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Purvodaya 2017 Quizzard (Business Quiz) Finals, VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur


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The Finals of Business Quiz at Purvodaya 2017 ( VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur )
Dhanraj B

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Purvodaya 2017 Quizzard (Business Quiz) Finals, VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

  1. 1. PURVODAYA QUIZZARD Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur 3rd February 2017
  2. 2. Event Sponsor
  3. 3. ROUND 1 FILL IN THE BLANKS 1 Question, 6 blanks Written round +5 for each correct answer
  4. 4. ___U___ is a peri-cratonic passive margin basin is spread across 50,000 sq km in Andhra Pradesh. The first gas discovery in the basin was in 1983, in Rajole Well No 1, when ___V___ had a small office in Rajahmundry and Narsapur. The site ___W___-6 (D6) is where ___X___ discovered the biggest gas reserves in India. In government records, the 7,645 sq km block is known as KG-DWN-98/1. ___Y___ ( 48 inch uniform diameter (API 5L Grade X-70) across the entire trunk length of around 1375 km with wall thicknesses 17.2, 20.7 and 25.4 mm) is a project implemented to transport gas from Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) to Bharuch (Gujarat) including various spurs and interconnects on the way. The current gas source for EWPL is ___U___- D6 gas block.
  5. 5. “They are not India-Pakistan. They can easily merge together.” This was Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan talking about ___V___ and ___Z___. ___Z___’s proven reserves today are 1.1 tcf of gas in the ___U___, a fraction of the 20 tcf that was claimed in 2005. ___Z___ has spent nearly Rs. 20,000 crore on the Deen Dayal gas fields with little to show for it and was recently rapped by the CAG for the alleged 19,760-crore mess. Fill in all the blanks
  7. 7. U - Krishna-Godavari Basin V – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) W – Dhirubhai X – Reliance Industries Y – East West Gas Pipeline Z – Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC)
  8. 8. ROUND 2 INFINITE BOUNCE WITH POUNCE 8 Questions Clockwise +15/-15 on Pounce +15 on Bounce If no teams answer, next question to the next team
  9. 9. 1. X was founded by a group of eminent patriotic personalities to cater to the needs of small and medium business merchants in the Kolhapur- Sangli belt in August 1943 with branches in Kolhapur and Sangli. A majority of its business used to be sourced from cities in and around NH 4 (new NH 48) that connected some of the most populous cities. In July, 2010, Mr. Vishwavir Ahuja was inducted as the MD & CEO and the name was shortened to a version with the abbreviation of the original name. On August 31st, 2016, X was listed on the NSE and the BSE. The IPO was subscribed almost 70 times. What is X?
  10. 10. SAFETY SLIDE
  11. 11. 1. Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL)
  12. 12. 2. X was originally developed by Thomas Mayne in Sydney, Australia, in 1934 who launched it at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and is now marketed and sold in many countries around the world. The name was derived from the famous ancient athlete X of Croton, after his legendary strength. X is manufactured by evaporating the water content from a thick syrup at reduced pressure. The thick opaque syrup is obtained from malted wheat or barley. What is X?
  13. 13. SAFETY SLIDE
  14. 14. 2. MILO
  15. 15. 3. Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed laid the foundation of the X Dawakhana, in Delhi in 1906. In 1907, he came up with Y, his most popular product that is still popular more than a 100 years down the line. Following partition, the X Dawakhana was inaugurated in Karachi on June 19, 1948. In Dhaka, Bangladesh (then East Pakistan), X was established in 1953. Y is produced by X Laboratories (Waqf) in Pakistan and X (Wakf) Laboratories in India. In Pakistan, Y’s advertisements have long been appealing to Pakistanis’ patriotic spirit and is associated closely with fasting during Ramzan. Give me X and Y.
