Engaging youths


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Engaging youth segment. Position your customer,not your brand - Make them look good, using your brand.

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Engaging youths

  1. 1. Online ProposalFidelity Bank Youth Segment
  2. 2. Goals and Objectives Deepen and enrich the brand’s relationship with customers through social media interaction. To facilitate collaboration, sharing of contents and interaction with the brand. Recruit and engage brand advocates and ambassadors on social networking platforms. Customer feedback – measure, assess and evaluate
  3. 3. Focus - Youths They are early Males and More often than not, adopters and aspire to females aged 16 this expression gives social relevance to 35 years rise to word of mouth. They belong to a They are found diversity of socio- predominantly in urban economic and semi-urban backgrounds (AB environments – C2) Youth are very They are driven opinionated; they want to by a desire to be be able to express successful themselves. They may be graduates, youth corpers, job seekers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, white collar, blue collar, skilled , semi-skilled or unskilled workers.
  4. 4. Trends From 2,991,200 in March 2011, total number Brands are using social networks to of Nigerians on Facebook reach their consumers, realizing the now amounts to power of creating a FaceBook Page, or Social networking has Twitter account to engage their market 3,247,660 as at June become an important audience. 2011, with 8.6% in just 3 aspect of the youth months culture. Media multi-tasking — such as simultaneously searching Web sites, emailing and talking to They use a social someone — is prevalent Social network advertising is becoming network DAILY. They among youths. very main stream as advertisers utilize have about 10x as many the ever growing social networking online friends as real options to contact consumers, ones. prospects.
  5. 5. 2010 Online Penetration & Awareness Q : Which of these social network sites do you know, even if Q : Which of the network sites are you currently a member of? only by name? ONLINE PENETRATION AWARENESS Facebook Facebook 51% Facebook Facebook 83% MySpace MySpace 20% MySpace MySpace 73% Twitter Twitter 17% Twitter Twitter 64% Orkut Orkut 15% Hi5 Hi5 28% Hi5 Hi5 11% Netlog Netlog 23% LinkedIn LinkedIn 9% LinkedIn LinkedIn 22% Netlog Netlog 8% Orkut Orkut 21% Xing Xing 3% Xing Xing 10% Ning Ning 2% Ning Ning 5% Hyves Hyves 1% Hyves Hyves 2% Globally, Facebook has the highest awareness. 83% of the More than half of the internet population is currently a worldwide internet population know Facebook. member of Facebook MySpace holds a second place and Twitter comes third N Total = 2884 / F = None Insites Consulting – 2010 Social Media Study
  6. 6. Credible sources for brand posts2010 Q : Imagine something about a brand being posted on a social network, what would be the most credible source for you? MOST CREDIBLE SOURCES A consumer A consumer 38% …still, word-of-mouth The brand itself The brand itself 32% is the most credible source to rely on for brand posts… A journalist 7% A journalist A marketeer 3% A marketeer Another brand Another brand 1% N Total = 2065 / F = If user Insites Consulting – 2010 Social Media Study
  7. 7. Influences of Social networks oncustomers 65.3% report a97.1% digital experience changed reports their perception of a brand.that digital experience hasinfluenced purchase. 24% have produced digital content in order to enter a contest. Source: Razorfish Global feed
  8. 8. Insights The online platform has evolved in recent times to become the leading platform for engaging youths and actualizing brand’s objectives. Active involvement on social networks is very high with youths spending a large percentage of their time on face book, Google search engine, Twitter, My space and other online forums. Online engagement platforms e.g. Social networking sites now eats up twice as much of youths online time as any other activity. Our recommendations will take advantage of the influence of social networking(Facebook) over youths to meets our goals and objectives.
  9. 9. FIDELITY Connect The FIDELITY Connect is a platform on Facebook that seek to engage youths with several exciting applications e.g Games and Online Quiz. Also imbedded on the page is the Face of Fidelity competition. Fans are expected to upload trendy pictures, while a winner will be selected at the end of the month.
  10. 10. Strategic Intent Drive action•Find and engage existing • Leverage offline Measure social network fans events •Provide applications that • Advertise through •Reach•Host discussions and provide useful resources enlist ambassadors existing media •- Fans •Invite fans to upload • Add your social Web •- Mentions•Provide branded digital pictures, play games, links to your brand Web contents. •Engagement e.t.c site •- Discussions, •Hosts contests with content, reviews, Engage opt-ins for further contact. ATL Leverage and posts
  11. 11.  An array of interactive online games that would take the shape of word puzzles, board games, brain twisters etc. would be introduced to the brand’s platform. The games would be in stages and a participant stands a chance of winning cash prizes after reaching a certain stages. This would become popular amongst youths and adults as they would begin to identify with the platform and the brand.
  12. 12. Online Quiz An online quiz that would cover a wide range of topics would be introduced. Areas that would be covered include: ◦ Celebrity gossips ◦ Sports/Football ◦ History ◦ Music etc. Questions will be answered online and cash prizes would be won..
  13. 13. Face Of Fidelity Online visitors would have the opportunity to upload their pictures on the brands web page and participate in the Face of Fidelity competition. This would be a monthly competition where winners will emerge and win cash prizes. Friends and online visitors to the page would vote their favorite face and the picture with the highest vote becomes the Face of Fidelity for the month.
  14. 14. Workings The online activities tagged Fidelity Connect promotes the saving culture amongst youths with a strong emphasis on money management. ◦ Save the largest sum of money after meeting your needs and Fidelity Bank will open an account for you with the virtual money you have saved. ◦ The winner becomes the face of the bank on the forum with the Facebook photo contest incorporated. ◦ As part of the conditions, you must also help your friends with the virtual money. ◦ Recruit a team of 10 friends to start the game. Register the names of your friends on the Fidelity bank platform.
  15. 15. Summary The brands online activities tagged Fidelity Connect which includes the online games, quiz and the face of fidelity is an effort aimed at engaging customers and helping the youths develop the culture of saving. It introduced the Face of Fidelity to celebrate the beauty, style and confidence of the Nigerian youth, enabling them perform at their full potentials. It identifies with the vibrancy and adventurous tendencies of the youth and moves in, helping them actualize their inner desires. Above all, it confirms its declaration of being a reliable, committed and dependable brand that stays true to its promises by consciously engaging and helping youths build value through their association with the brand.
  16. 16. THANK YOU