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Brochure it asset_remote_manager_en

  1. 1. PRODUCT Proper management of technology infrastructure has become one of the primary goals of organizations seeking to lead hand in hand with the challenges that the globalized andCATALOG competitive world demands. Today many organizations do not understand the real benefits that proper management resources technology can bring them and that is reflected in reduced costs, ROI technology, increased productivity, business continuity criticism and a perfect balance between IT department and business goals. This is why Dexon Software according to the requirements of each organization takes this effort and delivers within your IT solution package DEXON ASSET REMOTE MANAGER A product designed for the administration, auditing and monitoring entire IT platform any organization, processes and practices based on methodology ITIL, in a centralized and focused to align with business objectives and cost reduction. Like other products of Dexon Software, IT ASSET DEXON REMOTE MANAGER is highly configurable to provide support services and operational continuity any technology platform regardless of any organization size or complexity. This product is composed of the following modules:Dexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota,
  2. 2. PRODUCT INVENTORY MANAGERCATALOG Module that allows access to all information of software and hardware installed on the Safe solving incidents or problems by ensuring the availability of resources network, through an automatic lifting of that inventory shows. inventory, real time and on demand, Will help minimize security risk, requested from the administration console. detecting software that hasn´t been authorize and ensuring standards in the Will let you know what you really have in workstations, avoiding fines and your company for cost control processes, penalties for using unlicensed software. technical asset, management is general. Ensures return on investment ROI to be You will be able to reduce operating cost afforded. for the preparation of inventories. Ensures the return of investment ROI by Always provide updated information. having the necessary information to Will allow you to have a better reassign licenses. management planning to purchase new assets. Improve support times for a complete knowledge and control of hardware and software assets. ASSETS MANAGEMENT Module that allows the identification of Maintains the availability of business accurate IT assets, automate control task of services that involve assets, and life cycle assets based on an integrated accelerate implementation of new information and automated monitoring, key services. for the business and decision making. Assets Allows customized settings adjusted to Management is oriented to the management the needs of each organization. full lifecycle since taking inventory, Help manage budgets more efficiently, installation, operation, contracts, removal or contracts, guarantees, enabling total withdrawal. control over the terms contract. Encourage the use of IT assets that allows identifying and relocating assets that are underutilize. Increase ROI in all technology projects through improve control of IT assets.Dexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota,
  3. 3. PRODUCT ESAMCATALOG Module that combines a set of methodologies Maximize productivity in your company and processes to manage licenses and by identifying unnecessary or software items, reduce cost and implement unproductive software and its security in your software assets. Designed elimination through business policy. primarily to work for IT department align to Centralize control of licensing which the objectives by limiting organizational costs allows you to access cost savings is business and legal risk related to the purchasing licenses in unnecessary ownership and use of IT software. volumes. Full control over the use given by the users of software assets to identify parameters as unproductive software, which one is more or less used, not You can manage, validate and licensing in permitted applications, licenses to be a reliable way all programs installed in all purchased, among others. your companies equipment. REMOTE ADMINISTRATION Management module that allows centralized Allows you to manage services, processes and remote administration from station and active ports on each computer, to connected to the network, to perform diagnose the virus, vulnerability or administrative task on them without interfere proper security, services which the user with the users work. has access or services assets that are not being used to determinate the local Promotes user productivity and managers settings appropriate for each user. in relation to use given to the recourses of An effective audit to act clearly about each station. the stations. Establish security policies centralized control and audits risk assessment and compliance the company´s internal regulations.Dexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota,
  4. 4. PRODUCT REMOTE CONTROLCATALOG Module that allows you to take control of Allows file sharing obtaining agility and several station and take the session of the ensuring computer functioning to which authenticated users desktop, this task can be he has on the remote control. done in one or more computers, auditing and Uses a low network load due to the supporting business critical times and understanding of files or data immediately needed support. (encryption algorithm). It can control multiple computers in a same session without impacting performance tool. Allows you to perform real-time support at the time the user is affected. SOFTWARE DELIVERY Module designed for the software secure Records total activity to ensure distribution, deployment functions and distribution and always be aware of what automatic installation of software packages happens with them. on selected computers without having to Allows you to determinate exactly which configure additional components in the software should be used in the company. remote computers. Can distribute security policies throughout the company to ensure Offers a significant cost, time and effort proper functioning of its computer savings, that large software distribution recourses. require. Speeds up distributions for critical and large coverage.Dexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota,
  5. 5. PRODUCTCATALOGDexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota,