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Rishi parmar salginatobel bridge


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Rishi parmar salginatobel bridge

  1. 1. Salginatobel Bridge in Schiers,Switzerland(Schiers to Schuders)Designed by Robert MalliartIn 1929-1930Bridge type : Three-hinged arch with concrete joints,formed as a hollow box girder .Materials : Steel, Concrete.Salginatobel Bridge is 135m long, the arch spanning90m and rising 13.5m. The deck is at a slight anglerising from Schiers to Schuders by 3.97m or at a 3%gradient.
  2. 2. Dimensions of Base Plate: The fighters 0.40 x 6.00 m , The vertex 0.20 x 3.80 m Capacity: 8 tons or 350kg/m2 Height above water: 90 mWhy a three pinned joint arch ?A three-pinned-arch was chosen for its ability tomove and adjust to the slight movements of the mountain.Whereas a fixed arched would experience massive stressfrom the movement, would crack and possibly fail.Stresses also build up from temperature changes withinthe structure. The three-pinned-arch is unaffected by thesetemperature changes.