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List of goosebumps books

  1. 1. List of R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour episodesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaR.L. Stines The Haunting Hour title screenR.L. Stines The Haunting Hour is a horror television series airing on The Hub. The first two episodes of theseries were broadcast on October 29, 2010,[1]with the rest of the season beginning on December 25,2010.[2]Some episodes in the series are based on stories from R. L. Stines anthologies The HauntingHour and Nightmare Hour,[3]while others come from different sources. "The Hub Network" announced attheir upfront presentation March 20, 2013 that season four would premiere Fall 2013.[4]Contents[hide]1 Series overview2 Episode listo 2.1 Season 1: 2010–11o 2.2 Season 2: 2011–12o 2.3 Season 3: 2012–133 References4 External linksSeries overviewSeason EpisodesOriginally airedDVD releasesSeason premiere Season finale1 22 October 29, 2010 May 14, 2011September 4, 2012 (Volumes 1 & 2)[5]February 5, 2013 (Volumes 3 & 4)[6]2 18 October 1, 2011 February 4, 2012 TBA
  2. 2. 3 14 October 13, 2012 February 9, 2013 TBA4 TBA October 2013 TBA TBAEpisode listSeason 1: 2010–11No. inseriesNo. inseasonTitle Directed by Written by Original Air1 1 "Really You" (Part 1) Neill Fearnley Billy Brown & Dan Angel October 29, 2Part 1 of 2. Lilly (Bailee Madison) is given her very own life-sized "Really You" doll, Lilly D. Soon after, strange events begin to owhich Lillys mother accuses Lilly of doing; Lilly maintains she is innocent, and that Lilly D. is alive. Soon, Lillys mother starts toabout Lilly D than Lilly, even letting it sleep in her bed. Lillys brother, Brandon (Connor Price) becomes determined to prove Lillyalive, or isnt.2 2 "Really You" (Part 2) Neill Fearnley Billy Brown & Dan Angel October 29, 2Part 2 of 2. Brandon suspects the doll is trying to get rid of Lilly. Brandon and his friend, Josh go to the "Really You" doll-maker aexplains that all of the dolls have souls. When the doll switches places with Lily, Brandon notices that the discarded doll thrown inhas Lillys birthmark on the back of her neck. Lilly is restored to her human self and the doll is hit by a garbage truck. The doll is ththe street by two girls. It grabs one of the girls, causing them to run away in horror.3 3 "A Creature Was Stirring" Terry Ingram Billy Brown & Dan Angel December 25,It didn’t matter if Timmy (Thomas Robinson) was naughty or nice. This year, he gets one Christmas present that turns out to be adangerous gremlin/dragon-like monster. In the end however, it turns out that Santa Claus did grant his wish: to get Timmys familytogether.4 4 "The Dead Body" James Head Scott Thomas & Jed Elinoff December 25,Will (Brendan Meyer) strikes a deal with Jake (Matt Angel), the new kid, to take care of some bullies. Will soon learns Jake is aghodied in a fire because of some bullies. They go back in time to the day Jake was going to die. Will saves Jake, only to realize that htricked. When Will perishes in the fire that had killed Jake, Jake begins the rest of his life again while Will takes Jakes place and bghost.5 5 "Nightmare Inn" Neill Fearnley Katherine Boutry January 8, 2
  3. 3. Jillian (Madeline Carroll) is forced to face her fears in a creepy inn where the staff is keeping a secret. At night, the staff of the innrevealed to be werewolves who wish to devour her. She is saved by another werewolf who might just be her father.6 6 "The Red Dress" J.B. Sugar Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas January 15, 2Jamie (Linda Tomassone) is a worker at a golf course and has a crush on a member of the club named Zach. She comes upon a mysstore The Ravens Chest and steals a beautiful red dress from the creepy blind owner. She wears the dress at a dance to impress Zacblind owner of the store starts stalking her, but Jamie does not return the dress. She awakes in the morning to find that she is now bshe screams in horror, the blind owner gains her own eyesight back saying that "everyone must pay."7 7 "Ghostly Stare" Neill Fearnley Jack Monaco January 29, 2Lauren (Emma Grabinsky) and Mark (Jason Spevack) learn that when cemeteries are disturbed, not everything stays buried. AghosMark when he falls into a grave. Lauren sets off to get her brother back. In a twist ending, Lauren is replaced by a ghost and the readead.8 8 "Walls" Michael Scott Philip Levens February 5, 2Jeffery (Bobby Coleman) realizes not everyone moves out before someone else moves in. There is something in the walls of the nehe and his parents move into. It turns out that his parents knew there was