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Manual Tester to Automated Tester


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Presentation from webinar Journey from Manual Tester to Automated Tetser

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Manual Tester to Automated Tester

  1. 1. Journey from Manual to Automated Tester Dhananjay Kumar Evangelist ,Telerik. @debug_mode
  2. 2. Challenges of Automating Web Test I • Identifying Object or Element • Dealing with Dynamic Content • Dealing with Dynamic ID • Dealing with AJAX or delayed Server Response • Working with OS Operations like File Download , Drag and Drop
  3. 3. Challenges of Automating Web Test II • • • • • Documentation Cross Browser Testing Handling different JavaScript events Automating CSS test Automating Data Driven Test
  4. 4. Let us solve in 15 minutes • Dealing with Dynamic ID • Documentation • Dealing with Positional Identification of Element • Dealing with AJAX
  5. 5. Tool: Test Studio
  6. 6. Tool: Test Studio Functional Testing Load Testing Load Testing of Web Services Load Testing of Mobile Apps Ios Testing Manual Testing Performance Testing Exploratory Testing Testing in Visual Studio
  7. 7. Test Studio: Free Trial Available FREE 30 DAY TRIAL – 100% functional, Backed by Telerik’s industry leading team of support engineers.
  8. 8. Test Studio: Subscription based
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. Dhananjay Kumar @debug_mode @telerik |