Hybrid mobile app with Kendo UI Mobile


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Slides of Hybrid mobile app with Kendo UI Mobilesession in CSC Noida

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Hybrid mobile app with Kendo UI Mobile

  1. 1. Hybrid Mobile Application &Kendo UI Mobile facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  2. 2. Agenda What is Hybrid Application Introducing Kendo UI Mobile Demo creating TEARCH APP Demo creating Netflix Movie Browser
  3. 3. Who Am I ? Dhananjay Kumar – Customer Advocate, Telerik India – Microsoft MVP – Connected System Development – Mindcracker MVP – @debug_mode – http://debugmode.net – http://telerikhelper.net – Dhananjay.kumar@telerik.com
  4. 4. Different Types of Apps Apps for Devices Native Mobile Hybrid Apps Web Apps Apps
  5. 5. DevelopmentNative Apps Development 100 • Objective C LOC iOS • MAC • Java 100 300Android • Eclipse LOC LOCWindows • Visual Studio Phone • C#/XAML 100 LOC Maintenance facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  6. 6. What is Hybrid App ? facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  7. 7. Single Code Baseios Android Windows facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  8. 8. HTML ios AndroidJAVASCRIPT Deploy using Cordova CSS Windows Phone Hybrid App Various Platforms Development facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  9. 9. Steps for Hybrid App Development Step 1: Create App using HTML JavaScript , CSS Step 2: Package the App using Phone Gap Step 3: Submit the package to App Store, Market Place or Google Play
  10. 10. How it works ? It runs in Web View Control UIWebView : ios, WebView : Android Runs in full screen mode using Web Kit browsers Access Device capabilities using Cordova JS API
  11. 11. Hybrid or Native? Hybrid Native Multiple Platform Fast Performance Easy to build Complex Codes Use existing web Huge learning curve development skills Best suited for Data High investment but Driven Applications better performance
  12. 12. Summary  Target multiple mobile platforms  Take advantage of device capabilities like geolocation , contacts , camera etc.  App will run even if device is offline  Really do not need advanced graphics performance
  13. 13. Kendo UI- Introduction facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  14. 14. What is Kendo UI ?Everything you need to build HTML5 + JavaScript sites & APPS“Kendo UI solves an important problem faced by JavaScript andHTML5 developers. It delivers a unified framework backed byprofessional support. Its easier to learn, easier to upgrade, ultimatelymaking it easier to build apps with HTML5.” -Todd Anglin, VP – HTML5 Web & Mobile Tools, Telerik
  15. 15. Kendo UI Blocks Kendo UI Kendo UI Kendo UI Web DataViz Mobile Kendo Framework Elements
  16. 16. Kendo UI Mobile facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  17. 17. What is Kendo UI Mobile ? HTML5 powered native mobile UI that automatically adapts to different devices
  18. 18. Native UI on Every Device
  19. 19. Automatic Layout System
  20. 20. Tablet Ready
  21. 21. Ready for App Stores
  22. 22. Kendo UI Framework DataSource Model Template MVVM Drag OvservableObject Node Template Draggable OvservableArray Validator
  23. 23. Kendo UI Mobile Widgets ActionSheet BackButton Button ButtonGroup DetailButton Layout ListView Loader ModalView NavBar Pane PopOver Scroller ScrollView SplitView Switch Swipe TabStrip View
  24. 24. CompleteMobile Application Framework
  25. 25. Building Apps with Kendo UIMobile facebook.com/telerik @telerik
  26. 26. DEMO facebook.com/telerik @telerik