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  1. 1. ECO-BIZ QUIZ 2012 FINALS
  2. 2. SVC● 5 questions, with a common theme● One shot at every slide
  3. 3. +30, -20
  4. 4. +25, -15
  5. 5. +20, -10
  6. 6. +15, -5
  7. 7. +10
  8. 8. Answers
  9. 9. All columns in The Economist:1. Bagehot: Britain2. Prospero(Protagonist in The Tempest): Books andArts3. Joseph Schumpeter: Business4. Charlemagne: Europe5. Banyan: Asia
  10. 10. Clockwise● Infinite Bounce● +10, -0
  11. 11. ● Ideas such as Freedom of the Press, THE Right to Information and Lazziez Faire economy form the bedrock of liberal theory and draw from various sources. All these were first proposed by the Swedish-Finnish theorist X, who theorized a system of free market economy in the pamphlet The National Gain published in 1765, 11 years before Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations came out in 1776.
  12. 12. Anders Chydenius
  13. 13. ● The company X was founded by Charles Lewis X and Teddy Young in 1837 as a “stationary and fancy goods emporium” but later moved into the jewellery business and now operates 103 international stores. It produces among other things the Vince Lombardi trophy, awarded to the team that wins the Super Bowl, the U.S. Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration of the U.S, government and once supplied swords to the U.S. army. It owes its international fame most to a reference to its name in the title of a 1958 Truman Capote novella that was later turned into a film in 1961 starring George Peppard among others.
  14. 14. ● The company X was founded in 1870 with Y as the largest shareholder and run through a series of trusts that allowed it to circumvent anti monopoly legislation in the United States, so much so that an anti trust act was passed in 1911 to not allow such monopolies to exist leading to its dissolution. The companies that formed as a result of this companies split include the present day Chevron Texaco and Exxon Mobil. As a result of X’s success, Y enjoyed a series of distinctions including being the first self made dollar billionaire, the richest man in the world at the time, and adjusted to inflation, the richest man in history.
  15. 15. Standard Oil John D. Rockefeller
  16. 16. ● X is an institutional building designed by English philosopher and social theorist Y, more famous for his advocacy of the concept Z, in the late eighteenth century. The concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe all inmates of an institution without them being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. The character of Mr. Thomas Gradgrind in the Charles Dickens novel Hard Times is potrayed as a believer in the philosophy of Z.
  17. 17. X:PanopticonY: Jeremy BenthamZ: Utilitarianism
  18. 18. ● The X group is a multimillion dollar integrated steel producer with revenues of about US$400 million. Founded in 1939 in Amritsar by the Butt brothers, it is currently headquartered in Lahore. Among its largest shareholders is a former Pakistani Prime Minister who has held office 3 times in the 1990’s.
  19. 19. ITTEFAQ Groupowned by Nawaz Sharif
  20. 20. ● To prove that humans are not simply blindly reacting to situations and every person has a strong desire to realize his or her full potential, to reach a level of "self-actualization" but are in fact trying to accomplish something greater, X studied mentally healthy individuals like Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Beethoven, Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt rather than mentally ill patients. This informed his theory that people experience “peak experiences", high points in life when the individual is in harmony with himself and his surroundings. X called this theory Y and created a visual aid to supplement his theory.
  21. 21. Abraham Maslow Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
  22. 22. ● The original idea comes from Cornell University professor of Economics, X. It is also called competitive Sudoku and is played between two people. The name Y comes from the Sanskrit word meaning two and this is thus a two-player version of Sudoku. .
  23. 23. Kaushik Basuand the game iscalled Duidoku
  24. 24. ● X managed a fund on behalf of Kings College, Cambridge from 1928 to 1945, producing a strong average increase of 13.2% , compared to the general market in the UK which was then declining by an average 0.5% per annum. He was also briefly associated with the Bloomsbury Group owing to a shared interest in the ideas of the philosopher G.E. Moore. Some of the lesser- known achievements of a famous economist.
