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Ophthalmic Surgeon (Jose Rizal in Hong Kong)


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A presentation I prepared for class. Hope this helps! :)

Ophthalmic Surgeon (Jose Rizal in Hong Kong)

  1. 1. Ophthalmic Surgeonin Hong Kong
  2. 2. Farewell to Europe • Oct. 03, 1891– left Ghent for Paris ( where he stayed for a few days to say goodbye to the Lunas, Pardo de Taveras and Venturas) – Proceeded by a train to Marseilles and on Oct. 18, he boarded the steamer Melbourne. – Letter of Recommendation from Juan Luna for Manuel Camus, a compatriot living in Singapore and 600 copies of the El Filibusterismo
  3. 3. Farewell to Europe – The trip was “heavenly” (magnificent weather, calm sea, blue skies, fresh and invigorating air) – 80 FC passengers, Rizal was the only Asian among them.– He befriended many missionaries- Italian Franciscans, French Jesuits and a bishop, Msgr. Velenteri, whom he described as a “fine fellow. A Fr. Damaso without pride and malice” whom were all going to China.
  4. 4. Rizal and the GermanLadies• Rizal was alone, having dinner; he overheard the German ladies which were gossiping loudly about him, being lonely. – The door in the dining room was blown open when the steamer encountered a heavy squall(a gust of wind). One of the ladies said “if this man in front of us were a gentleman, he would close the door” – Rizal heard this, and, without saying a word, closed the door. This made the ladies embarrassed and treat Rizal with respect and admiration.
  5. 5. Arrived in Hong Kong • Nov. 20, 1891 – Welcomed by old friends, especially Jose Ma. Basa.– He established his residence in No.5 D’ Aguilar St., No.2 Rednaxola Terrace where he also opened his medical clinic. • Dec. 1, 1891 – Rizal wrote his parents to ask their permission for him to come home
  6. 6. Hong Kong in Rizal’s time
  7. 7. Arrived in Hongkong– His brother-in-law (Manuel T. Hidalgo) wrote him a letter regarding: “deportation of 25 persons from Calamba including his father, Neneng, Sisa, Lucia, Paciano and the rest of us.” – Hidalgo also stated in his letter that he’s preparing a letter to the Queen Regent of Spain explaining the Calamba situation in order to secure justice. – “If the Queen will not listen, we will write to Queen Victoria of England appealing for protection in the name of humanity.”
  8. 8. Family Reunion inHong Kong• Before Christmas of 1891 – Rizal’s father, brother and Silvestre Ubaldo (brother-in-law) arrived in Hong Kong. Not long afterwards his mother(who was then 65 years old and almost blind) and sisters, Lucia, Josefa and Trinidad arrived. – The Christmas of 1891 in Hong Kong was one of the happiest Yuletide celebrations in Rizal’s life. He even wrote to Blumentritt on Jan. 31, 1892 about the pleasant life they’re living in Hong Kong.
  9. 9. Ophthalmic Surgeon in Hong Kong– Rizal practiced medicine in order to earn a living for his family.– Dr. Lorenzo P. Marques, his friend and admirer, turned over to him many of his patients with eye diseases, truly, he helped Rizal to build a wide clientele (customers/clients). – Rizal successfully operated on his mother’s left eye so that she was able to read and write again.
  10. 10. Ophthalmic Surgeon in Hong Kong– some of his friends gave him moral and substantial aid in his medical practice, from Biariritz, Mr. Boustead, Nellie’s father, wrote to him in March 21, 1892, praising him for practising his medical profession. – Dr. Ariston Baustista Lin, from Paris, sent him a congratulatory letter and a book, on Diagnostic Pathology by Dr. H. Virchow and another book, Traite Diagnostique by Mesnichock. – Don Antonio Vergel de Dios, also from Paris, offered his services for the purchase of medical books and instruments which he might need in his profession.
  11. 11. Rizal’scalling card
  12. 12. No.5 D’ AguilarSt., No.2 Rednaxola Terrace
  13. 13. Rizal’s wash basin in his clinic
  14. 14. Borneo ColonizationProject• Rizal conceived the establishment of a Filipino colony in North Borneo (Sabah) – He planned to move the landless Filipino families to that rich British-owned island. – He also planned to carve out of its virgin wildness a “New Calamba”• March 7, 1892 – He went to Sandakan on board the ship Menon to negotiate with the British authorities for the establishment of a Filipino colony
