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Ignited minds

  1. 1. I am writing this book to make my young leaders hear a voice that says… ‘Start Moving’
  2. 2. Dreams…Dreams… Dreams…Dreams Transform IntoThoughtsAnd Thoughts Result In Action.
  3. 3. This book is all about breaking away from the forces that would prefer us to remain a nation of a billion people selling a cheap labor and raw materials and proving a large market for goods & services of other nations. …Rather we the Indians are to lead the rest of world
  4. 4. Thinking is the capital Enterprise is the way Hard work is Solution
  5. 5. We must change tracks. It is imperative that our policy making become more responsive and efficient so that the silent entrepreneurship is liberated. Keyto that is better coordination among the various department, rather than emphasis on priorities according to the preferences of individual departments.
  6. 6.  Where do we get a role model from, how do you get a role model? Who are terrorist? Do they belong to our country? Why dreams? Why cannot water from the Brahmaputra, which is in flood much of the time, be diverted to Rajasthan or TamilNadu which are starved of water? Big leaders in any field don’t come. Why ? In Jharkhand, it is green everywhere. Why is it we have a desert in Rajasthan? Tell me sir, are Pakistani weapons stronger than Indian ones?
  7. 7. …What we lack is perhaps courage, what we lack is perhaps driving force, which takes one anywhere.…We have, I think, developed an inferiority complex. …What is needed in India today is the destruction of that defeatist spirit.
  8. 8.  …two important needs…1. Prosperity through wealth generation &2. Cherishing the value system of the peopleThe combination of these two will make the nation truly strong and prospers.
  9. 9. It is combination of … the progressiveness of industry, the push for improved technology and the status of governmental deregulation. In terms of over all GDP size – 12th In terms of per capita GDP – 57THTHE TARGET SHOULD BE OF FOURTH OR FIFTH IN YEAR 2020
  10. 10. We need to adapt the implementation of our program and policies into a MISSION MODE to succeed. Progress cannot be swift and far-reaching if the path is full of potholes. The abundant national resources, human and material, remain to be fully utilized.
  11. 11.  Human mind gets ignited and challenges throw up opportunities…if there is something at stake. i.e. exam Once one selects a task, one should get immersed in it. Either you will succeed or fail, that risk will always be there. This should not deter you. When you fail, you still have the experience gained to draw upon in the future.
  12. 12. Start by risking your own position for a mission. “Either I deliver or I go”Prepare yourself for the endeavor. With effort and perseverance you will succeed.There is always a risk involved when we venture into something new.After all, the process of birth itself is a risky affair…
  13. 13. …once the man reported that there was a shortage of few paisa in the money handed over to him and the amount informed to Gandhiji previous night. Gandhiji on hearing this was so upset that he went on fast saying that, “this is the poor man’s donation and we have no business to loose any of it.” This episode is unique example of Transparency in public life…We should all, particularly the young generation, should launch a movement for Transparent India. Transparency is the corner stone of development.
  14. 14. The second vision of the nation will bring about a renaissance to the nation.The task of casting a strong India is in the hands of a visionary political leadership
  15. 15.  The developed India will not be a nation of cities. It will be a network of prosperous villages empowered by telemedicine, tele-educaton & e-commerce. The new India will emerge out of the combination of biotechnology, biosciences and agriculture sciences and industrial development. The political leaders would be working with the zeal born of knowledge that the nation is bigger than individual interests and political parties. This attitude will lead to minimizing the rural-urban divide as progress takes place in the countryside and urbanites move to rural areas to absorb the best of what nature can give in the form of product & wealth
  16. 16.  The most important and urgent task before our leadership is to get all the forces for constructive change together and deploy them in a mission mode. India is a country of one billion people with numerous religions and communities. It offers a wide spectrum of ideologies, besides its geographic diversity. However, fragmented thinking, compartmentalized planning and isolated efforts are not yielding results. The people have come together to create a harmonious India.
  17. 17. Students should get ready to TRANSFORM India into a developed nation. Ignite your mind and think big.
  18. 18. Give up Your Drop,Become The ocean.
  19. 19. Ignited minds Dharmesh Bhadja Kaushal Joshi Initiated by A P J Kalam