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It's not just about the t-shirts - Sharone Zitzman - DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2017


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DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2017

Published in: Technology
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It's not just about the t-shirts - Sharone Zitzman - DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2017

  1. 1. It’s not just about the t-shirts. When your open source project stops being cool. Sharone Zitzman, VP Marketing @ Cloudify @shar1z
  2. 2. Humanity
  3. 3. Be Very Afraid
  4. 4. Outside your door stands a line of a few hundred people. They are patiently waiting for you to answer their questions, complaints, pull requests, and feature requests. You want to help all of them, but for now you’re putting it off. Maybe you had a hard day at work, or you’re tired, or you’re just trying to enjoy a weekend with your family and friends. A Day in the Life of an Open Source Maintainer
  5. 5. Typical Open Source Landscape Other Innovators The Incumbents The Giants
  6. 6. Monetization is a Bitch
  7. 7. No Free Lunches
  8. 8. Closed Source isn’t a Silver Bullet “Open source doesn’t have more bugs, they’re just fully transparent for all to see.” Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director, OpenStack
  9. 9. I want to challenge our definition of COOL
  10. 10. Making the Impossible Possible “8000 Servers, More Than 280,000 Cores, and 33,000 VMs all on OpenStack” - Tim Bell,CERN
  11. 11. Maintaining Developer Engagement for Years
  12. 12. Trusted by the Biggest and Baddest
  13. 13. Enabling a Marketplace of Profitability
  14. 14. One More Thing
  15. 15. Suggested Reading • Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure • What it feels like to be an open-source maintainer • Why I took October off from OSS volunteering • The fork? Node.js: Code showdown re-opens Open Source wounds • Walkaway, Corey Doctorow
  16. 16. Thank You We're hiring!