a creature in the walls all along. They say that the ugly, olcalled a Klemit causes good fortune and has a strong sweet tooth (and the old man who previously lived in the house died while datyear-old woman). When Jeffery threatens to tell people about it, his parents allow him to have a sleepover in their room while watcflat-screen TV.9 9 "Game Over" Terry Ingram Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas February 12,Kelly "Kell-razer" (Calum Worthy) and his friend Gooch (AJ Lutsky) receive a mysteriously new game called "Zee Town" that thea stranger named the Game Master (voiced by David Sobolov). However, it turns out this game is actually real. As they team up winewfound allies Sean and Mika, they must all fight their way out for that is the only way to survive. In a twist ending, Kelly ends ugame as the new Game Master because he has defeated the old Game Master. Whoever beats him sets him free, trapping the next winside in a continuous cycle.10 10 "Alien Candy" Neill Fearnley Melody Fox February 19,Walt (Grayson Russell) and his best friend Tim are sixth graders who are obsessed with aliens. When two strange 8th graders name(Jessica McLeod) and Greg (Matthew Knight) ask Walt to join their secret alien club, he eagerly accepts. However, it turns out thatand Greg are real aliens that only wanted Walt to join so they could eat him. After taking a bite of his toe, they realize that Walt is aredhead with dyed hair. Because they are allergic to redheads, the aliens decide to eat Tim. Walt and Tim defeat the aliens by throwthem which absorbs them. The cafeteria cook accidentally bakes the aliens melted bodies into the schools chicken nuggets. Walt adiscover the aliens pieces inside and scream in horror.
  4. 4. 11 11 "Fear Never Knocks" Peter DeLuise Gillian Horvath February 26,Fears become real when the grandchildren of a decorated psychiatrist play around with an ancient recorder in their grandfathers offturns out the recorder was brought to their grandfather by Fear itself. But Fear returns, wanting it back so that he can unleash all theupon the world. One of the children, Jenny (Ariel Winter) tricks Fear into going into the box by saying she is afraid of Fear itself andisappears forever.12 12 "Best Friend Forever" Jason Furukawa Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott March 5, 20Jack (Nolan Gould) accidentally raises a zombie (Kelly-Ruth Mercier) from the dead, but instead of getting help, he keeps it as a peend, the zombie kidnaps Jack and Jack becomes the pet of the zombie.13 13 "Black Mask" Neill Fearnley Melody Fox March 12, 2A mask tells of a very bad past, so Julie (Madison Pettis) and Bill (Ricardo Hoyos), set off to change the past of the kids who they bdied. In the end, the kids seen through the mask were actually Julie and Bill themselves. The man they believed would kill them wathe handyman (Nicholas W. von Zill) who was trying to fix the furnace. The mask enables their friend Robbie to save the handymaexplosion in the furnace causes the beam they thought would crush them to fall on him. Robbie shoves both himself and the handymthe way. They realize that the mask shows the future instead of the past.14 14 "Afraid Of Clowns" Peter DeLuise Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas March 19, 2Clowns are no laughing matter to Chris (Jake Cherry) who has a strange feeling that the local carnival clowns are stalking him. It isthat they are in fact stalking him. It is revealed that his parents have been clowns forever and now, so is he.15 15 "My Sister the Witch" Michael Scott Philip Levens March 26, 2When boy scout Pete (Uriah Shelton) welcomes his teenage sister Alice (Jodelle Ferland) home from boarding school, his best frienbelieves she is a witch. It is revealed that Alice met a beginners witch named Enid at her boarding school who told her she was cursuspects that it is a Saired Curse, a curse that is said to first start with misfortune, then steals wealth, health, sanity, and finally life.being William Merrit, an older boy scout who vowed revenge after Alice read one of his love-notes out loud so he would leave herAfter a short magical battle, he is turned into a toad.16 16 "Wrong Number" Neill Fearnley Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott April 2, 20The two meanest girls at school named Steffani (Debby Ryan) and Taylor (Sarah Dugdale) are known to make fun of Adriana (KacSteffani and Taylor then prank call the next door neighbor Mrs. Biazevich (Karin Konoval). Mrs. Biazevich warns them to be nicedies the next day. Steffani starts receiving text messages telling her to be a nice girl from Mrs. Biazevichs phone. Mrs.Biazevichs ghost visits Steffani and Taylor and sees that Steffani is still very mean. Mrs. Biazevich lets Taylor go because she canin her heart, but traps Steffani in a video in her cellphone and sends it to her granddaughter Adriana. As the episode ends, Adriana d
