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Plasticfree event - Organisers Toolkit (National Plastic Collective)


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Plasticfree event - Organisers Toolkit (National Plastic Collective)

  1. 1. Get Commitment Planning May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec #PlasticFreeEvent – The Journey © 2018 National Plastic Collective, more info at @dhruvboruah  Draft Plastic Free Events Policy  Draft the Waste Management Plan  Set Goals & Targets  Develop Actions Involve the vendors in the process  Informal  Contractual Commitments Given Provide Infrastructure  Waste Management based on previous event’s waste streams?  How much waste went to landfill from last event?  Water Fountains Educate & Market  Contracts Signed  Vendors/ Suppliers/ Caterers/ Contractors/ Councils/ Staff/ Volunteers  Community  Attendees Measure & Evaluate EVENT  Based on Goals  Share Leanings  Continuous Improvement v3
  2. 2. #PlasticFreeEvent – The Organizer's ActionKit High Level Snapshot & Tools PREVENT REDUCE REUSE CURE recycle highesepreferencelowestpreference  Plastic like Plastic Bags/Straw, Balloons, Glitter, Wet wipes, single use Sauce Sachets  Water & Drinks Bottles  Plastic Cutlery  Food/ Beverage Packaging (Promote Cans/ Glass/ Cardboard & other compostable packaging) Ban Polystyrene  Avoid Plastic while Setting up Shop (Packaging/ Marketing Material/ Zip Ties etc.)  Promote bring your own cutlery  Offer Discounts for reusable packaging (reusable coffee cups/ water bottle/ beer glass)  Promote & Sell Plastic Free Alternatives Reusable Bottles/ Coffee Cups/ Bags etc.)  Provide Waste Management Plan (Reduction/ Recycling/ CATERING/ VENDORS ban Suppliers of power, fencing, marquees, portable toilets, Waste Management etc.  Replace Cable Ties  Building and dismantling infrastructure  Provide waste minimization, management & recycling plan CONTRACTORS  Plastic Novelties/ Promotional items etc.  Back plastic campaign with Branded Plastic Free Alternatives  Signs/ Marketing etc. from previous events  Reusable Gifts made fro, sustainable sources SPONSORS  Communicate The new Plastic Free Events Policy  Educate & Guide Patrons & vendors  Measure & Ensure Plastic Free Events Policy Adherence  Measure & Ensure Waste Management Policy Adherence  Provide Water Fountain/ Big Jars  Signs/ Marketing/ Packaging/ Infrastructure from previous events  Make Plastic Free a integral part of waste management policy ORGANISERS v3 © 2018 National Plastic Collective, more info at @dhruvboruah Composting)
  3. 3. Encouraged by this year's success and the public's current enthusiasm for plastic free events, we are deciding to go plastic free in the next event. We need your support & suggestions to make this happen. We have drafted the following “Plastic Free Events Policy” to achieve our goal and there can be additional revenue streams for you by promoting and selling plastic free alternatives. We would love to run this policy by you before we put this down in the contract and we would appreciate your feedback and support before we make the policy official. What do you think? For our next event, we will be banning the sale of - Plastic water or drinks bottle onsite. The vendors may promote and sell reusable bottles and we shall provide water fountains. The vendors can still use aluminum/ glass cans. - Single use plastic cups - Plastic straws. If your product requires a straw, please use plastic free straws like paper straws etc. - Balloons, Glitter - Plastic Bags. The vendors are encouraged to promote and sell reusable bags - Single Use Sauce Sachets - Please use only compostable serve ware e.g. plates, knives, forks, bowls, boxes, cup lids etc. Please avoid Polystyrene/ Styrofoam and other biodegradable packaging and use only compostable packaging for food. - Please avoid use of unnecessary plastic packaging, marketing & infrastructure materials while setting up your shop. It would be great to reuse wristbands, display signs, badges etc. Avoid Cable Ties - We would appreciate if you would be able to incentivize the festival attendees to bring their own reusable containers by providing them discounts and other offers #PlasticFreeEvent – Simple Catering/ Vendor Policy © 2018 National Plastic Collective, more info at @dhruvboruah v3