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volaco cotopaxi


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volaco cotopaxi

  1. 1. The Cotopaxi volcano is located in theCentral Cordillera of the EcuadorianAndes. to 62 km. northeast of Latacunga,75 km southeast of Quito. Limits:Northeast Sincholagua the extinctvolcano, and Rumiñahui west, thesoutheast Quilindaña.
  2. 2. Attractive• Sunfana Viewpoint: Sincethere are observed vast pineforests on Sunfana Plain, at thefoot of the gazebo. A shortwalk in about 30 minutes fromthe central administration or invehicle; exists a campsitethere and if you follow thepath length by about twohours you reach the VolcanoRumiñahui.
  3. 3. The Cotopaxi Volcano has an exoticdry microclimate that allows its riseduring most of the year. Starting fromthe 4,800 meters in approximately 6 to8 hours, you can reach the foot of theimpressive crater half a kilometerwide and astonished by thespectacular