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How to attract & retain top talent


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How to attract & retain top talent

  1. 1. How to Attract & Retain Top talent
  2. 2. Challenges of Identifying Top Talent 1.Good talent is rarely visible to competition 2.Talent Retention Strategies prevents them from migrating easily 3.Recruiter’s Subjective decision making can hinder selection 4.Identifying why the person wants to move is critical to attracting them 2
  3. 3. Solutions to identifying top talent 1.Gather talent info from trusted sources 2.Educate recruiters to use effective selection tools 3.Use social media to track info on recommendations, achievements, forum comments and contributions 4.Advertise requirement with clear cut responsibilities 5.Use forums/ sites where target segment is actively participant 3
  4. 4. Extra Tips Have a dynamic database of good talent for future reference Reference-get-reference is the key to identifying top talent Research successful projects and campaigns of competition and the people behind them Interview questions should be drafted to bring out the contribution in previous organizations 4
  5. 5. Facts that you must deal with 1.There are no 100% perfect fits available 2.True abilities are best showcased in a conducive environment 3.It's difficult to assess complete capabilities during interviews 4.True talent needs to be nurtured over time 5.Not all good talent want to work for your company 6.Salary is not the only important deciding factor for a talent 5
  6. 6. Attracting top talent 1.Roles and responsibilities determines the candidate’s interest in taking up work 2.A good work environment attracts good talent 3.Timely rewards and recognition is important to keep existing talent motivated to recommend others 4.Smart long and short term benefits enhance appeal to join you 5.Brand and USPs play pivotal role in talent attraction 6
  7. 7. Extra tips Watch what your employees are telling about your organization to outsiders Monitor your leaders and their team feedback Take cues from the exit interview comments of your ex- employees Build brand image starting from within Regularly research competitor’s salary offerings and package trends 7
  8. 8. Retention Challenges 1. Top talent loses interest faster than average people 2. Poor interpersonal relationships with teams are a show stopper 3. Lack of attention and recognition kills morale 4. Slow growth and bureaucratic chains of command stifle talent 5. Favoritism and bias eliminate talent 8
  9. 9. Retention Strategies 1. Appoint internal mentors to groom and retain talent 2. Keep open communication channels to get feedback 3. Add or delete responsibilities to encourage better contribution 4. Rewards and recognition programs enhance retention 5. Programs to track potential talent is critical in the long term 6. Provide a learning environment for skill enhancement seekers 9
  10. 10. Extra Tips Take the middle path on salaries to keep them comparable to competition Encourage employee engagement initiatives through HR Leader Review and Feedback is important for teams Use training to receive feedback on bottlenecks faced 10
  11. 11. Bottomline Talent sourcing is just the beginning of the race. Retaining good talent and growing a strong second line within the system mitigates long term risk of losing good talent to competition. Your company’s reputation precedes your company’s attractiveness to a talent pool. To attract good talent start working from within. 11
  12. 12. Thank You 12