  16. 16. SAFETY SLIDE
  17. 17. 3. X – Hamdard Y – Rooh Afza
  18. 18. 4. Gianchand Chandumal Motwane founded the business which is now known as Motwane Private Limited as Eastern Electric & Trading Co. at Sukkur (Sind) in 1909. At first he imported flashlights from Germany. Later, he imported mobile power plants to supply electricity in Sind, and added telephones to his line of business. In 1912, he moved his headquarters to Karachi. Mr. Motwane opened in Bombay on 1st April 1919. He named this company X Telephone Supply Co. In 1926, he changed the name to X Telephone & Radio Co. Today, Motwane has a modern manufacturing plant at Bangalore and six offices in the country and deals in public address sound equipment. Notable for a 1950 newspaper advertisement featuring Jawaharlal Nehru, what is X?
  19. 19. SAFETY SLIDE
  20. 20. 4. Chicago
  21. 21. 5. The French collective Georgette Sand — named after the French novelist was one of the first to point out the issue in the pricing at Monoprix supermarket chain and had run a petition that had attracted more than 40,000 signatures. Tesco was charging £1 for certain packs of five twin-blade razors but they cut the price by approximately half in January 2017. Boots, a UK pharmacy chain, revised the prices on some products after shoppers launched an online petition in February 2016. Give me the popular term or Give Funda.
  22. 22. SAFETY SLIDE
  23. 23. 5. Pink Tax
  24. 24. 6. Sean Blagsvedt launched his career working at the White House with Internet Policy Czar–Ira Magaziner. He spent 9 years with Microsoft, owning Messenger Integration, Speech Recognition and Windows Vista’s IM experience. Setting up and helping found Microsoft Research India in 2004 was what brought Sean to India, what kept him here is another story. Sean received the Namma Bengaluru award for Best Foreign Resident in 2014. In 2007, What did Sean establish in India?
  25. 25. SAFETY SLIDE
  26. 26. 6. Babajob
  27. 27. 7. Kandathil Varghese Mappillai found X on 22 March 1890. He was succeeded at X by his nephew K. C. Mammen Mappillai. On his death, his eldest son took over who was in charge till his death in 1973 when K. C. Mammen Mappillai’s eighth son K M Mathew took over. K M Mathew started in 1940 as a planter in Chikmagalur where he joined a brother at the family owned Bhadra Estate. In those 7 years, he opened a balloon manufacturing facility in the estate premises but the factory was closed due to pollution. The machinery was transferred to Madras when his younger brother K. M. Mammen Mappillai started Y Limited. In 1947, K M Mathew shifted to Bombay where after spending seven years, K M Mathew moved to X where he stayed till his death in 2010. Give me X and Y.
  28. 28. SAFETY SLIDE
  29. 29. 7. X : Malayala Manorama Y: MRF
  30. 30. 8. Elizur Wright was an American mathematician described as the "father of Y X" in the US. He served as X commissioner for Massachusetts from 1858 to 1866. In 1852 a broker placed an advertising booklet in his hand. He perceived that no company could undertake to do what this one pretended to and remain solvent. On a visit to the Royal Exchange in London he witnessed old men auctioning off their Y X to investors after faithfully paying all their lives. Upon his return to America, he began campaigning for a cleanup of the Y X business. He devised a new formula known as the “accumulation formula,” and also invented and patented (1869) the “arithmeter,” a mechanical contrivance for multiplication and division, based on the logarithmic principle. Which industry ( Y X) did he thus regulate? (Pictures on next slide)
  31. 31. 8.
  32. 32. SAFETY SLIDE
  33. 33. 8. Life Insurance
  34. 34. ROUND 3 CONNECT 8 Questions Clockwise +15/-15 on Pounce +15 on Bounce If no teams answer, next question direct to the next team
  35. 35. 1.
  36. 36. SAFETY SLIDE
  37. 37. 1. Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud Kingdom Holding Company
  38. 38. 2.
  39. 39. SAFETY SLIDE
  40. 40. 2. Indian cricketers
  41. 41. 3.
  42. 42. SAFETY SLIDE
  43. 43. 3. Advertisements on Trump campaign or victory
  44. 44. 4.