  5. 5. video of Steffani effectively erasing her from existence and saying that "she will not ever mess with her......again".17 17 "Catching Cold" Peter DeLuise Neal Shusterman April 9, 20After getting a taste of the amazingly delicious Kreamy Kold ice cream, Marty (Robert Capron) becomes obsessed with catching thmysterious "Kreamy Kold" ice cream truck that seems to haunt his neighborhood, but always manages to elude him. The localmailMarty the story of a boy named Jimmy Jeffries who was just as obsessed as he was and caught the truck, but vanished and never reMarty manages to stop the ice cream truck but in a twist ending, he learns that to get all the Kreamy Kold ice cream he wants involpayment of his soul when he encounters an older Jimmy Jeffries (C. Ernst Harth). He ends up trapped inside the freezing ice creamsomeone else becomes as crazed as he was for the ice cream, catches the truck, and takes his place.Guest stars: Laine MacNeil as Martys sister, and Nicholas Elia as Martys friend Ari18 18 "Pool Shark" Jason Furukawa Neal Shusterman April 16, 20Kai (Booboo Stewart) must overcome his fear of the water in order to convince people there is a shark in the pool. It is suspected thshark is actually a Nanaue (a creature that is a shark in the water and a human on land). It turns out that the shark Kai was seeing whis father and that alongside his dad, he is also a Nanaue. Kai uses this as an advantage by scaring the guy that bullies him and takicrush for a ride in the pool on his back in the form of the shark.19 19 "Lights Out" Neil Fearnley Melody Fox April 23, 20Teddy (Gabriel Basso) wants to prove that ghosts do not exist, so he, his sister Haley, and his friend Sean go to a supposedly hauntewith a video camera to film everything that happens. It is revealed that everyone inside died in a fire and that anyone who was caug"Lights Out" would be dangerously operated on by the asylums evil doctor, Dr. Sturgess. The ghosts, patients of the asylum, try tothem by locking them in a room minutes before Lights Out, but they misunderstand the attempt, believing that the ghosts were tryinthem. They escape and Teddy gets caught by the ghost of Dr. Sturgess. He is operated on by the ghost. Hayley and Sean find Teddyback and forth in a room, so traumatized by his ghostly operation that all he can do is mutter "Lights Out" over and over. Though abeen captured on camera and posted on the Internet, kids who watched the video believe it is fake (even though it wasnt) and decidinvestigate themselves.Guest stars: Sheila Baker as Old Ghost Woman20 20 "The Perfect Brother" Michael Scott Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott April 30, 20Josh (Landon Liboiron) always knew that Matt (Gregg Sulkin) was the perfect son in the family. But when Matts star begins to fadthinks that what his parents propose may be taking things to the extreme. It is revealed in the end that Matt is actually a robotwhosehas already expired, causing all the bizarre changes. After being replaced, Josh finds out that Matt wasnt the experiment. As Josh ibe shipped away, his parents tell them that they are robots as well and that he was the experiment, not Matt.21 21 "Scary Mary" (Part 1) Peter DeLuise Billy Brown & Dan Angel May 7, 201Part 1 of 2. Hanna (Eva Allen) is convinced by her friends into chanting the Scary Mary poem into her mirror before telling her theThere once was a girl named Mary who was obsessed with her looks and loved people making themselves beautiful. She lived in aand was a very lonely girl. One day, the farmhouse caught on fire and she burned to death. To this day, she waits for someone to chname so she can "take their face" and become beautiful again. Days later, Hanna is convinced that "Scary Mary" has contacted hera compact hairbrush marked with the letter "M." That night, Hanna applies makeup products while brushing her hair with the "M" bknowing there are masked girls inside her mirror waiting to take her. Seconds later, the girls break through the mirror and pull her iher in the world of Scary Mary.22 22 "Scary Mary" (Part 2) Peter DeLuise Billy Brown & Dan Angel May 14, 20Part 2 of 2. While in Scary Marys world, Hanna refuses to be like everyone else, who have given their faces to Mary, leaving themfaceless. Mary uses the faces to disguise herself as one of them, hoping that a boy will come to rescue the girl and take Mary out ofbut nobody ever comes. Hannas friend Eric (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) comes to save her and finds Mary with her face, but realizes that i
