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The Hidden Plastic in our dinner

  1. thehidden plasticin ourdinner @dhruvboruah
  2. 83% of the tap water sampled were contaminated with plastic particles Noted in: The Guardian, 6th September 2017 @dhruvboruah
  3. Photo Credit: The 5 Gyres Institute Source: The Plymouth University One-third of fish caught in the English Channel have plastic contamination @dhruvboruah
  4. Plastic Micro-particles found in beers Source: Popular Science 5th September 2014 Photo Credit: publicdomainpictures @dhruvboruah
  5. My simple home experiment Credit: Dhruv Boruah
  6. … from landlocked Assam
  7. …to the wide ocean Photo Credit: Clipper Round The World Race @dhruvboruah
  8. Photo Credit: Clipper Round The World Race
  9. ‘You cannot escape some cyclists’ not even on the canals! Credit: Dhruv Boruah
  10. Credit: Dhruv Boruah
  11. Credit: Dhruv Boruah
  12. 66 items a day from the Thames @dhruvboruahCredit: Dhruv Boruah
  13. …and in the Canal Photo Credit: Paul Hyman @dhruvboruah
  14. Credit: Alexandra McGoran Royal Holloway University of London, Natural History Museum …and in the fish in the Thames @dhruvboruah
  15. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, pixabay @dhruvboruah
  16. #plasticfreetuesday @dhruvboruah Photo Credit: NASA
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Editor's Notes

  1. For source: Do I put this or the research article? Plastic Microparticles Found In Beers Researchers who tested 24 popular German bottled beer brands found that every single brew contained microscopic particles of plastic, skin, glass, and other unsavory items
  3. Shall I shall take the earth logo off the slide?
  4. Shall I shall take the earth logo off the slide?