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Victorian Literature

Hare I sharing my presentation on Character of Oliver Twist

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Victorian Literature

  1. 1. Name- Nisha Dhiman A. Roll No- 19 Part- M.A Sem- 2 Sub- Victorian Literature Topic- Character of Oliver Twist Guided by- Heenaba Zala Submitted to- Maharaja Krishna Kumarsinghji
  2. 2. Charles Dickens was a born 7 Feb 1812 and Death 1867.
  3. 3. Oliver Twist  Oliver Twist novel written by Charles Dickens, and published by Richard Bentley in 1838.  Charles Dickens second novel Oliver twist.  Oliver is a pretty central character  He Is child hero of melodramatic novel of social protest as the novel ’protagonist.
  4. 4.  The young Oliver born is parish Workhouse in an unnamed town, but his mother died during labor.  Oliver story follows of middle and upper class folks, inherently bad or poor people.  His life is a very different or critically.  The name of character represent the inner qualities
  5. 5. Oliver Fagin Bill Sikes The Artful Dodger
  6. 6. Fagin Dickens has made Fagin a Jew and through the novel he identifies himself as á Jews Fagin is the leader of aging of young pick- pocket, who also deals in stolen goods and is quite willing to understand any other villain that might offer him some material benfitsIt is Fagin who is entrusted with the job of convening Oliver into a criminal by Monks.
  7. 7. Bill Sikes Bill Sikes is the most terrifying figure in the novel. He is a thief and house breaker for whom there are no limits and no laws except his own self. Oliver‘s innocence is reflected on his face and so is the monstrosity Sikes.
  8. 8. The Artful Dodger The Artful Dodger, who read name is Jack, Dawkins, is Fagin‘s chief pupil. He is initially responsible for taking Oliver to Fagin‘s den. The Artful Dodger precedes so wittily and defiantly against the great villain of the time the court.
  9. 9. Conclusion By concluding we can say that Oliver is surrounded by corrupt society. He is still pure character.
  10. 10. Thank You