  6. 6. Marys farmhouse sets on fire, representing what had killed her. Eric finds the real Hanna and gets back to the real world by going iof Marys tears. At the end, Mary calls for Eric from the mirror.Season 2: 2011–12No. inseriesNo. inseasonTitle Directed by Written by Original air23 1 "Creature Feature" (Part 1) Peter DeLuise Billy Brown & Dan Angel October 1, 2Part one of two. A classic film lover named John (Joel Courtney) gets sucked into a 1950s B-movie called I Was ATeenage TickMonster playing at a haunted drive-in. He soon ends up in the movie where he is pursued by the Tick Monster and thescientist Dr. Mangle (Matt Angel).Guest starring: Joel Courtney as John, Brendan Meyer as Nathan and Sarah Dugdale as LisaNote: This is Dugdales second time in the show since "Wrong Number." This is also Meyers and Matt Angels second time on thesince "The Dead Body." This is Carmon Bancrofts second time in the show since "Walls."24 2 "Creature Feature" (Part 2) Peter DeLuise Billy Brown & Dan Angel October 8, 2Nathan and Lisa get sucked inside the B-movie to rescue John and stop the evil mad scientist Dr. Mangle from releasing his creatioworld. In the end, John decides to stay in the movie. Lisa and Nathan decide to leave him and go back to the real world as John wanway. As the Tick Monster appears, John just quotes "fade to black" and the episode ends.Guest starring: Joel Courtney as John, Brendan Meyer as Nathan, Sarah Dugdale as Lisa, Jocelyne Loewen as Woman25 3 "Swarmin Norman" Peter DeLuise Jack Monaco October 15,A bullied boy named Norman (Bobby Coleman) discovers that he has god-like power over insects and uses them to get revenge ontormentors – only to discover (the hard way) that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Norman had accidentally squashed an insect aall of the insects are rebelling against Norman. He tries to keep the insects out of his room, but forgets one hole in the wall that thetake advantage of. They all swarm into his room and completely cover his body. The episode ends with a quote about how insects ohumans by a factor of billions, courtesy of Normans science teacher Mr. Dunwood (Vincent Gale). This ending suggests that the instarted an uprising against all humans.Guest starring: Bobby Coleman as Norman and Joshua Ballard as TylerNote: This is Colemans second time in the show since "Walls."26 4 "Flight" Peter DeLuise Jack Monaco October 22,A boy named Josh on his first flight learns that the Grim Reaper (posing as an old woman) is a fellow passenger and an undead manboy can see is trying to escape her.Guest starring: Dakota Goyo as Josh27 5 "Pumpkinhead" Neill Fearnley Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott October 29,A girl and her brothers investigate a pumpkin patch said to be tended to by a murderous farmer who kidnaps children and switcheswith the pumpkins in his gardens.
  7. 7. Guest starring: Frankie Jonas as Dave and Liam James as Scott28 6 "Brush with Madness" Neill Fearnley Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott November 5,When comic book geek Corey (Dylan Minnette) gets yelled at by his favorite artist Allan Miller (Mackenzie Gray) during a comicbook convention, Corey steals Allans brushes and comes up with his own creation only to learn that Allans brushes have the powefantasy into reality. In a twist ending, it is determined that Allan was the one behind the whole thing trying to create his new comicGuest starring: Dylan Minnette as Corey and Chanelle Peloso as Emma29 7 "Sick" Terry Ingram Jack Monaco November 12A boy named Alex Howard (Garrett Ryan) is the younger brother of Steffani from "Wrong Number. He must stay home from schoohe is sick. While his mother is out to do errands, he finds out there is a monster in the house and he is being quarantined. With helpthe TV newsman (Peter Benson), he fights the monster. Alex then wakes up to find his mother. She then tells him it was all a dreamtwist ending, Alex then hears the TV newsman saying it wasnt a dream and they are trying to keep him in the house to keep it quarfrom the monster.Guest starring: Garrett Ryan as Alex30 8 "Mascot" Jason FurukawaCraig S. Phillips & HaroldHayes, Jr.November 19Willie (Riley Griffiths) and Drake (Nick Purcha), two students at Yellow Valley High School, hate the school mascot Big Yellow,yellow, mute, monster-like creature that performs at basketball games. They decide to elect a new mascot, and must inform the currstudent in the