A case study on emu farming in anand


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A case study on emu farming in anand

  2. 2. F LOW OF PRESENTATION  Introduction  Objective  What is Emu ?  What are the products of Emu and their uses?  Emu farming in India  Establishment of Emu farming project  Conclusion  References DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  3. 3. I NTRODUCTION  Emu farming is an emerging concept and diversifying conventional poultry industry.  This case study is based on the emu farming done by Emu Gujarat research and development centre which is biggest farm in Gujarat.  The owner of the farm is Mr. Mahesh Patel  The business is being handled by Mr. Priyank Patel  The natural alternative livestock business that has grown with the idea of doing the Business Naturally was started in the year 2007 in Village Ratanpura, District, Anand, India with 30 pairs of Emu birds and increased to more than 780 pairs of good breeders over a period of 5 years DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  4. 4. C ONT …  A key growth being its Services offered to the customers round the clock and being a significant player in the emerging Emu Industry has provided more than 6000 Emu birds and became a leader to set up more than 27 farms in 3 different states.  Dr. Mahesh Patel, the Founder of SETU Emu Farms, founded the NGO in the year 2002. Under his dynamic leadership, SETU has emerged as a leading Emu Farm driven by its own strategies of maintaining the Client Relationship and Technical Assistance round the clock. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES  To study emu farming in Anand  To study about emu products and its uses.  Study of emu business plan and income.  To study about current market scenario of emu farming in Anand. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  6. 6. W HAT IS EMU ?  The Emu is the largest native bird to Australia and the second largest flightless bird in the world, surpassed only by ostrich.  The genus and species name of the Emu are Dromaius Novaehollandiae.  Emu birds are members of the ratite family along with Ostrich, Kiwi etc.  Emu’s are raised throughout the world and have adapted to a variety of conditions ranging from the cold winters to the extreme heat.  Normally Emu's lives up to the age of 30 years.  The Emu is a friendly bird, which can easily live in the grassy plains and dry open farms. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB  Emu height is 5 and 6 feet and weigh between 45 to 60 Kg.
  7. 7. E MU PRODUCTS   Emu chicks  Emu oil  Emu meat  Emu feather  Emu skin  DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB Emu eggs Emu nail
  8. 8. E MU EGGS  A mature Emu can lay 10 to 60 eggs in a year  The season of laying eggs is October to march.  Each Emu egg weigh 400 to 600 g with length of 15 to 19 cm and width 16 to 18 cm.  The current price of 1 Egg of emu is 1200-2000 INR. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  9. 9. E MU CHICKS  Emu chick weighs approximately 70% of emu egg weight, Emu chick breeds naturally or by using incubator at temperature of 37-40 degree centigrade.  Average incubation time ranges from 48 to 52 days.  Price of Emu chicks vary depending on its age. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  10. 10. C URRENT PRICE OF EMU CHICKS IN G UJARAT Age Price/pair (INR) 3 -4 month 6,000 6 month 8,000 12 month 14,000 18 -24 month 23,000 * 2-3 years 27,000 * 3-4 years 36,000 * * The birds are being sold with buy back agreement DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  11. 11. E MU OIL  Traditionally Emu oil has been used for treatment of muscle and joint pains. Clinical experience with Emu oil has shown that its two major benefits are its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to penetrate the skin.  A mature emu having weight of 60- 70 kg can produce 6 to 10 liter of oil.  Research and development of Emu oil using in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals is rapidly expanding  Price of emu oil is 3000-4500 INR. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  12. 12. E MU M EAT  “Low on cholesterol, high on protein”  The most important is of course, its meat which is 97 to 98% fats free. Emu meat is rich in proteins; it contains plenty of iron, vitamin B-12, hence as the modern research shows 'emu meat is an excellent diet for people suffering from heart–ailments  Each bird can yield about 25 kg of meat.  Emu Chicken Lean Pork Lamb Fats (g) 2.4 3.5 25.0 23.4 Protein (%) 20.9 20.1 20.2 16.6 Energy (kcal) 446.5 125.0 147.0 NA Iron(mg) 3.0 1.0 1.0 1.55 80.0 65.0 73 Price of emu meat vary from 400 to 1200 INR/ Kg. DHAVAL K P (mg) CholesterolADHIYAR MBA-IAB 51.7
