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Microsoft Story


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Microsoft Story

  1. 1. The Story and The Evolution of From To
  2. 2. MicroBorn The Founders Of the Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates Paul Allen The Dynamic Duo(Founders) of Microsoft Corporation The innovative staff of Microsoft Corporation
  3. 3. MicroInvention The 1st Computer Ever made E.N.I.A.C
  4. 4. MicroCopy Xerox Alto The first computer to use metaphor & GUI
  5. 5. Micro-Innovation The next generation of computers Macintosh Portable Macintosh I Apple Lisa Macintosh II
  6. 6. MicrOS 1995-2009 OS: Windows ’95 Windows ’98 Windows 2000 WIndows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP
  7. 7. Micro-Soft Microsoft Office: Windows: 1997 2003 2007 Mac OS: 2004 2008