Big Yellow costume that he is no longer needed--but no one seems to know who that student is. Regardless, Willie anhold auditions for their new mascot, and a break-dancing teen in a wolf costume gets the job--over the protests of Big Yellow, whoand tries to audition himself. That night, the student in the wolf mascot costume is attacked by Big Yellow, and the following mornfinds the wolf costumes head, torn to bits, in his bed. Determined to find out Big Yellows true identity, Willie investigates the masdressing room after the school closes, only for Big Yellow to begin trying to attack him. After escaping, Willie confronts Big Yellothe gym, ripping off the mascots head--but both the head and body begin to move independently, revealing that Big Yellow is not abut an actual monster. The next morning, Drake discovers messages from Willie on his cell phone, and goes to the school to investito find his friend, along with Big Yellow, missing. At that nights basketball game, though, Big Yellow reappears, and Drake calls Whis cell phone...and hears Willies phone ringing in reply from inside of the mascots stomach. As the episode ends, Big Yellow looDrake and smiles while both Willie and the wolf mascot are shown trapped inside of the monster, slowly being digested and screamhelp.Guest starring: Riley Griffiths as Willie and Nick Purcha as Drake31 9 "Bad Feng Shui" James Head Melody Fox November 26A Chinese girl named Jessica (Brianne Tju) hates how strict her mother (Benita Ha) is right down to rearranging her room. When Jdecides to arrange the room the way she wants it, dark forces begin haunting her house and she turns to Mr. Ming (Colin Foo) on hthings right.Guest starring: Brianne Tju as Jessica and Victoria Duffield as Megan32 10 "The Hole" Peter DeLuise Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott December 3,Rob (Braeden Lemasters) and Carrie (Ava Hughes)s family move to a new house when strange things start to happen. They play ca
  8. 8. back yard and find a big hole with a picture of a family in front of a car and lose their ball. Rob decides to investigate and video tapduring the night. When Rob and Carrie watch the video they see a man with his family telling them that they eat together and latergrill at the camera. They use the cars license plate in the photo and find out the mans family died in a car wreck. They show their mshe doesnt believe them. All of a sudden, a picture breaks with their fathers face scratched out. The ghost takes their mom and trieher into the hole. Rob and Carrie save her but their dad gets sucked in instead. He later emerges and they all have lunch together. Twears the same shirt as the man in the video. The kids try to leave but the man says they eat as a family, symbolizing that the ghosttheir father.Guest starring: Braeden Lemasters as Rob and Ava Hughes as Carrie33 11 "Scarecrow" Ken Friss Billy Brown & Dan Angel December 10A young farmer named Jenny (Bailee Madison) has trouble ridding her crops of crows, so she buys a scarecrow from a mysterious(Juan Riedinger). Jenny soon discovers that the scarecrow is behind a chain of mysterious disappearances.Ending #1: The one during the premiere depicts Jennys brother Bobby (Richard Harmon) setting fire to the scarecrow duringsalesmans narration about the end of the world and walking away.Ending #2: The reruns have a different ending where Bobby is turned into a scarecrow by the salesman and made to watch theend.Note: This is Bailee Madisons second time being in the Haunting Hour since "Really You". This is Richard Harmons second timethe Haunting Hour since "Nightmare Inn".34 12 "Dreamcatcher" Neill Fearnley Katherine Boutry December 17The camp legend of a mysterious creature called the Dream Catcher who feeds on nightmares appears to be true after a cabin full oa recurring nightmare that scares them into insomnia.Guest starring: Kerris Dorsey as Lisa and Michelle Creber as Amelia35 13 "The Most Evil Sorcerer" (Part 1) Peter DeLuise Melody Fox January 7, 2Part 1 of 2. In a medieval English town ruled under a corrupt sorcerer, two teens named Ned (Connor Price) and Sara (Jodelle Ferlato dethrone the sorcerer and rid him of his magic.Guest starring: Connor Price as Ned, Jodelle Ferland as Sara and Michael Ironside as MargolinNote: This is Prices second time in the show since "Really You." This is also Ferlands second time in the show since "My Sister th36 14 "The Most Evil Sorcerer" (Part 2) Peter DeLuise Melody Fox January 7, 2Conclusion. When Ned and Sara discover that the sorceress who helped them dethrone the evil sorcerer was the one who taught himmagic, Ned takes revenge against the sorceress, and Sara worries that Neds obsession to learn magic may drive them apart.Guest starring: Connor Price as Ned, Jodelle Ferland as Sara and Michael Ironside as Margolin37 15 "Stage Fright" Peter DeLuise Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott January 14,A high school drama club is doing a play based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, but bad things have been happening: the originalactress breaks her leg and is demoted to a tree and the witch actress keeps forgetting her cues. One of the stage hands reveals that thcursed and other schools have had trouble with it where one boy was even beheaded on stage. The other stage hand is attacked and
