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Fullerene solutions


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Fullerene solutions

  1. 1. Fullerene Solutions is a growing knowledge-based outsourcing organization.. Techno - Business Consulting & Custom Application Development organization, run by the Students and Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology. We focus on high quality, commitment to deadlines and low-cost services. We aim to be the consultant of choice for the leading businesses, the government, and institutions worldwide. We are committed to building a relationship with our clients that will ensure satisfaction and measurable results. We provide services for Development and Growth Strategy, Market Research and Analysis, Business Consulting, Custom Application Development, Enterprise Integration Solutions, Solving Industrial Problems for emerging Think Unique. Think Fullerene. businesses/entrepreneurs. fountain Our vision is to be agents of change for the leading business organizations, entrepreneurs and government organizations — for our clients, our people, and society broadly. Our mission is to provide our clients and partners with the technology, business consulting and market research necessary to endow them with the competitive advantage that is essential for their continued growth. Our Values:  Quality work  Long term thinking  Unique thought and working  Innovation  Full Customer satisfaction  Share and CareThink Unique. Think Fullerene.
  2. 2. Our Expertise AreasWe at Fullerene are oriented at providing in-depth insights to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for their growth andmarketing strategy. We look at the businesses as an integrated process and differentiate them into their smaller elements tilleach element is analyzed to its full depth and all of the possible problems are identified. Then, we rectify problems related toMarketing Research, Technical Consulting, Application Development and ERP Solutions. We help organizations to fundamentallyimprove their value by taking decisions regarding their strategy, technology, operations, organizational change and plan fortheir future. Custom Enterprise Application Integration Development Solutions Techno – Market Entry Business and Consulting Segmentation Research Think Unique. Think Fullerene.
  3. 3. Custom Application DevelopmentFullerene Solutions provides custom application development solutions tolarge established organization to small startups or entrepreneurs for theircustom business need. Every business has its own unique requirement,which is not fulfilled by clichéd solutions like custom business flow,technology and firmware integration, etc.We develop and integrate a wide range of customized business solutions forour clients. We have outstanding experience in custom database relatedapplication development, online, desktop and distributed server client applications etc. Web Based Custom Applications Flash & Multimedia Application  Distributed Applications  Flash applications (Chat box, Live Help etc.)  Component Development  Flash Intros, Headers  Client / Server Applications  Flex / Action Script 2/3  Web Enabling Legacy System  Multimedia design  Middle Tier Application Development  Flash Product Demos  Intranet / Extranet Application Service  Multimedia presentation design  Mobile Applications / PDA Applications  Flash Based Web Site Designing  Shopping Cart Setup, Installation & Customization  Flash Web Application Interfaces  Ecommerce Application Development  Banner design for website  Email Automation, Control and Filtering Software Think Unique. Think Fullerene.
  4. 4. Enterprise Integration Solutions (EIS)EIS provide a technology platform that enables organizations tointegrate and coordinate their business processes. It provides asingle central system to the organization and ensures thatinformation can be shared across all functional levels andmanagement hierarchies. Enterprise systems are invaluable ineliminating the problem of information fragmentation caused bymultiple information systems in an organization, by creating astandard data structure.Fullerene Solutions help you extend the value of your enterpriseapplication. Our Integrator, Accelerator services enable you tointegrate additional value-added ERP software solutions thataddress specific needs. In order to enable true, enterprise-scalebusiness intelligence, companies must be able to seamlessly bringtogether various systems, information, and processes from acrossand beyond the organization. Serving the needs of both business stakeholders and enterprise architects requires a practical approach to enterprise integration and service oriented design. Enterprise architects are increasingly important in business organizations; they develop, communicate, and enforce a vision that leverages technology investments across all solutions and components. They also ensure that solutions support the organizations approach to service orientation and software reuse. Our Enterprise Integration Solutions help expand your market reach and improve interaction with customers, making it easier for them to do business with you Think Unique. Think Fullerene.
  5. 5. Market Entry & SegmentationWell-developed Marketing Plans are invaluable to marketing success.Choosing the best way to enter a market is not a simple task. Timingalso matters while making entry to the market. There is no singlestrategy to fit all companies, products and markets. Differentcompanies according to their needs and customization of theirproducts and service level have different needs and hence adoptdifferent market strategies.Fullerene provides strategies for the entry in the market based on thecustomer’s requirement by developing relevant macro-economicinformation on regional and country markets, assessing the targetmarket and its prospects, analyzing future technological andcommercial threats, evaluating the existing supply situation andcompetitive environment, identifying and evaluatingopportunities/prospects for a new supplier. Our consultants carry it outat different levels.We cater to marketing research & segmentation in:  Privately owned and operated businesses  Service and Health Care marketing  Manufacturing Industry marketing  Leadership and Non-Profit organizations  Educational sector •Croporate business •Social platform Level •online search •Strategic Business engines unit level Social Corporate Marketing Marketing Sector Community based based Marketing marketing • Industry •Locality & area •Product •People & community Think Unique. Think Fullerene.
