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  1. 1. Todorov’s Narrative Structure
  2. 2. Equilibrium At the beginning everything is neutral, good and evil are balanced, whatever is going into the reactions is being counteracted or removed from it and the same rate it is entering the reaction. Disequilibrium Something happens to alter the neutral state of the universe, the perceived good overtakes the evil or vice versa. A catalyst is added to the reaction or whatever is balancing the reactions is removed. Disequilibrium Recognized Evil realizes that good has overtaken it or vice versa. It is observed that the reaction has changed. Attempt To Repair Disequilibrium Evil attempt to suppresses good or vice versa. The catalyst is removed or whatever has been removed from the reaction is re- added or the reaction is reversed. Equilibrium Returns Or Is Restored Evil’s attempt is successful or vice versa. The catalyst being removed slows down the reaction or the reaction is successfully reversed or balanced.