  9. 9. and during the play the mother and father actors are attacked and all three are found bound and gagged backstage. The first stage habelieves that the drama teacher is the real witch that cursed the play, and gets Hansel and Gretel to throw her into the fake oven. Buisnt her, its the actual witch (Ellie Harvie) from the story. She reveals that she cursed the play because she was mad that her story wbeing told properly. As she locks the stage doors and turns off the lights, she says she didnt eat Hansel and Gretel, she ate their parGuest starring: Jianna Ballard as Jen and Rowen Kahn as Sam38 16 "Night of the Mummy" Neill Fearnley Katherine Boutry January 21,When a rare Egyptian exhibit comes to town, Seth (Zachary Gordon) discovers a horrible secret that connects him with the mummyBoy Pharaoh.Guest starring: Zachary Gordon as Seth39 17 "Headshot" Michael Scott John Esposito January 28,In this homage to The Picture of Dorian Gray, Gracie (Ariel Winter) is working at an ice cream shop when Cassandra Hobbs (Crysa scout for the magazine TeenTeen offers her a photo shoot, turning down money, saying Its all about the desire. After the shoot, Gdemeanor changes from sweet to diva and her picture on her phone begins to change into ugly. As Cassandra suggests, she cheats omidterm and her friend Dylan (Nicholas Elia) is blamed. Flynn (Tiera Skovbye) is also getting a free shoot, so a jealous Gracie dossmoothie with Red Dye #5, which causes her to have a bad allergy reaction and get knocked out of the running. Lexi (Julia Sarah Sdisgusted by her actions and leaves the debut to see the models on the walls change from pretty to monstrous. Cassandra is actuallythe devil and she collects the pictures of the souls she captures. She says Gracie can stop it by deleting her picture, so Lexi does it...Gracie was supposed to make that choice and is now a hideous monster.Starring: Ariel Winter as Gracie, Nicholas Elia as Dylan, and Crystal Lowe as CassandraNote: This is Winters second time in the show since "Fear Never Knocks" and Elias second time on the show since "Catching Col40 18 "The Return of Lilly D." Neill Fearnley Billy Brown & Dan Angel February 4,The evil doll Lilly D. (from the series premiere "Really You") is back and out to get revenge on the family who discarded her. Thefound by two boys and then give it to Natalie, a sweet girl who cleans her up and then her grandfather takes the doll to the "Reallyhospital, to repair her arm and the Dollmaker realizes that the doll has turned nice as she later brings the doll back to Natalie and thNatalie finds a lonely baby bird and puts it in a shoebox, which makes the doll jealous and later in the night, the doll attempts to geusing a stool, but falls and Natalie doesnt know what happened. The dolls in the basement tell the Dollmaker that Lily D. is still bagoes to try to save Natalie, but the doll drops a fish bowl on her head and Natalie starts to think about Lily D. and wants to get rid oshe hides and Later in the night, but Lilly D tries to drown the baby bird in the bathtub and later kicks Grandpa down the stairs. NatLilly D in a wheelchair, but turns out to be a lamp and the doll behind her, has a knife as Natalie hits it out of her hand and then hera frying pan and then her head lands in a pot of water (while the dolls sing a lullaby) and then Natalie puts the pan on top of her heameaning the doll is dead.Guest starring: Mackenzie Foy as NatalieSeason 3: 2012–13No. inseriesNo. inseasonTitle Directed by Written by Original Air date