  45. 45. SAFETY SLIDE
  46. 46. 4. Jeff Bezos (Alumnus of Princeton. Early investor in Google, bought the Washington Post, founder of Blue Origin)
  47. 47. 5.
  48. 48. SAFETY SLIDE
  49. 49. 5. Space Tourists: 1. Dennis Tito : Wilshire Associates 2. Mark Shuttleworth : Thawte 3. Gregory Olsen : Sensors Unlimited, Inc. 4. Anousheh Ansari : Telecom Technologies, Inc. acquired by Sonus Networks 5. Charles Simonyi: was head of Microsoft's application software group, he oversaw the creation of Microsoft Office 6. Richard Garriott : Origin Systems, Inc. 7. Guy Laliberté : Cirque du Soleil
  50. 50. 6.
  51. 51. SAFETY SLIDE
  52. 52. 6. Cornelius Vanderbilt John D. Rockefeller Andrew Carnegie J.P. Morgan Henry Ford The Men Who Built America
  53. 53. 7.
  54. 54. SAFETY SLIDE
  55. 55. 7. Luxottica (Leonardo Del Vecchio)
  56. 56. 8.
  57. 57. SAFETY SLIDE
  58. 58. 8. Leo Burnett Nitesh Tiwari , director of Dangal was Chief Creative Officer
  59. 59. ROUND 4 WRITTEN ROUND WITH DIFFICULT CONNECT 7 Questions Written Round +10 per correct answer Points for connect decreases every slide. Will be mentioned on the slide. Exchange sheets at the end of the round.
  60. 60. 1. Connect at +70/-35 The name B was first used in 1886 by an Oakland, California food distributor on premium coffee prepared for a Hotel with that name on the Monterrey peninsula. When 18 companies merged in 1898, the name B was given to one of the premium brands that were marketed. The fact that the brand was used for a certain product in 1892 has reflected in the design of the shield. The Shield was introduced in 1909 on the can labels.. Early ads in the 1920s assure customers that it is "Not a label, but a guarantee”. Calpak, the parent company changed its name to B Corporation in 1967. The Man From B remains one of the best-loved ad campaigns of the 1980s. In Ireland, the Unionist political slogan, "Ulster says no!" was mocked by nationalists who added "...and the man from B says yes. The brand is present in India through a Joint Venture. Give me B.
  61. 61. 2. Connect at +60/-30 The C Group is a $27 billion (revenue) steel-to-shipping conglomerate based out of Mumbai. Its presence is diversified across Energy, Metals & Mining, Infrastructure (comprising ports and EPC businesses) and Services (primarily comprising shipping and BPO businesses). The name C is derived by combining the sounds of the first letter of the Chairman's and Vice-Chairman's names, who are brothers. C began its operations with the construction of an outer breakwater in Chennai port. In the 1990s, C set up India’s first sponge iron plant in Hazira, Gujarat. They also have an oil refinery at Vadinar, Gujarat, and have set up a power plant near the steel complex in Hazira. What is C?
  62. 62. 3. Connect at +50/-25 Manu Chhabria in 1987 tried to pick up a one per cent stake in D. The then chairman N M Desai asked Dhirubhai Ambani to invest in the company’s shares who immediately bought 12.4%. from the open market and by 1989 increased his stake to 18.5%. Soon, Desai was shunted out as chairman in favour of Dhirubhai. LIC, the dominant shareholder forced Ambani to resign from the board. The Ambanis stayed on as passive investors in D. In November 2001, the Ambanis sold their remaining 10.05 per cent stake in D to E who was directly competing with D in the cement business. The CEO & MD of the company rallied the employees to let D retain its professional management culture. After negotiations, E exited D by selling its stake to an employees' trust of D in June 2003. In return, E received D's cement division. Give me D and E.
  63. 63. 4. Connect at +40/-20 F has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School (1964). According to Forbes, he is the 158th richest person (2nd in Malaysia) with a net worth of USD 6.6 Billion. He was born in 1938 in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur's to Tamil parents of Sri Lankan origin. He has a multimedia empire which includes two telecommunication companies including Astro (All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator) and three communication satellites orbiting the earth. His only son is a Theravada Buddhist monk in Thailand and is known as Ajahn Siripanyo. Who is F?
