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Siddhi volantin footbridge


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Published in: Technology
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Siddhi volantin footbridge

  1. 1. VOLANTIN FOOTBRIDGE Siddhi Desai 08 04
  2. 2. Site plan•Designed across the Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain•By Santiago Calatrava•Structural type: Tied-arch bridge•Functional/type: Pedestrian bridge ( Footbridge )•The bridges secondary name is “Zubizuri” which in the Basque language means “whitebridge”.•Purpose of the bridge: a tied arch footbridge offers pedestrians a convenient route from hotels tothe nearby Bilbao Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Ghery.
  3. 3. •The main structural component is a steel arch, 15m height with a 75m span.•Bridge design consists of an inclined structural steel arch linking two platforms, with access ramps and stairways onboth banks.•The curved steel bridge deck is suspended by steel cables.
  4. 4. Materials :•Steel•Concrete•Glass-flooring