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Centennial college

  1. 1. Centennial College Centennial College welcomes students from abroad to enrich their educational experience by being part of the College. Centennial College value and respect multicultural diversity by sustaining an environment that capitalizes on the unique contributions of our diverse communities. At Centennial College, we recognize that there is no single path to success, which is why we continue to find new routes for students to travel and exciting new ways to make their journey more rewarding. We offer flexible programming and other opportunities that meet the needs of everyone. We offer numerous diploma, certificate and degree programs. We have many programs that will meet your interests and help you become job ready. Studying in Canada will provide you with a world of possibilities. At Centennial, gain the practical experience and the knowledge you need to succeed in your desired field of study. Adapting to life abroad and becoming a post-secondary student may be difficult at first and we're always ready to help assist you during your transition. The College has its own International Education Office, located at the Progress campus, C-Building on the second floor right beside the Student HUB. As well, we have international advisors located at each campus to assist you with information and advice during your stay at Centennial. Programs : Automotive) Motive Power Technician – Administration (Automotive) Motive Power Technician – Technical Architectural Technician Architectural Technology Architectural Technology (Co-op) Architectural Technology (Fast Track) Architectural Technology (Fast Track/Co-op) Art and Design Foundation Studies Biomedical Engineering Technology Biomedical Engineering Technology (Co-op Fast Track) Biomedical Engineering Technology (Co-op) Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast Track) Biotechnology Biotechnology - Advanced (Co-op) Biotechnology - Advanced (Fast Track/Co-op) Business - Accounting Business - Finance Business - International Business Business – Marketing
  2. 2. Business Administration – Accounting Business Administration – Business Operations Management Business Administration – Business Operations Management (Co-op) Business Administration – Human Resources (Co-op) Business Administration – International Business (Co-op) Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op) Business Administration (Co-op) Computer Systems Technician – Networking (Fast Track) Computer Systems Technology – Networking Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Co-op Fast Track) Digital Animation Electrical Engineering Technician Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automation and Robotics Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician – Automation and Robotics (Fast Track) Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics (Fast Track) Electronics Engineering Technician Electronics Engineering Technician (Fast Track) Electronics Engineering Technology Electronics Engineering Technology (Co-op Fast Track) Environmental Technician Environmental Technician (Fast Track) Environmental Technology (Co-op) Environmental Technology (Fast Track) Environmental Technology (Fast Track/ Co-op) Financial Planning Financial Services Fundamentals Fine Arts Studio Food and Nutrition Management Food Science Technology Game Art and Design Graphic Design Health Foundations Health Informatics Technology (Co-op) Health Informatics Technology (Fast Track, Co-op) Hospitality and Tourism Administration Hospitality Foundations Human Resources Management Interactive Media Management International Business Management International Development Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design (Fast Track) Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (Fast Track) Medical Laboratory Technician Nursing (BScN) Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant Office Administration – Medical
  3. 3. Paralegal Paramedic Pharmacy Technician Practical Nursing Project Management Software Engineering Technician Software Engineering Technician (Fast Track) Software Engineering Technology Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming Software Engineering Technology - Interactive Gaming (Fast Track - Co-op) Tourism and Travel For more information contact : Dhrron Consultancy Phone : 0265-2399888, 74051-88999 Helpline : 98243-49773 Email : info@dhrronconsultancy.com Website : www.dhrronconsultancy.com