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Business Management


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Business Management by Dr. S.B. Jambhulkar

Published in: Education
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Business Management

  1. 1. Dr.Shobha Jambhulkar Associate Professor  Department of Commerce
  2. 2. Natural resources are abundant in India. But they could not be explored to optimum utilisation. The root cause of this is lack of integration and co-ordination. The agency which undertakes this job of proper utilisation and optimum profitability of resources is called Management. Management is the art of getting things done by a group of people with the effective utilisation of available resources.
  3. 3.  Management is a distinct process consisting of planning , organising, staffing and controlling, performed to determine and accomplish stated objectives by use of human beings and other resources. --G.R.Terry Management is the art and the science of decision making and leadership. ----J.Clough
  4. 4. Management Creating favourable environment Getting the things done through and with people Directing people’s efforts for achievement of organisational goal Integration of men, material, machine and money Developing the people
  5. 5.  Business exists to satisfy the needs and wants of people, organisation and government. Market place MarketCustomers
  6. 6. Input Process Output
  7. 7. Land Rent Enterprise Profit Wages Labour Capital Interest Income
  8. 8. Human resources Marketing Accounting Production Finance
  9. 9. Top Level • Board of Directors President • Vice President Chief Executive Officer • Managing Director Middle level • Marketing Manager Production Manager • Finance manager Human Resource Manager Lower Level • Supervisor • Superintendent • Clerk
  10. 10. Primary Sector Producing raw material Secondary sector Carrying out manufacturing Tertiary sector • Providing sales and services
  11. 11. • Capital Investment • machinery • Underdeveloped • and large sector • Agriculture constitutes • (Major part)
  12. 12.  Business  Transport  Tourism  Government  Public Sector Services  Private sector services  Advanced  Traditional
  13. 13. Thank you