  15. 15. North Borneo (Sabah)
  16. 16. Borneo ColonizationProject• May 26, 1892 – Lopez Jaena wrote to Rizal expressing his support and great desire in the project along with their other firneds: Juan and Antionio Luna, Bluementritt, Dr. Bautista Lin, etc.• Hidalgo, the brave Batangueño – One of Rizal’s brothers-in-law, objected to his project
  17. 17. Borneo Colonization Project• Governor Despujol – In hope of his sincerity in his promises of a better government, Rizal wrote to him offerring him his cooperation. – But governor general did not acknowledge Rizal’s letter, violating the simple rule of Spanish courtesy.• March 21, 1892 – After waiting for 3 months for a reply for his first letter, Rizal wrote another letter which asked for permission for the landless Filipinos to establish themselves in Borneo.
  18. 18. Borneo Colonization Project• Instead of performing the simple “courtesy of a reply”, Despujol notified the Spanish consul general in Hong Kong. – He did not approve the Filipino immigration to Borneo, alleging that: “the Philippines lacked laborers” and “it was not very patriotic to go off and cultivate foreign soil”
  19. 19. Writings in Hong Kong • Ang Mga Karapatan Nang Tao – The translation of “The Rights of Man” which was proclaimed in the French Revolution 1789 • A la Nacion Española – To the Spanish Nation– An appeal to Spain to right the wrongs done to the Calamba tennants • Sa Mga Kababayan – Was written on December 1891, explaining the Calamba agrarian situation
  20. 20. Writings in Hong Kong • The Hong Kong Telegraph – Rizal contributed articles to this British daily newspaper– The editor was Mr. Frazier Smith, who was his friend • March 2, 1892 – “Una Visita a la Victoria Gaol” – A Visit to Victoria Gaol– An account of his visit to the colonial prison of Hong Kong
  21. 21. Writings in Hong Kong • To elucidate his pet Borneo colonozation project he wrote:– “Colonisation du British North Borneo, par de Familles de Iles Philippines”– “Proyecto de Colonization del Vritish North Borneo por los Filipinos • June 1892 – He wrote “La Mano Roja” (The Red Hand)
  22. 22. Decision to Return toManila• In May 1892, Rizal made up his mind to return to Manila. This decision was spurred by the following: – To confer with Governor Despujol regarding his Borneo colonization project – To establish the Liga Filipina in Manila – To prove the Eduardo de Lete was wrong in attacking him in Madrid
  23. 23. Last Hong Kong Letters • Relatives and friends of Rizal opposed his decision to return home because it was like bearding the lions in their den. • June 19, 1892 – He spent his birthday in Hong Kong– Evidently, he had a premonition of his death, for the following day, June 20, he wrote two letters which he sealed, inscribed on each envelop “to be opened after my death” and gave them to his friend Dr. Marquez for safekeeping.
  24. 24. Last Hong Kong Letters • His first letter addressed TO MY PARENTS, BRETHREN AND FRIENDS • The second letter addressed to THE FILIPINOS • June 21, 1892 – Rizal penned another letter in Hong Kong for General Despujol.– He informed the governor general of his coming to Manila and placed himself under the protection of the Spanish government.
  25. 25. Last Hong Kong Letters • June 21, 1892 – Rizal and his sister Lucia, widow of Herbosa, left Hong Kong for Manila. – They carried a special passport or “safe-conduct”issued by the Spanish consul-general in Hong Kong.
  26. 26. Rizal Fall into Spanish Trap• Immediately after Rizal’s departure from Hong Kong: – The Spanish consul-general, who issued the government guarantee of safety, sent a cablegram to Gov. Despujol that the victim “is in the trap” – On the same day, a secret case was filed in Manila against Rizal and his followers “for anti-religious and anti-patriotic agitation” – The deceitful Despujol ordered his secretary, Luis de Torre, to find out if Rizal was naturalized as a German citizen as was rumored.• Meanwhile, Rizal and his sister were peacefully crossing the China Sea.