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Assembly Governor Elect presentation


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District Assembly, 2013

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Assembly Governor Elect presentation

  1. 1. BARRY RENDAL-JONESRotary Club of Dawlish WaterWelcome to 2013 District Assembly
  2. 2. RI President 2013-14 Ron BurtonRotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma
  3. 3. 2013-14 Rotary International Theme
  6. 6. RIBI President 2013-14 Nan McCreadieRotary Club of Feltham
  7. 7. ERADICATING POLIOReported new casesYear-to-date8 May 2013Year-to-date8 May 2012In endemiccountries26 50In non-endemiccountries0 3Total 26 53Source (extracted from WHO data)
  8. 8. 2013-14» Vibrant and attractive clubs» Eradication of polio» Maximum use of available RotaryFoundation district and global grantsHave fun !» District effectively supporting clubs
  9. 9. YOUR DISTRICTTEAM 2013-14
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL SERVICECOMMITTEEJoined up Rotary – work closely with DistrictFoundation CommitteeDo good in the world – support all our clubsto achieve their goalsWork to Rotarys strengths – trusted,accurate and effective international projects.Ian CourtneyRotary Club of Okehampton
  11. 11. COMMUNITY AND VOCATIONALSERVICE COMMITTEEShelagh OtwayRotary Club of IlfracombeCommunity – working in thecommunity and financiallysupporting community projects,groups and organisationsVocational – working in thecommunity and supportingcommunity projects, groups andorganisations by using skillsavailable directly from Rotarians.
  12. 12. NEW GENERATIONSYOUTH SERVICE COMMITTEEEnhance understanding within thecommunity of the benefits availableto youth through RotaryDevelop RotaKids, Interact andRotaractCo-ordinate the activities with Clubsto form a strong base to assist eachother, including other DistrictCommittees i.e. International,Community & VocationLiz HuntRotary Club of Chudleigh &Bovey Tracey
  13. 13. MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT& RECRUITMENT COMMITTEEMake clubs aware of decliningmembership in general, and tounderstand its implications - for clubs andfor Rotarys commitment to ServiceEncourage senior club officers to lookcritically at their clubs strengths andweaknessesProvide senior club officers with advice,guidance, resources and leadership toenable them to meet Rotarys Objects,and their own membershiptargets, over the next five yearsEuan EddieRotary Club of Bideford Bridge
  14. 14. MARKETING, PUBLIC RELATIONSAND COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEEMaximise the impact of the national postercampaign within our districtEncourage greater, and more effective, use ofClub websites as a means of communicationand marketingPromote wider use of the " Rotary in Devon"logo as a more meaningful brand to the non-Rotary public and also encourage the cultureof collaborative workingwithin RotaryGeorge KemptonRotary Club of Barnstaple
  15. 15. ROTARY FOUNDATIONCOMMITTEEStress the values, aims, programmesand achievements of The RotaryFoundationEncourage increased giving to TheRotary FoundationContinue the world-wide fight toeradicate polioClaire HarveyRotary Club of Exeter Enterprise
  16. 16. DISTRICT OFFICERSDistrict SecretaryMike BellRotary Club of TorbayDistrict TreasurerDon HaleRotary Club of Sidmouth
  17. 17. DISTRICT OFFICERSDistrict Extension OfficerGraham SmithRotary Club of HolsworthyClub Visioning Committee ChairmanCarole AnglissRotary Club o f Totnes
  18. 18. DISTRICT OFFICERSDistrict Environment OfficerSandy MacfadyenRotary Club of SidmouthDistrict Training OfficerDee KilpatrickRotary Club of Chudleigh & Bovey Tracey
  19. 19. ASSISTANT GOVERNORSPeter HarrisonRotary Club ofDawlish WaterGordon PeacockRotary Club ofExeter EnterpriseChristine PeacockRotary Club ofExeter SouthernhayNigel VinceRotary Club ofIlfracombeDavid PritchardRotary Club ofTorquayAnthony AggettRotary Club ofExeter SouthernhayChas GreenRotary Club ofBarnstaple Link
  20. 20. 2013 DISTRICT CONFERENCECOMMITTEE CHAIRMANPeter HarrisonRotary Club of Dawlish WaterDistrict Conference 22-24 November 2013Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren
  21. 21. BEYOND 2013-14District Governor 2014-15Peter BennettRotary Club of Otter ValleyDistrict 1175 Governor 2015-16Brian StoyelRotary Club of Saltash