  64. 64. 4.
  65. 65. 5. Connect at +30/-15 Identify the iconic four-storey structure situated at Homi Modi Street, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. The architect was George Wittet who came to Bombay in 1903 as assistant consulting architect to the Government of Bombay and is well known for taming the exuberant Bombay Gothic style. The building is owned by The Associated Building Company which manages the building. It earns a rent from the companies that have offices within the premises, which houses about 400 people.
  66. 66. 5.
  67. 67. 6. Connect at +20/-10 A not-for-profit Company established by the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006 owns 34.20% of the shares of G. An indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of a Company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange owns 55.80%. The rest is held by the public or other institutions. G was founded in 1997 after Iqbal Z. Quadir, an accomplished entrepreneur and a long-time champion of the critical role of entrepreneurship and innovations in creating prosperity in low-income countries inspired by the microcredit revolution, got the consortium together and launched G. On November 16, 2006, G formally changed its logo to match the logo of the main shareholder. What is G?
  68. 68. 7. Connect at +10/0 H is a category of polymers that contain a certain functional group in their main chain. Almost half of all the world's products in this category are made of H. British chemists John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson, employees of the Calico Printer's Association of Manchester, patented H in 1941, after advancing the early research of Wallace Carothers. After World War II, the US Company DuPont bought the right to make H and by 1950 a factory in Delaware was beginning to make it. Dupont's research lead to a whole range of trademarked products, one example being Mylar (1952). What is H? I am just looking for the common name. This answer goes twice into the connect.
  69. 69. SAFETY SLIDE
  70. 70. Answers 1. B : Del Monte 2. C: Essar Group 3. D: L&T, E: Grasim (ABG) 4. F: Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan 5. Bombay House 6. G: Grameenphone 7. H: Polyester. OK with polyethylene terephthalate
  71. 71. ROUND 5 IDENTIFY THE BRAND 8 Questions Anti-Clockwise +10/-10 on Pounce +10 on Bounce If no teams answer, next question to the next team
  72. 72. 1.
  73. 73. SAFETY SLIDE
  74. 74. United Colors of Benetton
  75. 75. 2.
  76. 76. SAFETY SLIDE
  77. 77. Luna
  78. 78. 3. Some Toys Never Die
  79. 79. SAFETY SLIDE
  80. 80. Duracell
  81. 81. 4.
  82. 82. SAFETY SLIDE
  83. 83. Nestaway
  84. 84. 5.
  85. 85. SAFETY SLIDE
  86. 86. The Hindu
  87. 87. 6.
  88. 88. SAFETY SLIDE
  89. 89. AXE
  90. 90. 7.
  91. 91. SAFETY SLIDE
  92. 92. Zomato
  93. 93. 8. Context: Rumors of the world ending on December 21 2012.
  94. 94. SAFETY SLIDE
  95. 95. Durex
  96. 96. ROUND 6 INFINITE BOUNCE WITH POUNCE 8 Questions Anti-Clockwise +15/-15 on Pounce +15 on Bounce If no teams answer, next question to the next team
  97. 97. 1. Croslite is a proprietary Closed Cell Resin material which is neither plastic nor rubber. Croslite material is closed-cell in nature and anti- microbial and is an extraordinary impact absorbing resin material. Which company founded by Lyndon "Duke" Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker, known for its operational efficiency that revolutionized the industry owns the exclusive rights to Croslite?
  98. 98. SAFETY SLIDE
  99. 99. 1. Crocs
  100. 100. 2. Sar-i Sang (or Sar-e Sang) is a settlement in the Kuran Wa Munjan District of Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan. Which commodity highly valued in the ancient period and extensively traded by the Harappan, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, as well as the later Greeks and Romans is Sar-i Sang home to?