  10. 10. 41 1 "Grampires" (Part 1) Neill FearnleyErik Patterson & JessicaScottOctober 13, 2012Mike (Mitchell Kummen) and Cristen (Chanelle Peloso) visit Grampa Montgomery (Christopher Lloyd) at his retirement communieveryone (including the grandfather) is a vampire.Note: This is Pelosos second time in the show since "Brush with Madness."42 2 "Grampires" (Part 2) Neill FearnleyErik Patterson & JessicaScottOctober 13, 2012After revealing to his grandson that he is a vampire (but only preys on rats and doesnt go after humans), Montgomery and Mike trythe other vampires (who do prey on humans – especially young children) from winning Cristen in a bingo game.43 3 "The Cast" Ken FrissCraig S. Phillips & HaroldHayes Jr.October 20, 2012Lex (Robert Capron) is out with two punk kids hes trying to impress, and joins them into throwing eggs at the crazy cat ladys housthe cat lady comes out to scold the boys, Lex breaks his arm when he tries to escape. He tells the cops that the two punks threw thehe was trying to stop them and is praised as a hero. His cast starts to itch and move like theres something alive in there, but the docsee anything. The cat ladys cats soon take an interest in Lexs cast. While his mom is out, the crazy cat lady comes to his house andthat there are rats in his cast and she has brought her cats to feed on them. In a panic, he uses a hacksaw on his cast. His mother comin time to prevent him from cutting his arm off and calls 911. In the ambulance, he finally confesses his involvement at eggs at thehouse as he sees the rats in the ambulance. Yet the techs dont see the rats suggesting its a delusion.Note: This is Caprons second time in the show since "Catching Cold."44 4 "The Weeping Woman" Neill FearnleyHarold Hayes Jr. & CraigS. PhillipsOctober 27, 2012Chi (Rico Rodriguez) is staying with Mrs. Nelson while his parents help at a quinceanera. When Mrs. Nelson (who is feeling bitterdepressed over her husband traveling everywhere) goes out with her friends, La Llorona comes and takes Hannah and Chad to the ptries to drown them. Chi overcomes his fear of water and rescues the kids. Mr. Nelson returns making Mrs. Nelson happy and the Lstatue is place in a box outside labeled "Free Stuff."Note: This is Jocelyne Loewens second time in the show since "Creature Feature."45 5 "Intruders" Ken Friss Jack Monaco November 3, 2012Eve (Willow Shields) has been unhappy ever since the birth of her baby brother. One night she sees lights in the forest behind her hmeets a fairy who tells her that shes a changeling who possesses fairy powers. After having fun using her new powers, the fairy telshe can be a fairy forever if she gives the fairy her baby brother. She pretends to, but tricks the fairy by bringing iron (which is lethfairy). After she returns home, menacing eyes peer out of the forest and approach the house.46 6 "Spaceman" Neill Fearnley John EspositoNovember 10, 2012 (OriginalJanuary 19, 2013 (DirectorsAaron (Will Shadley) is a lonely boy who is given a toy space helmet by a neighborhood woman. The helmet begins receiving callsnot having batteries in it) and Aaron thinks its an alien trying to make contact with him. In the end, Aaron finds out that the voice oother side is the ghost of the womans dead son who loves space and space travel.47 7 "Red Eye" Ken FrissNatalie Lapointe & GregYolenNovember 17, 2012Georgia (Mackenzie Foy) enjoys getting mail from her father when hes traveling. But then she receives a picture with a dark shado
  11. 11. The next picture has the shadow right next to father. After suffering bad dreams, she figures out that she is being haunted by an Alppower to possess small objects. When her father comes back with a doll as a present, she thinks it is carrying the Alp and smashes iHer father comes out and reveals his red eyes saying "Daddys not here" as Georgia screams.Note: This is Foys second time in the show since "The Return of Lilly D."48 8 "My Imaginary Friend" James Head Melody Fox November 24, 2012Shawn (Ryan Lee) has just moved to a new area, and his only friends are his brother David and his imaginary friend Travis (who isinfluence). After concentration, David can see Travis. When David talks Shawn out of smashing a cars windshield as Travis suggeTravis is angry and tries to scare David by drowning him. When he doesnt back down, Travis drags him to the neighbors barn andcan be friends if David will burn down the barn. He refuses, they start fighting and Shawn runs in, banishing Travis, although breakand injuring himself on a falling hook. David congratulates Shawn and says hes old enough to be without imaginary friends. Shawand banishes David who turns out to be Shawns "imaginary brother."49 9 "Poof De Fromage" Ken FrissErik Patterson & JessicaScottDecember 1, 2012Bobby (Quinn Lord) and his family are housing a French exchange student named Jean-Louis (Vincent Martella) for a year, but a cstrange happenings make Bobby suspect that his French exchange student may be an alien. He tells him that they are a friendly speare trying to save the human race from other aliens that are