  13. 13. EMU – F EATHERS , S KIN / LEATHER , N AILS  Emu Feathers are double quilted, attractive and velvety to the touch. They are soft, light and non-allergic, which makes them the ideal material for fashion industries, art and craft industries.  Emu Skin is very soft and smooth; hence it has a great demand in international leather industry for producing new fashionable goods. A fully grown up bird can yield 6 to 8 sq. ft. leather  Emu Nails are polished, finished and designed in different ways to be used as various jewelry pieces for woman DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  14. 14. E MU FARMING IN I NDIA  The Government as per 1972 forest animal husbandry act for protection and raring of forest animals, has permitted Emu farming which offers great opportunity for foreign investments and export.  From a single farm in 1996, there are today 1000 emu farms in 14 states, with a majority of them in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and other progressive states of India. The reason for the growth of emu farms today is the increasing demand for the bird’s meat and oil, which is believed to have medicinal properties, especially for treating joint pains. The population of Emu in India is above 2 lakhs.  There are around 40 Emu farms in Gujarat; that includes Surat, Palanpur, Mehsana, Vadodara, Anand, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Kheda. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  15. 15. EMU A SSOCIATIONS IN I NDIA  Indian Emu Association, Hyderabad  National Emu Association, Mumbai  Maha Emu Association, Baramati, Maharashtra  Emu Farmer Association, Pune DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  16. 16. Establishment of Emu Farm DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  17. 17. R EQUIREMENT OF EMU PAIR IN FOR ESTABLISHMENT FARM FOR MINIMUM 10 A NAND Land: For minimum 10 pairs of Emu (20 birds) minimum land requirement of land is 100X50 sq ft. land. This land requirement is for mature emus. The land requirement is same for emu chicks because they require space for running for their better growth. Fencing and small shelter :Fencing should be of welded wire or should be chain link with opening of (2 inch X 2 inch) non climbing wire. The height of fence should be 6 feet.  Normally in India two types of Emu pen (fencing) have been observed. 1. One pair per pen = size (10X50) square feet 2. Colony pen= size (50X100) square feet for 10 pairs=5000 square feet.  The size of shelter can be of 200 to 400 sq feet for 10 pairs. Which can be made of coconut leaves or asbestos sheet or plastic sheet. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  18. 18. C ONT …  Water :Mature Emu needs 4-6 liter of clean water daily, one should make sure that a bird have access to clean fresh drinking water as daily water intake for each bird is most crucial for proper feed utilization and feed digestion  Feed : Emu need balanced diet for their proper growth and reproduction, in commercial farms average feed intake per Emu is 450g to 900 g. daily depends on breeding and non-breeding seasons. Emu eats Fruits, flowers, insects, seeds and green vegetables, stone, shell etc. Emu require 3 times food per day. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  19. 19. C ONT …  Incubation and hatching facility :The incubation period of Emu eggs is 48 to 52 days. Length and successful incubation is greatly influenced by maintaining proper temperature and humidity in the incubator.  Labour: Single person can handle up to 100-400 of Emu birds. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  20. 20. F INANCIAL ASSISTANCE  With a view to diversify poultry industry, the Centre has launched Poultry Venture Capital Fund. "As part of this scheme, 50 per cent of the loan availed from banks is interest-free, once emu-farming project is approved by NABARD.  For obtaining bank loan, the farmer should apply to the nearest branch of a Commercial or Cooperative or Regional Rural Banks in their area in the prescribed forms which is available in the branches of financing banks.  Minimum 15% of down payment has been considered to be collected from the beneficiaries and maximum 85% of total finance outlay is considered as bank loan. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  21. 21. R EPAYMENT OF LOAN  The loan can be repaid within 7 years in suitable monthly installments(6 installment /year) during October to march only.  