  101. 101. SAFETY SLIDE
  102. 102. 2. Lapis Lazuli
  103. 103. 3. Mechanization came to the Indian ______ industry when X Ltd. started operations in 1924 as a unit of the multinational Swedish ______ Company. The acquisition of X through Russell Credit Limited, a 100% subsidiary of ITC Limited on July 1, 2005, aimed to further consolidate the market standing of ITC. Subsequently X became a direct subsidiary of ITC effective 29th September, 2011 when ITC acquired the entire shareholding of X from Russell Credit. By 2015, the 4 production units of X at Ambernath, Bareily, Kolkatta and Chennai were shut down. ITC today procures from smaller units and markets them under the brands of erstwhile X. What is X?
  104. 104. SAFETY SLIDE
  105. 105. 3. WIMCO (Western India Match Company)
  106. 106. 4. The Double X With a Y Sandwich: The technique involves two X companies, a Y company and an offshore company located in a tax haven. The first X company receives large royalties on goods sold to U.S. consumers. The U.S. profits, and therefore taxes, are dramatically lowered, and the taxes on the royalties are very low for X. Due to a loophole in the law, the company can then transfer its profits tax-free to the offshore company. The second X company is used for sales to Non US customers. It is also taxed at a low rate and can send its profits to the first X company using a Y company as an intermediary. The first Y company now has all the money and can again send it onward to the offshore company. Give me X and Y.
  107. 107. SAFETY SLIDE
  108. 108. 4. X: Irish. Y: Dutch
  109. 109. 5. It was established in 1992, at the behest of the government of India with the stated aim being to bring transparency. Major shareholders are LIC, with a 12.5% stake, and Gagil FDI, Aranda Investments and SAIF II SE Investments. A few months earlier, Mauritius-based Veracity Investments had acquired a 5% stake from SBI for Rs 911 crore, valuing it at Rs 18,200 crore. The draft prospectus for a Rs 10,000-crore Initial Public Offer (IPO) of equity was filed in December 2016. It will be an offer for sale (OFS) of 111.4 million equity shares, 22.5% of its post offer paid-up equity capital. What am I talking about?
  110. 110. SAFETY SLIDE
  111. 111. 5. NSE
  112. 112. 6. The company known for an iconic Indian brand traces its origins to the establishment of a manufacturing unit (first in Asia) in 1855 by Edward Dyer at Kasauli. After the World War I, this company merged with a competitor and in 1937, post Burma’s separation, the company was restructured with its Indian assets as a public company on the London Stock Exchange. Following independence, N.N. Mohan travelled to London and acquired a majority stake and took over management of the company in 1949 and the name was changed in 1967. Currently headquartered at Ghaziabad, which company am I speaking about?
  113. 113. SAFETY SLIDE
  114. 114. 6. Mohan Meakin Limited
  115. 115. 7. The best documented explanation of its origin based on studies of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century manuscripts holds that it evolved out of the Spanish and Spanish American scribal abbreviation "pˢ". A variation ascribes the origin to Greek character "psi" (ψ) rather than p. Other less popular theories credit the origin to the Spanish Coat of Arms, the name of USA (postulated from the papers of Dr. James Alton James, a professor of history at Northwestern University from 1897 to 1935) or the letters NU near the serpent's head hanging from a cross in Germany. Robert Morris was supposedly the first to use it in official documents and in official communications with Oliver Pollock. What is it?
  116. 116. SAFETY SLIDE
  117. 117. 7. Dollar symbol
  118. 118. 8. Founded in November 1920, the name X comes from an acronym for its original name. The original name had the names of two of the states/federal territories. An ad campaign which ran from 1967 - 1992, originally featured a furry and cute little koala sitting amidst the branches of a eucalyptus tree where the voice of actor Howard Morris as the koala is heard muttering, "I hate X!" for bringing in the large number of tourists. X’s nickname though refers to another animal that is featured in its logo. What is X?
  119. 119. SAFETY SLIDE
  120. 120. 8. Qantas Airlines
  121. 121. Dhanraj B Phone: 8758380916 / 8123955150