100 ways to overcome nightmares


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100 ways to overcome nightmares

  1. 1. 100 ways to overcome NightmaresWe brainstormed over the weekend and shortlisted these100 ways to overcome Nightmares..
  2. 2. 1.Pay off all your debt, or as much as u can.2.Avoid highly caffeinated drinks in the evening.3.Tie some weird feng shui necklace on your bedroom door.4.Work out till exhaustion before sleep.5.Ream romantic novels and inspirational articles.6.Meditate.7.Pray.8.Pick a new hobby.9.Eat some dark chocolate .
  3. 3. 10.Visit lesser privileged people to believe how lucky we are and be thankful.11.Talk to an old friend and share memories.12.Make a Sweetdream pillow with things you love the most printed on it.13.Go for a walk before bed.14.Keep the bed clean.15.Write down your worries and apprehensions in a diary and try to fix one thing at a time.16.When turning off the lamp,imagine someone that you love OR17.Some place that you admire.
  4. 4. 18. Recite a poem that you remember in your mind before sleeping.19. Picture yourself as a bird , free from all worries and tensions.20.Read a boring book or article.21.Invent a laser gun and taser for worries and imagine them annihilated before sleeping.22.Listed to quiet and slow music with eyes closed.23.Imagine youself soaring above high mountains .24.Change the position of your bed.25.Change your bedroom if needed.
  5. 5. 26.Use noise cancellation plugs.27.Redecorate your room with subtle colours.28.Keep something religious in the bedroom.29.Use soft mattresses and pillows.30.Think about what you want to acheive.31.Prevent sleeping on couches or hard surfaces.32.Count sheep and then sleep.33.Count stars.34.Imagine how much you craved for a dooze in school.35.Read jokes before sleeping.
  6. 6. 36.Remember a crush! But avoid ex’s!37.Remember a cartoon charactor you adored.38.Imagine you are driving calmly on a long road,ofcourse in your dream car!39. Get hyptonized to not see a nightmare!40.Drink spanish wine before sleeping!41.Imagine counting the bricks on an infinite wall.42.Believe that your bed has a protective bubble that prevents all thoughts from getting through!43.Imagine yourslef in a Tibetian Monastry.44.Keep a clear conscience.
  7. 7. 45.Donate to charity.46.Picture your mind as a shop with the closed signboard!47. Imagine a fishbowl and follow a fish.48. Read fairytales.49.Get you bedroom roof decorate with stars and count them.50.Avoid tablets or computers just before sleep.51. Imagine and follow a jet cloud trail.52.Avoid radio news before sleeping.53.Make your hobby your vocation.
  8. 8. 54. Avoid thinking about your job and assignments.55.Accept that worrying is not solving.56.Turn off all the lights.57. Use a eye band if needed.58.Take the TV out of your bedroom.59.Never work on your bed.60.Listen to christmas songs before sleep.61.Watch you favourite funny serial before bed.62.Enjoy a warm bath before bed.63.Forget responsibilities and liabilities before bed.64.Play golf.
  9. 9. 65. Do not open business or bank letters in the evenings, that time is for fun!66.Help someone sort their problems,to forget yours.67.Listen to an audiobook in your mp3 player.68.Imagine fishing.69.Make a wish and imagine it coming true.70.Imagine boating .71.Think about historical personalities that you like.72.Imagine yourself at a private island with no-ferry service for the worries!73.Use more than 1 pillow.
  10. 10. 74. Dont cover yourself with a blanket to receive continuous Oxygen supply.75.Spray a mild fragrance that you like in your bedroom.76.Dance before sleeping.77.Celebrate more often.78.Break the big worries in small,write them down and throw dart at them .79.Be positive and optimistic.80.Talk to someone special before sleeping.81.Skype call a gregarious friend.82.Imagine people you hate as dwarfs or donkeys.
  11. 11. 83. Show gratitude and remember things that were good about the day.84.Drink hot chocolate before bed.85. Imagine yourself in the place of your favourite star.86.Imagine riding your own plane like a pro.87.Make imaginary shield for nightmares.88.Eat rum cake before bed.89.Talk to the one’s you miss.90.Play snake in your mind.91.Relive good memories.
  12. 12. 92.Remember your acheivements before bed.93.Dont Update your diary just before bed.94.Explain any worries to a helpful friend.95.Stick motivational posters in the bedroom.96.Think about Mr. Bean’s funniest moves.97.Drink lots of water.98.Keep mosquito repellents handy.99.Play the acoustic guitar before bed.100.Keep reading this list until you go to sleep.