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  • Howdy...I work for a little company called Varolo, and it's main thing is advertising insurance and products that are normally on TV. 15 minutes of rating the ads a day is all that is ALLOWED, so you cannot spend your day, 'watching ads.' However, it is a free (and by this I mean REALLY FREE, there are no hidden agendas, 'plans,' 'opportunities' or 'programs' to invest in) network marketing opportunity that can, eventually, lead to big bucks. Set up like a city building card game, it even sports a card trading center. Overall: super awesome.

    Btw:didn't know how else to reach you with this, so, feel free to delete from this listing if that's important to you, but I hope you check it out.
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Get your mlm working

  1. 1. GCPWhy People Always Fail At MLMs By DG Fletcher The Angry MLMer
  2. 2. GCPIntroUnder the name on this thing, I have The Angry MLMer, and I am angry...not at MLMs, but mostly at the people I found in the blogs crying that theynever made any sales and that MLMs are scams and boo hoo ninety percentof people who sign up never make one sale.Oddly enough, this thing started out as a personal journal entry and then Ifigured I could tweak it a bit and stick it up on the internet and maybe get apoint across.Me And MLMsMy first MLM experience was one of the most frustrating. The woman thatwas trying to sell Amway to me couldnt sell to save her freaking life.The really annoying thing was, every time shed walk away and shut upabout her MLM, Id think about it, figure out what I was looking at, and thinkhey, MLMs are like, awesome. Then shed come back and keep yakkingabout it to the point where I finally told her to bug off.Then there was Bookwise. Bookwise fell apart before it got really useful,and I had a really busy life at the time anyway.Finally, theres Pre Paid Legal. Nice things about Pre Paid Legal: ItsCHEAP! And I trust the guy running my up line. When I first met this guy,he was the annoying third grader and we were the cool fourth graders. Now,he makes $2000 + per month on this, and hes just gotten started.Ive not been working with Pre Paid Legal the way they tell me to, either.
  3. 3. GCPWhile Ill ask questions (hey, where do I order more stuff, whats yourwebsites like?), asking them how to market just doesnt work for me. I dontmarket the way they do.I market like a door to door salesperson.I often spend my summers as a door to door salesperson, so I know how toactually sell stuff! I use those types of techniques to sell my MLM.Minus the door to door, although there are moments where I just want to goout and hit the neighborhood just to get it over with. If you are a door to door salesperson, you know that your customers are not your friends. If you are a door to door salesperson, you know that your friends are not your customers.If you are a door to door salesperson, you know that you really need to payattention to what you are saying, what you are doing, and hit door after doorafter door *until you succeed!* Not until you get told no.Classic MLM person: "Hey person I know personally, will you buy my crap,will you, will you, will you, will you, will you? I dont take no for an answer,day in, day out, as long as you know me until I get tired of working with my
  4. 4. GCPMLM and then call it a scam cause Im too dumb to know how to truly sellstuff"Classic door to door person: "Hi stranger, you need my crap, you need mycrap, you need my crap, you gonna buy? Nope? k, lets talk to yourneighbor, bye!" Until they either start selling or ditch the work force causetheyre not a salespersonWile going door to door to sell your MLM may or may not work, attacking itlike a door to door salesperson does is a much better option.Door To Door Mentality Leads To Success In MLMsFind a way to engage *strangers* not *friends* and get them to buy yourcrap, whether it is Amway, Pre Paid Legal, any of the dozen juice factoryones, or something else.Find customers.Find people who actually want what youve got, MLM or no MLM. Beprofessional about it.For Amway... actually, screw Amway, I dont know enough about themanymore.For Juice people, find people who actually *want* your juice. See if you canstick ads up in blogs about health stuff. Stick your ads up in places wherepeople are trying to lose weight. Stick them up at places that people go toshop for health food.For Pre Paid Legal, find people who actually need legal assistance and go
  5. 5. GCPwith them. That will get you customers. It wont get you associates, but itwill get you customers.For associates, my team is me and a bunch of guys with quotas.When youre a door to door person, you turn in the number of doors youveknocked *daily*. When youre a classic MLMer, you cry after your momsaid shes not interested, then you hide under your bed and call it a scam.The question of whether or not you should quota sales or quota marketingattempts is still up in the air at this point. You cant make any sales if yourenot marketing, but not all marketing turns into sales every single time.Knocking fifteen doors to sell door paint wont necessarily get you anycustomers, but at least you knocked fifteen doors instead of zero doors andthen left calling the paint company a scam.My SchtickThis started out as a journal entry, but since its up here, I might as well stickmy stuff up.Heres a link to my MLM page. Use me as an upline and get ready for a lot ofquotas. Not sales quotas (especially at first!) but marketing quotas! If youdont do marketing, you dont make sales.The best way to make money is to sell things. Youll have no ceiling... aslong as you can learn to sell!!I dont like the ninety percent of people who make zero sales and have zeroeffort. I like the ten percent that makes ten or more sales. Got that?
  6. 6. GCPMore SchtickHeres a couple other sites of mine, some of them arent finished For how to break up with your For fixing why youre not only a crappysalesperson, but youre obese as well. :) At the time this things published,its not done yet, but it should be up soon.