The project report should be attached with land/ property paper (7/12 *8A) training certificate, buy back guarantee or agreement. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  22. 22. (A)F IXED CAPITAL INVESTMENT FOR 10 PAIRS Fixed Capital investment Rate(INR)/unit Total amount (INR) Fencing (1800 sq feet) 20 36000 Emu shelter 3 month old bird, (vaccinated ,gender checked) 10000 6000 60000 Feed and water post 5000 Water source (tube well) 60,000 Insurance of birds 7% 4,200 Emu transportation cost 16000 Total 1,91,200 DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  23. 23. ( B )W ORKING CAPITAL FOR INITIAL 15 MONTH First 15 month working Rate (INR)/unit capital Total (INR) Labour charge 2000/month 30,000 Average feed 600 g per 18/kg bird per day; per month cost =(30x20x0.600) 6480/month 97,200 Per bird per month cost 324/bird per month --- Consulting charges 45,000 3000/month Vitamin, medicine etc 5,000 Total 1,77,200 Total capital requirement= A+B =3,68,400/- INR DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  24. 24. A NNUAL RECURRING EXPENSES FOR 10 PAIR OF EMU Particular First 15 months 2nd year 12 months 3rd year 12 months 4th year 12 months 5th year 12 months 6th year 12 months Feeding charges(INR) 97200 97200 97200 97200 97200 97200 Labour charges(INR) 30000 24000 24000 24000 24000 24000 Other misc expenses (vitamin, mineral etc) (INR) 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 Total (INR) 1,32,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  25. 25. A NNUAL I NCOME FROM PROJECT particulars 1st year Sale of eggs@ 1200 per egg; 15 eggs by each pair=150 egg from 1st laying year .(INR) 1,80,000 20 eggs by each pair=200 egg from 2nd laying year (INR) 30 eggs by each pair=300 egg from 3rd laying year (INR) 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 6th year 2,40,000 3,60,000 35 eggs by each pair=350 egg from 4th laying year (INR) 40 eggs by each pair=400 egg from 5th laying year(INR) 40 eggs by each pair=400 egg from 6th laying year (INR) Total income from 1st to 6th year is 21,60,000/- INR Value of live bird =45000x10 =4,50,000/- INR DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB Total =26,10,000/- INR 4,20,000 4,80,000 4,80,000
  26. 26. A NNUAL PROFIT Particular 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 6th year Total annual income 1,80,000 2,40,000 3,60,000 4,20,000 4,80,000 4,80,000 Total annual recurring expenses 1,32,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 1,26,200 Annual gross surplus 47,800 1,13,800 2,33,800 2,93,800 3,53,800 3,53,800 Total gross profit in laying years =13,96,000 /- INR Live birds value =4,50,000 /- INR Total =18,46,000 /- INR DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  27. 27. M ARKET FOR EMU PRODUCTS  The Emu Market in India is very fragmented and there is very little access to information about buying or selling of Emus and their products.  The main market for Emu meat, oil and eggs are Maharashtra, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh , Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab and Andaman Nicobar.  The market for Emu products is in developing stage  Currently there is no such market available for Emu products in Gujarat except egg and chicks  The current scenario is that of buy back of eggs and selling of chicks. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  28. 28. FUTURE DEVELOPEMENT  Emu feed industry.  Emu oil based industry .  Emu feather industry.  Emu leather industry. DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  29. 29. CONCLUSION  For the farmers having less land(1 vigha or less) or having land in small parts can establish emu farm, labour requirement is very less as well as it is profitable business. Scope of Emu farming is very bright in Gujarat.  Setu seva emu farm provides consultancy for establishment of the project.  The key step for increased egg and bird production is GOOD FEED management and GOOD FARM ENVIRONMENT with good Farmed birds DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  30. 30. R EFERENCES  Dr Esakkimuthu V., Dr Srinivasa T., Dr. sethuraman B.,(2008) “Emu farming : status and Challenges”, Technical digest issue 11, january 2008, NABARD  http://www.agricultureinformation.com/forums/questionsanswers/84020-emu-farming-profitable-business-2.html accessed on 20/04/2013  www.emugujarat.com accessed on 01/04/2013  www.emufarmstamilnadu.com/emu-farming-projectreport.html accessed on 04/04/2013  http://www.emufarmingindia.com/buy_and_sell.html accessed on 29/04/2013  www.tallbirdemu.com accessed on 25/04/2013 DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB
  31. 31. Thank you DHAVAL K PADHIYAR MBA-IAB