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One night @ the call center.

  1. 1. Batch : 2018-20 Email : Submitted to : Department of English, MK Bhavnagar University. Group Task
  2. 2. • Introduction by Nasim • Key Facts, Character Analysis, Translation and Movie on on@tcc by Dhaval • Plot Overview by Richa • Themes & Symbols by Alisha and Mansi • Various Interpretations, Issues, and Bibliography Records by Minkal Index
  3. 3. Chetan Bhagat is an Indian Author, Columnist, Screenwriter and Speaker. He was born on 22nd April 1974 in New Delhi. Chetan Bhagat is one of the most popular authors in the fiction category in recent times in India. Chetan Bhagat
  4. 4. Blockbuster novels Five Point Someone (2004) One Night @ the Call Center (2005) The 3 Mistakes Of My Life (2008) 2 States (2009) Revolution 2020 (2011) Half Girlfriend (2014) One Indian Girl (2016). Three non-fictions What Young India Wants (2012) Making India Awesome(2015) India Positive (2019). Famous collections of his works are
  5. 5. • Full title: One Night @ the Call Center • Author: Chetan Bhagat • Type of work: Novel • Genre: Humour, Fiction, Romance novel • Language: English • Date of first publication: October 2005
  6. 6. • Full title: One Night @ the Call Center • Author: Chetan Bhagat • Type of work: Novel • Genre: Humour, Fiction, Romance novel • Language: English • Date of first publication: October 2005 • Publisher: Rupa & Co • Narrator: Shyam who narrates the whole story. First Person Narration - through Shyam’s perspective which seems to be author’s perspective also. • Point of view: The narrator speaks in third person though occasionally he speaks in first person and voices his thoughts and feelings Key Facts
  7. 7. • Tone: Straightforward and mysterious • Tense: Past, and present • Setting (time): 21st century • Setting (place): Gurgaon, Haryana. • Protagonist: Shyam and Vroom • Major conflict: When Shyam and Vroom were cheated by Bakshi, Priyanka was cheated by Ganesh and almost all other characters were cheated by one-another • Rising action: Shyam recalls his memory by hearing the words related with his past relationship with Priyanka Continue
  8. 8. •Climax: When God interferes in the matter of all the major characters. • Falling action: When all the major characters changed their mind and tried to hear their inner call. • Themes: cognizance, Nationalism, call from the God • Motifs: Call • Symbols: God, knitting the scarf, cigarette • Foreshadowing: The breakdown of the connection in call center suggests the comingconflict in the characters’ lives. Continue
  9. 9. Shyam Mehra (Sam) (Narrator) Priyanka Sinha Varun Malhotra(Vroom,Victor Mell) Esha Singh (Eliza) Military Uncle Radhika Jha (Regina Jones) God as a character
  10. 10. Shyam Mehra The narrator and the most important character of the book. Hero of the novel along with his close friend Varun. He is a person, who lack self-confidence. Priyanka An intelligent and a practical girl who is too pre-occupied with her mother who was an extremely important person to her Compromise- love.
  11. 11. Varun Malhotra Rationalist, Who like to watch News channel like NDTV. He loves speed and wheels. He is the most carefree person in the book but sometime he in stressful life because of his parents. In the end he starts his own web based company. Esha Singh She wants to become a model but she faced hurdles because of short heights. In the end she joined one N.G.O. She taken all the steps to be model and Guilt what she has done to be a model.
  12. 12. Radhika Jha Caring and Hard working girl. She had married her husband against her parents but cheated by her husband. Military Uncle Loneliness (Live alone) He works at the call center to earn some extra money apart from the pension that he gets.
