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Dhaliwal Labs


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Dhaliwal Labs

Published in: Healthcare
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Dhaliwal Labs

  1. 1. 1963: Dhaliwal family immigrates to the US 1983-88: Tehsel is VP of Science & Technology Johnson Products 1992-95: Tehsel is VP of Manufacturing and R&D, Proline Corporation 1999-2006: Tehsel is COO, Raani Corp., CPG Manufacturer 2006-08: Tehsel is President, Nature’s Formula, CPG Manufacturer 2008: Tehsel forms Dhaliwal Labs 1973: Tehsel joins Johnson Products 1989-92: Tehsel joins Softsheen Products as VP, Operations 1996-99: Tehsel is VP of Science & Technology, Softsheen Products, a division of L’Oreal
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