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CI/CD doesn’t necessarily mean Jenkins - Omer Hamerman - DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2018


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Been working with Jenkins for years until I saw the light in tools like Travis, CircleCI & Drone; an open source, container-based, fast, stable, and plugins are a breeze. So, when I see docker oriented companies, with no super custom processes use Jenkins, I can’t help but ask myself, WHY?

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CI/CD doesn’t necessarily mean Jenkins - Omer Hamerman - DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2018

  1. 1. CI/CD doesn’t necessarily mean Jenkins
  2. 2. $ whoami Omer Hamerman (formerly Devops IL)
  3. 3. Waste ● Locate a job ● Run the wrong one ● Cancel ● Find the right one and run it ● But it fails.... ● Check the logs ● Manual changes are required
  4. 4. ● Trigger by webhook or a command ● Jenkins file ● DSL But things are still missing - easy scale, plugins dev, self healing, servers are not stateless Improving the Jenkins process And seriously, groovy??
  5. 5. Drone to the rescue! (or CircleCI / TravisCI / GitlabCI / BB pipelines…..) Why Drone? Written in Golang, open source, super easy to set up, And basically just an awesome tool to work with
  6. 6. Container Native
  7. 7. Plugins for everything ● Market place ● Create your own
  8. 8. The power of controlling your own relational DB ● Stateful decoupled system ● Easy to backup ● Easy restore ● Measureable ● Queryable
  9. 9. Bottom line Don’t fixate on the one thing everyone is using ● Use what best suits you ● Remove waste ● Focus on innovation