somewhere in the neighborhood incognito. They find out that the alienspretending to be cheese puffs. After Dad opens the door, the aliens flood in. Then, the aliens break a window and swallow up the faNote: This is Lords second time in the show since "Fear Never Knocks."50 10 "The Golem" (Part 1) Neill Fearnley Jack Monaco December 8, 2012 [7]Part one of two. Jeremy and Bonnie are saddened to learn of the passing of their great-grandmother Nadia and travel to her homelaof Russia to spread her ashes. But soon after they arrive, Jeremy learns of a secret evil Nadia created in the form of aGolem and theaccuse Bonnie of being her.51 11 "The Golem" (Part 2) Neill Fearnley Jack Monaco December 8, 2012Conclusion. Jeremy must use his great-grandmothers knowledge and ashes to rid the village of the Golem and save his sister frommurdered.52 12 "The Girl in the Painting" Ken Friss Jack Monaco December 15, 2012Becky (Bailee Madison) is dreaming of her perfect room, which her mother cant afford, when she finds a painting put out in the trabecomes obsessed with the image and is called by the girl in the painting to enter her world, and is ecstatic with the room. But the wclock strikes 6, the girl in the painting pulls a sash, opening the ceiling. An unseen creature devours Becky, and as the girls motherrevealed that people are called into the painting to be fed to the monster so the people in the painting wont be eaten. The girl sits baand waits for the next person to enter the painting.Note: This is Madisons third appearance. She previously appeared in the premiere two-parter "Really You" and "Scarecrow". ThisMargeaux Muirs second appearance since "Night of the Mummy".53 13 "Checking Out" James Head Melody Fox January 19, 2013Bratty teens Jeremy (Matthew Knight) and Chelsea are on a family vacation, which gets delayed when the family car gets a flat tiremysterious hotel appears out of a fog. At first the parents are told there are no vacancies, until the kids come in, and the parents recopulent room and an invitation to an adults-only party by fellow guest Mrs. Baker. Jeremy follows them to the party and sees Mrs.bashing a piñata that looks like her son Todd, who also is spying on the party. Suspicious, Jeremy and Chelsea investigate, and witnbeing backed into the portrait of The Benefactor by his mother, which opens and sucks Todd in. When they try to escape the hotelcaught and their parents are coerced into doing the same, until Jeremy reminds his mom, "If they were jumping off a bridge would
  12. 12. too?" The parents come to their senses and they all escape, as the hotel burns.Note: This is Matthew Knights second appearance since "Alien Candy".54 14 "Terrible Love" Ken FrissNatalie Lapointe & GregYolenFebruary 9, 2013 [8]Maggie (Emma Grabinsky) is hopelessly infatuated with Brendon (Joel Semande), but he doesnt even notice her. When she messechemical experiment, she meets Cupid (David DeLuise) – depicted as a man in a white suit instead of a boy or young man with winhe explains away as old photographs of himself – and commissions him to shoot an arrow at Brendon to make him fall for her, butMaggie worries that the love potion will wear off, she asks Cupid for another hit, which he warns against, but does at her request wdrives Brendan to go into a love-induced insanity. When she tries to break with him, he gets angry and chases her. When she asks Chelp, he says, You wanna be alone? You got it. and pushes Brandon down the stairs. She tries to call for Cupid, but meets her nerdclassmate Stuart, who comforts her, saying shell find love again soon, she turns to see Cupid shoot an arrow into her, causing her tlove with Stuart.Note: This is Grabinskys third appearance since "Ghostly Stare" and "Creature Feature".References1. ^ "The Hub to present new original series R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour: The Series in sneakpreview that caps networks week-long Halloween celebration". The Hub (October 14, 2010). Retrievedon December 10, 2010.2. ^ "The Hub to Premiere Two New Original Series: "R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour: The Series," "DanVs."". The Futon Critic(November 17, 2010). Retrieved on December 25, 2010.3. ^ Clark, Noelene (December 19, 2010). "‘The Haunting Hour’: R.L. Stine promises ‘shivers but notnightmares’ with new show". Los Angeles Times. Retrieved on December 19, 2010.4. ^ "6 New Series & 9 Returning Series on Hubs Programming Slate for 2013-14" (Press release). LosAngeles: The Hub Network. March 20, 2013. Archived from the original on March 23, 2013. RetrievedMarch 23, 2013. "Season four premiering this fall"5. ^ [1]6. ^ [2]7. ^ ^