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Delhi building


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Delhi building

  1. 1. Cantilevers(L&T) Engineering Design and research centre Construction, Chennai K. S. Ranganath
  2. 2. This is the headquarters of Larsen & Toubros (L&T) Engineering Construction and Contracts (ECC) Division
  3. 3. •primary construction : reinforced concrete•Tree dotting the site•Circular trunk like column•Rotated cantilever floors•Sets of four storey ‘petals’•Column free interior
  4. 4. • The working spaces: distributed into two symmetrical wings• Central: service and circulation core.• The wings: supported at ground level by a 4 m diameter column• Branches out to support an external periphery of floating columns.• Curved grid beams between peripheral floating columns• 1.6 m central solid stem form the structural system of the floors above.