Create and Schedule scenario with ODI 11g


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Steps for creating and scheduling scenario with ODI 11g.

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Create and Schedule scenario with ODI 11g

  1. 1. Generating and Scheduling Scenario with ODI 11gGenerate Scenario with ODI 11gIn order to create a new Scenario with ODI, you need to perform the following steps: Go to Start > Programs > Oracle > Oracle Data Integrator > ODI Studio . Select DSBWR13 from the Login Name drop-down. Enter SUPERVISOR in the User field and password in the Password field. Click OK to login. Expand the Pop.FFtoRT interface and expand Scenarios. Right-click the Pop.FFtoRT interface and then click Generate Scenario as shown in the following screenshot.
  2. 2. Scheduling the ODI ScenarioTo schedule the scenario with ODI Agent, perform the following steps: In Topology Navigator, open: Physical Architecture > Agents > DemoAgent. Click Test to verify connection to ODI agent, as shown below.
  3. 3. Expand the Pop.FFtoRT interface. Expand Scenarios > POP_FFTORT Version 001.Right-click Scheduling and select New Scheduling.
  4. 4. On the screen that follows, select the agent where the scheduled scenario will run: DemoAgent.Set Context as Global and log level to 5.Set Execution to Simple and click the button.Set the execution time and Click Save button.
  5. 5. Expand Scheduling and verify that the GLOBAL / DemoAgent entry is now inserted under Scheduling.
  6. 6. Open Topology Navigator to review the scheduling of the Agent. In the Physical architecture, expand theAgents node, double-click DemoAgent. On the DemoAgent screen, click Update Schedule.On the screen that follows, click OK. Click OK again.
  7. 7. Click the View Schedule button to see the screen containing the scheduling information.Verify Execution of Scheduled ODI ScenarioPerform the following steps, in order to verify execution of the scheduled scenario: Click the ODI Operator tab to open ODI Operator. In ODI Operator, click the Session List tab. Wait until scheduled execution time to view the execution results, and then click the Refresh icon.
  8. 8. Expand: Date > Today >, and view the execution results for the Pop.FFtoRT interface. Note theexecution time of this scenario. That is the time that you scheduled with ODI Agent.