and reliable quality in the Industry.
  3. 3. Project ProfileTitle Saurashtra HotelsFront End Wordpress (php) 3.5.1Back End Mysql 5.5Additional Tools HTML, CSS, JQuery , PhotoShop CS5, Java Script ,Dreamweaver,MS Visio 2007, Powerpoint 2007, Microsoft Word .
  4. 4. Project Definition & Description• SaurashtraHotels,is a web portal that mainly contains the information about hotelssituated at Saurashtra region. So visitors can easily find the list of hotels accordingto their convenient, and place booking inquiry for hotels. In short, Saurashtrahotels works as an mediator between hotels and customers.• The main objective to develop this portal is, people can get all the informationrelated to best places, hotels of Saurashtra region at one place.• This portal mainly used by three actors like, Customer Administrator Hotel
  5. 5.  Managing Hotels Manages various Packages Manages Booking Inquires Place wise hotels and resort Manage articles and Comments of various hotels. News and Updates Populate search results Communication Channel between customer and hotels. Manages Social Networks Email gateway Integration Online Chat Advertisement Google ads CMSSystem Scope / Features
  6. 6. System Modules Hotels Management Module Articles Management Module Comments Management Module Communication Management Module News and Updates Module Photo Gallery Management Module Login Management Module Admin Management Module Profile Management Module Booking Management Module Content Management Module Category Management Module Advertisement Management ModuleClick here for module description
  7. 7. ActorsAdministratorManage HotelsManage UsersManage CommentsManage PostsManage AdvertisementManage CategoriesManage PackagesManage ContentManage Pages , Menus, PostManage CommunicationManage Photo GalleryManage Booking InquiryManage ArticlesHotelManage their informationManage their commentsManage their social networksManage CommunicationsManage Photo GalleryManage their profileGuestSearch for hotelsView various packagesView articlesCan chat with adminView Photo GalleryGive commentsPlace booking inquiry
  8. 8. Diagrams• To understand the system flow and functionality i developed various diagrams andusing these diagrams end user can understand this system very easily.• So, we develop following diagrams: Module Hierarchy Use Case Activity Sequence Class
  9. 9. Module Hierarchy
  10. 10. Use Case Diagram For AdminClick here for use casedescription…..
  11. 11. Use Case Diagram For HotelClick Here ForUse casedescription…..
  12. 12. Use Case Diagram For GuestClick Here ForUse casedescription…..
  13. 13. Activity Diagram For Admin
  14. 14. Activity Diagram For Hotel
  15. 15. Activity Diagram For Guest
  16. 16. Sequence Diagram For HotelRegistration
  17. 17. Sequence Diagram For Login
  18. 18. Sequence Diagram For Manage Article& Postssd: ManageArticlesAndPosts(Admin,Hotel):Post Page :Article&Post :wp_postsSave Article or postCreate PostResult To ResendReturn Message:viewer sidePublishSave Article or postView Article or post Edit detailsSubmit detailsResult To ResendDisplay MessageReturn MessageDisplay MessagePublish
  19. 19. Sequence Diagram For Place BookingInquirysd:Place/Manage BookingInquiryGuest:BookingInquiryPage :AdminPlace Booking Inquiry:Booking_Data :HotelVerify DetailsSubmit data in form of emailSave intoSubmit data in form of emailSubmit Data in form of emailAdmin take confirmationGive replyInform via email regarding inquiryReturn MessageInform via email
  20. 20. Sequence Diagram For Search
  21. 21. Sequence Diagram For Online Chat
  22. 22. Class Diagram
  23. 23. Data DictionaryClick here for data dictionary
  24. 24. Screen Layouts
  25. 25. Home Page With Chat
  26. 26. Hotel Page With Comment
  27. 27. Booking Inquiry Page
  28. 28. Booking Inquiry Verification Page
  29. 29. Search Result Page
  30. 30. Inquiry Page
  31. 31. Gallary Page
  32. 32. Registration
  33. 33. Manage User Request & Users
  34. 34. Manage Album
  35. 35. Manage Pages
  36. 36. Manage Content of Page
  37. 37. Comment Management
  38. 38. Manage Posts
  39. 39. Category Management
  40. 40. Restrict to Particular Hotel User
  41. 41. Menu Management
  42. 42. Media Management
  43. 43. Advertise Management
  44. 44. TestingClick here for testing strategies and test cases
  45. 45. Future EnhancementThere are many places where we can improve. The following are the features thatwe are about to implement in near future.Online Chat With Multiple Website UsersHotel Booking Software with Payment GatewayPackage Module IntegrationThese are the various module we are about to implement in near future. All of theabove defined modules are very much important for the Saurashtra Hotels of anyweb portal.We are also planning to provide the internationalization to our system and make it asfreeware and put it on to the web so that different country’s user can use thissystem.If we find any problem in portal, we will try to solve it out and make portal efficientand user friendly.
  46. 46. BibliographyBook References Beginning PHP, Apache, My Sql, Web Development -(Authors) Michael K. Glass ,Yann Le Scouarnec , Elizabeth Naramore , Gary Mailer , Jeremy Stolz , Jason Gerner Head First Php and My sql - (Author) Lynn Beighley The Unified Modelling Language User Guide- (Authors) Grady Booch, JamesRumbaugh, Ivar JacobsonWeb
  47. 47. Any Questions ?