  13. 13. Translation and Movie on ON@CC કોલ-સેન્ટરની એ રાત અનુવાદ: સુધા નિખિલ મહેતા વર્ષ : 2007 Hello (हैलो) Film by Atul Agnihotri 10 Oct 2008
  14. 14. Star Cast Sharman Joshi as Shyam Mehra (Sam) Sohail Khan as Varun Anand (Vroom/Victor) Gul Panag as Priyanka Saxena(Pearl) Isha Koppikar as Esha Malhotra (Elizabeth) Amrita Arora as Radhika Jha (Rebecca) Sharat Saxena as Military Uncle- Col.Arvind Tripathi Dalip Tahil as Bakshi Anusha Dandekar as Shefali Arbaaz Khan as Anuj Jha Rishi Nijhawan as Ganesh Suresh Menon as System's guy- Lokesh Chandaramani(Loki) Salman Khan as Himself (Special Appearance) Katrina Kaif as Mysterious Storyteller-Angel of God
  15. 15. Star Cast
  16. 16. Compare/Contrast of a novel ‘ON@CC’ with a Film ‘Hello’ Beginning Characters Work and Boss Tricks Relationships End
  17. 17. • Nationalism • Modernization • Globalization • Cognizance • Phone call from God • Deus ex Machina • Human Relations, Love , Sex, and Marriage Theme of ON@CC
  18. 18. Cyberpunk Cyberpunk plot spins around conflict among artificial intelligence, hackers and Mega Corporations E-Mail, “Operation Yankee fear” – MS Word, Characters dealing with Bug,Email, FM radio, Copmuter, Email, Internet
  19. 19. Self-help book Improvement: Moral lessons, solution of problems, helps in building personal philosophy Representation of young generation’s problems that followed by solutions as well Intention to instruct readers God’s message  A medium amount of intelligence  A bit of imagination Self- confidence Facing, suffering problems
  20. 20. Mannepean Satire Reflection of real society Reflects the real situation of people rather than to create illusion Cricise of society: Bossim Power, god making a call, Priyanka: Profession is important than family Characteristics More comic than Socratic dialogue  Use of fantasy, manipulation of perspective Full of contradictory behaviour and characters
  21. 21. Popular Literature Tries to define the problems of young modern Indian generation  love and break up Politics Highlights the problem of middle class Problems of unemployment Language is lucid and easy to understand
  22. 22. Issues Colonialism: Bossim America: White World India: Third world Supernatural influence: Call from God Interrelationship sentiments Social issues: Extra Marital affairs Psychological issues: instillation of stress due to modern life style.
  23. 23. An Annotated Bibliography
  24. 24. Gayathridevi, A. “Social Concepts: A study & analysis of Chetan Bhagat’s one night @ the call centre and Revolution 2020.” International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology (2017): 3. bhagats-one-night-the-call-centre-and-revolution-2020 This research paper deals with present resent scenario of burning social issues being taken as main concepts of Chetan Bhagat’s writings. In this novel One Night @ Call Centre, he speaks about social dowry system through the character of Priyanka who stand against the very tradition of dowry system. He also talks about Radhika who marries Arjun and after that she burdens her to look after at his father like a good daughter-in-law. In such way Chetan Bhagat deals with social mindset of people towards a good women.
  25. 25. Tharoor, Shashi. “India Finds It’s Calling : One Night @ Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat.” India Finds It’s Calling. Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, LLC, 2006. It is a worth reading article by Shahshi Tharror, here he reviewed Chetan Bhagat’s Novel . The main fact pointed out is that, “The author sees call centres as soul-destroying sweatshops, soaking up the energies of young Indians who could be doing better for themselves and their country.” In a way he praised detailed observation done by Chetan Bhagat about younger generation and their problmes.