  25. 25. John Maynard Keynes
  26. 26. ● While presenting the Nobel Prize in Economics to X, the committee stated that “ X has done more than any other contemporary economist to raise the level of scientific analysis in economic theory." He is also known for applying the principles of Classical Thermodynamics to modern economic theory and was also part of the core team during the initial years of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He is perhaps more known to students of economics as the person who authored the largest selling economics textbook of all time, Economics: An Introductory Analysis.
  27. 27. Paul Samuelson
  28. 28. ● The X problem was apparently introduced in 1949 by Merrill M. Flood, who called it the Fiancee problem in a lecture he gave that year. He referred to it several times during the 1950s, for example in a conference talk at Purdue on 9 May 1958, and it eventually became widely known in college folklore although nothing was published at the time. X has many names and is one of the central problems in optimal stopping theory. The first publication was apparently by Martin Gardner and later by two other economists who gave it the name “game of Googol”. X is also the name of a film starring Maggie Gyllenhall.
  29. 29. ● X was an American hotelier born in San Antonio, New Mexico in 1887.Beginning his career in his father’s general store, he bought his first hotel in 1919. By the time he died in 1979, he owned 188 hotels in the U.S. alone, including the iconic Waldorf Astoria in New York, aside from several outside the U.S. He recorded his exploits in the 1958 autobiography ‘Be My Guest’, that has since become a staple in Business Schools. .
  30. 30. Conrad Hilton
  31. 31. ● X is a Japanese word literally meaning ‘grouping’. It denotes a set of companies with interlocking shareholdings. The logic that follows is that the member companies own a small number of shares in each other, thereby making takeover attempts difficult, if not impossible. An X may be organised horizontally around a bank, whereby the bank provides financial services to the member companies; or vertically where all members in a product supply chain are linked horizontally such that the lower the level of an entity in the hierarchy, the greater the exposure to market risk.
  32. 32. Keiretsu
  33. 33. Differentials● Written Round● 5 Questions with theme● Differential Scoring: All 6 correct : +2,5: +4,4 : +6, 3 : +8,2 : +10,1 :+12● Scoring for theme: (30,-20), (25,-15),(20,-10),(15,-5),(10,0)
  34. 34. +30, -20● Herodotus was born in Halicarnassus and was exiled by the ruling king Lygdamis for disloyalty. He travelled widely and wrote the book X which serves as a record of the ancient traditions, politics, geography, and clashes of various cultures that were known around the Mediterranean and Western Asia during the period 450-420 BCE. On account of the book X, Herodotus is also called The Father of X
  35. 35. +25,-15● X located in southwest Germany serves as the primary tourist entry point to the Black Forest (of Black Forest Cake fame).X is also home to the Albert Ludwig University, founded by the brother of the Habsburg king, Frederick III, Albert VI, which counts Martin Heidigger, Friedrich Hayek and Paul Ehrlich among its alumni.
  36. 36. +20, -10
  37. 37. +15, -5
  38. 38. +10The place on the Left is a cousin to the LHC(on the right).Identify the place on the left
  39. 39. Answers
  40. 40. Schools of Economics:1. The Histories: Historical School of Economics2. Freiburg: Freiburg School3. Plebiscite leading to the Anschluss of Austria:Austrian School4. Stockholm Syndrome(Picture of the originalHostages): Stockholm School5. FermiLab(loacted in Chicago): Chicago School
  41. 41. Anti-Clockwise● Infinite Bounce● +10, -0
  42. 42. ● Joseph Viviano, now a retired president of X, once said "Were just as bad as Coke and Pepsi - probably worse," he said. "Its just that we dont talk about it, so nobody pays any attention." Who is ‘We’?
  43. 43. ● Fernando Innocenti started off as a steel-tube manafacturer, but later started producing a motor scooter-competing on cost and weather protection. This started a line of motor-scooters under the name X, which was later acquired( the name X and the factory) by the Indian government and created Scooters India Limited.
