Top 10 Windows 8 Mobile Apps for June - August 2013


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The following apps were tested and compared with other similar apps. The ranking is not sorted.

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Top 10 Windows 8 Mobile Apps for June - August 2013

  1. 1. Top 10 Apps for Windows 8 June-August 2013
  2. 2. Contents 1. Top 10 "Must Download App" from June - August 2013
  3. 3. Top 10 Apps Note: Do note that the apps are not sorted according to their ranking. These apps are proved to deliver best performance in their own field.
  4. 4. Top 10 Apps 1. What’s App
  5. 5. Top 10 Apps 1. What's app WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. Current Version: 2.10.529 Current Issues: Can't attach existing mp3(s) or videos
  6. 6. Top 10 Apps 2. WeChat
  7. 7. Top 10 Apps 2. WeChat WeChat is a robust and comprehensive voice chatting app with photo sharing! With WeChat, you can chat with one or more friends, and find people around through LBS. It is available for iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone platforms. Current Version: 4.1.4 Current Issues: If you install wechat, your whats app connections gets disconnected
  8. 8. Top 10 Apps 3. Facebook
  9. 9. Top 10 Apps 3. Facebook Facebook for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. You can post status updates, receive Live Tile updates, check your news feed, review upcoming events, check in to places, manage your inbox, upload photos, publish notes, accept friend requests, pin Places and Messages as Tiles, and look at your friend’s photos, walls and info. Current Version: Current Issues: Doesn't refresh the chat list. Always shows the same list of friends
  10. 10. Top 10 Apps 4. UC Browser
  11. 11. Top 10 Apps 4. UC Browser -#1 mobile browser on the Marketplace. -Over 400 MILLION global users. - 100% FREE, Super FAST with a SMOOTH operation. Current Version: Current Issues: The browser freezes to some extent.
  12. 12. Top 10 Apps 5. Youtube HD
  13. 13. Top 10 Apps 5. YouTube HD YouTube HD is a best YouTube client app on Windows phone which allows you to watch videos in HQ and HD and download videos to your phone for free. Log into your YouTube account, explore YouTube's vast video catalog, browse your favorite channels, and subscribe to new channels. Share videos with your friends via your social networks, email, and text messages. Current Version: Current Issues: No Issues yet
  14. 14. Top 10 Apps 6. YouTube Downloader
  15. 15. Top 10 Apps 6. YouTube Downloader YouTube Downloader allows you to watch millions of movies from around the World online and offline! Best Windows Phone YouTube client. Current Version: Current Issues: You cannot download without buying the PRO version
  16. 16. Top 10 Apps 7. Adobe Reader
  17. 17. Top 10 Apps 7. Adobe Reader Adobe Reader is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF documents across platforms and devices. Install the free Adobe Reader mobile app to work with PDF documents on your Windows Phone devices. Easily access a wide variety of PDF types, including password-protected documents. Current Version: Current Issues: There are issues with deleting and clearing the files.
  18. 18. Top 10 Apps 8. Skype
  19. 19. Top 10 Apps 8. Skype Make free Skype to Skype video and voice calls as well as send instant messages to friends and family around the world. Current Version: Current Issues: Keeps Crashing
  20. 20. Top 10 Apps 9. Trip Advisor
  21. 21. Top 10 Apps 9. Trip Advisor Plan and have your perfect trip with TripAdvisor. With over 75 million reviews and opinions by travelers, you'll find the best places to eat, sleep, and play, wherever you travel. TripAdvisor is free and easy to use: Current Version: Current Issues: Good app but Hotel costs are all quoted by brokers by adding there commission
  22. 22. Top 10 Apps 10. Zomato
  23. 23. Top 10 Apps 10. Zomato Zomato Restaurant Finder app gives you restaurant recommendations around you and lets you look at menus, pictures and maps for 110,000 restaurants in India, United Kingdom, UAE, Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, Qatar and Sri Lanka. Current Version: Current Issues: Search function does not work well. Not able to find a restaurant using the search function with the app, but on searching the same on web version you can find it