  26. 26. Avula, B Karuna and Pavaniasidhar. "CORPORATE EXPLOITATION IN CHETAN BHAGAT'S ONE NIGHT @ CALL CENTRE." Impact Factor (JCC): 1.5429- This article can be downloaded from CORPORATE EXPLOITATION IN CHETAN BHAGAT’S ONE NIGHT @ CALL CENTRE B.KARUNA1 ( Impact Factor (JCC): 1.5429- This article can be downloaded from CORPORATE EXPLOITATION IN CHETAN BHAGAT’S ONE NIGHT @ CALL CENTRE B.KARUNA1 & PAVANI SASIDHAR A2 1Associate Professor, Acharya Nagarjuna Universid). _IN_CHETAN_BHAGAT'S_ONE_NIGHT_CALL_CENTRE This article aims to represent the living ambience in society with various perspectives such as social, religious, economic and so on. In the novel we can figure out how Chetan Bhagat used characters to bring out these factors. It showcases how the boss of the call centre addresses all the call centre employees as resource rather than human beings. The writer also deals with God as the preserver of our faith when these employees received a call from god and tried to make them out of stress by keeping all the Psychological stress aside.
  27. 27. Pandya, Nishant B. "CHARACTERS @ THE CALL CENTRE IN CHETAN BHAGAT’S ONE NIGHT @ THE CALL CENTRE." Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies (2017): 9. This research paper deals with most striking features of Chetan Bhagat’s novel. In this work he depicts the transformations of young generation or their journey from traditional point of views to modern one. In this novel, he shows this changing phase of society by his characters or with the life of call centre employees. Chetan Bhagat has portrayed the Indian Youth with all their dreams, aspirations, traumas, and turmoil with special reference to One Night @ the Call Centre
  28. 28. Dr. Vadivelraja, R. "SOCIO-SCIENTIFIC ISSUES AS FOUND IN CHETAN BHAGAT’S “ONE NIGHT @ THE CALL CENTER”." International Journal of Development Research (2016): 4. bhagat%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Cone-night-call-center%E2%80%9D This research paper deals with the role of Socio-Scientific issue in the novel ON@TCC. It is said that science fiction is a literature of change, in the same manner Chetan Bhagat mirrors this changing phase of society in his novel and how they have had to face greater psychological issues, hurting relation sentiments and how the exploitation of employees could be done on the name of Globalization.
  29. 29. Lajwani, Raj. One Night @ The Call Centre 28 10 2005. <>. In this one, Chetan Bhagat was interviewed by Raj Lajwani, particularly Chetan Bhagat talked about his inspiration behind writing this novel is of the lifestyle of his sisters-in-law and cousins who worked at call centre. Their life began when the whole world is going to sleep. This is the fact which fascinated Chetan Bhagat as well he also talked on phone calls from god.
  30. 30. R.Pandya, Dr.Sachinkumar. ""THE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN CHETAN BHAGAT'S NOVELS"." (2015): 3. The very much striking features of Chetan Bhagat’s novel is that his writing is more feminine than masculine. In this novel One Night @the Call Centre, he also represents women as they have their abilities and own intellect. For instance, Esha who exists in Delhi leaving her home in order to become model.
  31. 31. Mukerjee, Amit. book excerptise. 11 5 2015 < at.html>. at.html This is a one of review by above mentioned website, which is mainly about marketing strategy or about the reason behind the what makes a novel best-seller. This site provides information the genesis of the novel .
  32. 32. “One Night @ Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat – A Mystic call..” HUMANDISTA ACADEMY . 27 December 2017. < chetan-bhagat/>. bhagat/ This resource deals with most amazing features of novel; call from God (Deux ex Machina. However this particular episode from novel get various interpretation of its reader. Some readers find it unique or funny while other find it as a source to look back at the life and boost their life with God’s call.
  33. 33. Debraski, Paul. Chetan Bhagat–One Night @ the Call Center (2005). 16 December 2008. < bhagat-one-night-the-call-center-2005/>. bhagat-one-night-the-call-center-2005/ In this one there is an interesting review on ON@TCC. And also talks on overall plot of the novel and on Microsoft bugs. As well as it several issue of employees were also mentioned in this.
