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Windows aazuremobileservices


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Windows aazuremobileservices

  1. 1. What is ZUMO ?
  2. 2. Windows Azure MobileServices
  3. 3. Presenter Dhananjay Kumar Customer Advocate, Telerik Microsoft MVP Mindcracker MVP @debug_mode
  4. 4. Agenda ?• Let us talk casually .. Anyway we are not in a meeting of ouroffice• You teach something to me in fact to us• I will share some of my learning with you folksYes let us talk around ZUMO
  5. 5. AppBackendDataUser Authentication andAuthorizationWorking with Images ,Videos, EmailsPushNotification
  6. 6. Backend DataPushNotificationUsersAuthenticationApp running ondifferentPlatformsWindowsAzureMobileServices
  7. 7. When you create an AppBackend DataFiltering and Paging of Datapersisted and consistent Data across different platformsValidation andModification ofData
  8. 8. Backend DataValidation and Modificationof DataFiltering and Pagingof DataPersistent and ConsistentData across platformsWindowsAzureMobileServicesDataApps on differentplatforms