  6. 6. Techno-Business Consulting Techno Business Consulting is more than just a good advice.Technical Consulting is a common sense approach to better business! As atechno-business consulting organization, it is our goal to provide you withthe knowledge, skills, and training to make your commercial operation asefficient, cost-effective and profitable.By offering an India based consulting solution we are providing a dedicatedteam, mature processes, increased speed to market, sound projectmanagement and quality IT consulting all at a very low cost to you, thecustomer. Choice of market type and launching a new product in the relevant market to one’s customers is one of the most crucial choices that every organization needs to make. They need to know the exact market trend, the target market, customer segment to focus on, know-how about competitors and what they are offering the customers and the list goes on. Our consultants help business organizations, entrepreneurs & government organizations in providing innovative solutions for and improvising their operations, supply chain strategy, customer segment, project management and financial analysis to improve their EBIT (Earnings Before Income & Taxes) by conducting feasibility studies. Our consultants are highly competent. They use their personal skills to make the changes happen. They can help you to measure the performance of your business and systematically proliferate it.These services are offered either as self-contained activities or as part of a full transformation lifecycle, including solutiondelivery, implementation and support. Recognizing that every client is unique our consultants work collaboratively andsympathetically, adhering at all times to agree terms of reference. Think Unique. Think Fullerene.
  7. 7. Our Team Kinshuk Bairagi is a B. Tech, Electronics & Electrical Engineering. He is rated as one of the best programmer at IIT Kharagpur. He has built countless web sites and custom applications, including web-based data gathering systems and fully-bore mobile based business applications. He has also helped nonprofit organizations build searchable database systems to share grant information with the public. He is a troubleshooting master; currently administering various projects globally. He believes in developing complete solutions for our clients. He believes to transform the world through the use of technology.Layak Singh is a B. Tech, Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. His work atstartups helped him gain business management and leadership qualities. He has beena mentor to many students all over the nation. He was also the backbone in thebuilding up of the IIT Kharagpur chapter of SAE, India. He also co-authored the bookConcept-Maps, the first of its kind in India to help students emphasize on key conceptsin IIT-JEE. His experience at IOCL, DRDO, Lemon Fresh Solutions Ltd. His diverseinterests lie in strategy planning, technology development, manufacturing, digitalmarketing, leadership and career counseling. Nikhil Kaushik is a B. Tech, Mechanical Engineering. He has good academic track record and professional experience. His experience at Amway, ICICI Prudential Ltd, BDL, Sona Steerings Limited has given him an ample understanding of various sectors of businesses viz. finance, marketing, manufacturing and business development. He has mentored students at various platforms, be it web based platforms or real-world coaching institutes for IIT-JEE. He has also co-authored the book Concept-Maps, the first of its kind in India to help students emphasize on key concepts in IIT-JEE. His has also been a part of various extra-academic activities like dramatics, choreography and sports & games both at school and college level. Mr. T. Sahoo (Sr. Mgr, IOCL) Prof. S Deb (Mech. Engg, IIT Kharagpur) Mr. S Panigrahi (Infratab, California) Think Unique. Think Fullerene.
  8. 8. How We Are DifferentOur Team: A dynamic team of Unique Approach: We follow anaccomplished developers, innovative Integrated and Differentiatedthinkers and technical analysts; fully Approach, where we consider thededicated to do whatever it takes to problem as an integrated one, but wemake your business stronger and differentiate for solving it element bymore profit-oriented. Our unique element and integrate it again toapproach and our skilled man-force obtain the complete solution. Wetake full advantage of the technical consider your problem as ourdomain knowledge that they have and problem. We believe in working withoperational discipline. the clients considering them as our meet your objectives. And as a friends while at the same time privately owned, independentExperts: Equipped young and ardent maintaining a professional relationship company, we have no predeterminedstudents and alumni from IIT, the as the problem-solver so as not to technologies or suppliers with whommost recognized and prestigious jeopardize the problem-solving. By you must work, or canned solutionsinstitute in India and IITians, the best working in this way, we develop long- we recycle for client after client.brains in India, and recognized by term satisfying relationships with the Targeted analysis: Once weuniversities all over the world, clients. understand your goals and theFullerene is a firm which combines requirements of the project, we tailortechnical excellence and expertise in Highly Motivated: We are motivated our team to focus the right mix ofits specific fields to help organizations and committed to do whatever it skills and talents on the job. This teamachieve higher efficiency and sustain a takes to solve your business related then applies rigorous and insightfullong term growth in the market. problem. It is our business to make analysis to further define the issues yours grow bigger. The clients and develop solutions.Out-of-box Thinking: We endeavor to satisfaction is our success definition. Superior focus: We’ve learned thatensure that creativity & innovation are the best way to generate additionalnot merely countersigns but also Clients: Having served clients both business is to exceed our clients’implemented in resolving the most nationally & globally, Fullerene is expectations. That’s why we focus oncomplex issues. Whether we are highly capable of handling projects the task at hand, concentrating fullydeveloping network distribution and delivering the best Solutions. on the implementation rather thanstrategies or charting growth developing opportunities for more Honest objectivity: Professionalism, work.strategies or conducting a gap consistency, timeliness, and carefully As a result, clients learn that we createanalysis, we ensure that our creative, Sustainable solutions that integrate controlled budgets—these are theout-of-the-box solutions provide our core attributes of every client with their businesses long after theclients with the additional value that engagement. Throughout each project ends.our expertise and experience is project, we verify and document theexpected to deliver. scope and progress to make sure we Think Unique. Think Fullerene.
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