  34. 34. Quiz 1) Chetan Bhagat’s “One Night @ the Call Centre” was first published in which year? (A) October,2005 (B) June,2005 (C) November,2005 (D) January’2005 2) Who is the narrator in ON@TCC? (A) Varun Malhotra (B) Esha Singh (C) Shyam Mehra (D) Radhika Jha (3) ON@TCC opens in a very dramatic way on over the journey in the winter from _to_. (A) Mubai to Delhi (B) Kanpur to Delhi (C) Delhi to Kanpur (D) Delhi to Mumbai
  35. 35. Quiz (4) Chetan Bhagat’s ON@TCC is a portrayal of young India and their problems in the rapid developing era, in order to justify the central focus of the novel; it deals with various themes. Can you identify it? (A) Cognizance (B) Human relations, Love, Sex and Marriage (C)Deux ex Machina (D) Modernization (E) Globalization (F) All of the above 5) While reading the novel, we came across the surname of Priyanka; from the following which can be called as Priyanka’s surname? (A) Sinha (B) Mehra (C) Singh (D) Malhotra
  36. 36. Quiz 6) ONE@TCC is also categorized as a self-help book; in the starting of the novel, it asks to fill up the worksheet. Find out the things which are mentioned in the worksheet. (A) One thing you fear (B) One thing that makes you angry (C) One thing you don’t like about yourself (D) A and B are correct (E) All of the above 7) The ON@TCC is revolved around six call center employees, in their bay, they deal with customers of home appliances. The name of their bay is “Western Appliance Strategic Group” or “WASG”. (A) True (B) False 8) The novel deals with Manippean satire and presents the dark humor of society, in the novel we have a rebellious character who satirized on politicians and wrote an article names as “Why don’t politician ever commit suicide?” Identify the name of the character. (A) Varun Malhotra/ Vroom, Victor Mell (B) Shyam Malhotra/ Sam Marcy (C) Radhika/Regina Jones (D) Esha Sing/ Eliza Singer
  37. 37. Quiz 9) “Hello” is a movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s ONE@TCC and it was directed by Atul Agnihotri. Is it right or wrong? (A) Right (B) Wrong 10) At the end of the novel who started web designing company? (A) Shyam and Priyanka (B) Varun and Priyanka (C) Esha and Varun (D) Shyam and Varun 11) At the end of the novel Radhika applied for the legal course for divorce, Esha started to work for NGO charity while Military Uncle joined his son and grandson. (A) True (B) False
  38. 38. Quiz Short Questions 1) Analyze the theme of Deux Ex Macina in ON@TCC. 2) How far ON@TCC is it categorized as popular literature? 3) Write a brief note on the theme of Globalization and Modernization in Chetan Bhagat’s ONE@TCC. 4) Write your views on a character study of Shyam Mehra. 5) How far the novel deals with the notion of nationalism? Write your brief understanding about it. Long Questions 1) The novel is also known as the ‘Self-help’ book. Illustrate it with reference to the worksheet given in the beginning of the novel. 2) Illustrate your ideas on the characterization in the ON@TCC by Chetan Bhagat. 3) How far you agree that Chetan Bhagat supports the women empowerment in the novel?
  39. 39. Citation Works Cited Bhagat, Chetan. "One night @ the call center." Bhagat, Chetan. One night @ the call center. New Delhi: Rupa. Co, 2005. 289. Bhagat, Chetan. "One night @ the call center." મહેતા, સુધા નિખિલ. કોલ-સેન્ટરિી એ રાત. અમદાવાદ: મુદ્રા ઓફસેટ, 2007. 285. Hello. Dir. Agnihotri, Atul. Perf. Katrina Kaif,Sharman Joshi,Sohail Khan,Isha Koppikar,Gul Panag,Amrita Arora,Sharat Saxena,Anusha Dhandekar,Arbaaz Khan Salmankhan. 2008. Kurian, Tini. One night at the call center. CHARACTERS IN A NUTSHELL. 06 December 2010. 07 December 2019 < in.html>.