  44. 44. ● Plutarch in the Life of Caius Martius Coriolanus mentions the story of Anytus of Athens, son of Anthemion who was accused of treason at the battle of Peloponnesus by yielding the fort at Pyle. History aside, this story is of particular interest to us today because Plutarch goes on to tell us how Anytus of Athens challenged the allegations against him in court. What did Anytus of Athens, son of Anthemion do to clear his name of the charges levelled against him?
  45. 45. ● He bribed the judges. Plutarch cites this as the first instance of bribery/corruption/graft.
  46. 46. ● X is the largest single-brand restaurant chain globally and is the second largest restaurant operator globally after Yum! Brands. X is owned by Doctors Associates which was founded by Fred de Luca and Peter Buck in 1966, when they opened the second X restaurant in New York.
  47. 47. ● In 1865, the English economist William Stanley X, in his book “The Coal Question” observed that technological improvements that increased the efficiency of coal-use led to the increased consumption of coal in a wide range of industries. He argued that, contrary to common intuition; technological improvements could not be relied upon to reduce fuel consumption. It is sometimes used to argue that energy conservation efforts are futile, i.e. more efficient use of oil will lead to increased demand, and will not slow the arrival or the effects of peak oil prices. This is known as the X effect or the X paradox.
  48. 48. ● Originally one of the five biggest auditing firms in the world the company X was founded in Chicago in 1913, came down from a peak of 85000 employees in the beginning of the 21st century to about 200 today, its only remaining asset being the Q conference centre in Chicago, this was due to a failure of top management to take sound decisions while auditing large companies and showing significantly inflated profits. When this became public knowledge in 2001 due to scandal leading to its exposure, a new term Y linked to the scandal entered public parlance. Give me X and Y.
  49. 49. ● Founded in London in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, the brand X was registered in 1908 and trademarked in 1915. One story about the origin of the name goes that it came from the French phrase ‘hologerie exquise’, meaning horological excellence.Another story about its origin says Wilsdorf considered the name X onomatopoeic and short enough to fit on the products face.Its most famous products are named after a mollusk that is considered an aphrodisiac and are renowned for their great accuracy. The brand X has also consistently been ranked among the top 5 most valuable luxury brands.
  50. 50. ● In the year 1717, the master of the Mint, X overvalued the guinea in terms of silver. This drove silver out of circulation and in 1819, Britain formally adopted Y., essentially a monetary system in which the standard unit of economic account is a fixed amount of Y.
  51. 51. ● X is a graduate school of Darthmouth College in Hanover,New Hamshire founded in 1900 by William J. Tucker and named after a founder of the Republican Party. Its contribution to the world of business is unique because it was the first college in the world to offer what came to be known as a M.B.A. degree.
  52. 52. ● X is more famous for the biography of a well-known Nobel laureate Y, titled Z, which was later made into a film. She also wrote an article in The New Yorker which contains the only interview with the reclusive mathematician Grigory Perelman . The article recounted the way in which Perelman proved the Poincare Conjecture and also Shing-Tung Yaus response to Perelmans proof. Just X required.
  53. 53. ● X was formally established as a Groupement dInteret Économique (Economic Interest Group or GIE) on 18 December 1970 It had been formed by a government initiative between France, Germany and the UK that originated in 1967. The name X was taken from a non-proprietary term used by the airline industry in the 1960s to refer to a commercial aircraft of a certain size and range.
  54. 54. ● The phrase X was used by U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt in his April 7, 1932 radio address, The Forgotten Man, in which he said “These unhappy times call for the building of plans that rest upon the forgotten, the unorganized but the indispensable units of economic power...that build from the bottom up and not from the top down, that put their faith once more in the forgotten man at X”.
  55. 55. LVC● 8 slides with a common theme● Open to answering after every two slides.
  56. 56. +30, -20
  57. 57. +25, -15
  58. 58. +20, -10
  59. 59. +15, -5
  60. 60. THANK YOU