Music Video Questionnaire Primary ResearchI have constructed a questionnaire for my primary research; this is to determine...
As I already had an insight in to the majority preferred genre of the participants it was                                 ...
Do you think it is important                                            This question has shown that the majority of that ...
What kind of feel do special effects give the                           audience?                                         ...
What structure would you prefer a music video to                            be set in?       Narrative (E.g. Beginning    ...
the audience in which would’ve happened in real life and the character in the video. Learningbehaviours can also be derive...
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Music video questionnaire primary research


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Music video questionnaire primary research

  1. 1. Music Video Questionnaire Primary ResearchI have constructed a questionnaire for my primary research; this is to determine significantinformation in regards to the popularity and preferred contents of a music video. The questions Ihave used are relevant to the music video that I will construct and create as this will help mydecisions on target audience, structure, genre and even editing in my music video. I have used bothquantitative and qualitative. This is useful as it gives statically based information and personalopinions; this is beneficial as it gives my research differentiation. In my survey the main participantswere friends and college students which will give a biased result however, knowing my audience isan advantage due the genre I have chosen. I have chosen electro music which is a benefit as thepeople who have taken the survey enjoy electro music.My results from my survey showed that I asked a mixture ofmales and females. The percentage of females I asked was 40% Genderand the males 60%. My music video will be partially be shotfrom a first person male point of view when reading the resultsI can derive information from a majority male point of view asmore males took the survey which will be helpful whendirecting my music video. Also the genre of music I have chosen Maleto base my music video around is electro which has generally a Femalemale target audience. However by asking a female audience Iderived from the results that females also prefer the electrogenre this is beneficial as the results of my survey will be basedaround the electro genre which will help me when directingand creating my music video. These results showed that the majority of the people Age who took the survey (40%) were aged 16-20 which is the target audience for the genre I have chosen. This is evidently supportive when creating my music 0-15 video as the majority of the other answers in the 16-20 survey will be relating to the genre I have chosen. 21-25 However by asking a variety of ages it gives different 31-40 opinions when asking the qualitative questions which will help my decisions when I am using 41-50 conventional and unconventional methods in my 51+ music.
  2. 2. As I already had an insight in to the majority preferred genre of the participants it was What music genre do you helpful finding out the minority of the partakers preferred genre as I can research in prefer? to other music genres when using any Jazz unconventional techniques when creating my Pop music video. It contains both mainstream and RnB non-mainstream genres as it gives me a mixture of ideas for my music video. Although Rock electro isn’t mainstream and doesn’t use very Indie Alternative typical conventions, R&B and Pop does. I Heavy Metal would like to both break the conventions of Electronica the electro genre of being eccentric and Country unconventional but in other parts of the video Other stick to the conventional brusque hard hitting electro genre. As I believe using varied methods throughout will keep the main target audience involved and interested but also attract other audiences. This question gives me information from whereWhere do you seek new my target audience consumes their music videos music videos? from. This is relevant and significant as it reveals the popularity of consuming music videos and If I were to publish my music video or want to make it known, my target audience consume other Youtube videos here giving my video the best chance to be viewed and enjoyed on YouTube than Blogs and Music anywhere else. YouTube is the easiest and most Sites public form of consumption in this era as most Music Television households have access to the internet. It has been shown that young people aged 16-20 (my Spotify target audience) spend around 7 hours and 38 minutes online everyday giving a very high chance that my video would be observed.
  3. 3. Do you think it is important This question has shown that the majority of that the artist appears in people prefer that an artist appears in the music their music video? video. In my music video I am not using an original song. It is Berlin by Modeselektor meaning I cannot use the original artist in the music video. However I will be using a character in my music video which optimistically will receive a similar Yes reaction to from the audience rather than having no people in the video at all. These results have No helped me aid the decision that it will be the same character throughout as it is consistent and the audience can follow the characters journey and feel involved as it is a singular character.What is most importantto you in a music video? All of the areas in this question are important however I asked the question for an audience response to see which I would have to concentrate on most. Therefore I will be concentrating mainly on a Storyline storyline for example how I will structure whether or Song not it will be a set story in a linear or non-linear Characters structure. The song I have chosen is a well-known Location electro song therefore I believe would receive a Editing positive reaction from the target audience. These results will help me concentrate on each individual part of the music video thoroughly.
  4. 4. What kind of feel do special effects give the audience? Creative giving the video a unique style Makes the video cramped and complicated Doesn’t make a difference Has a huge impact on the video the video would be boring without them. Other (please specify)When I begin editing my music video I will be experimenting and testing different special effects andtechniques for example, changing footage speed, slow motion, reverse effects. This will create anoriginal look. 70% of my results in this question revealed that special effects are an importantquality in a music video. By using special effects in my music video this would result in receiving apositive reaction from the target audience. One answer were it is creative and gives the video aunique style this is very important in an electro video as it is a very unique genre and I will take thisin to consideration when making my music video. The other is that special effects have a hugeimpact and the video would be boring without them. Therefore to prevent my music video beingboring I will use special effects and this should keep my audience interested and drawn to the video.
  5. 5. What structure would you prefer a music video to be set in? Narrative (E.g. Beginning middle and end.) Performance (E.g. Live footage of artist performing) Abstract (E.g. a selection of unusually footage edited in synchronising with the sing to create desired style). A mixture of all the aboveThrough this question I found out the preferred style structure of music videos. This is afundamental piece of information needed when creating my music video. It gives me an idea of thetype of structure other people prefer and which suits the genre I have chosen. By adding a mixtureof all the above answer this gives the audience an easy decision if they cannot pick between theother structures. I believe that a mixture of all structures would be interesting and unique and wasvery pleased that the results showed that other people also agreed with this. This has helped medecide to have a mixture of the different structures. By using narrative it gives an understandablestructure to the audience keeping them involved in the video, however by using some abstractbetween this it will shock the audience and also keep them involved but intrigued. It will be difficultto use any performance and live footage in my music video however if at any point it is a possibility Iwill use this as it adds realism to the video and the audience can relate to it.Throughout my research in terms of Bulmer and Katz uses and gratification theory some questionsrelate for example by thinking about realism and fantasy in relation to question 8 structure. Itreveals that an audience both can relate to a music video in a way of an escape or fantasy as theyare watching other people in the video but can relate somehow whether it be the lyrics, music,character, setting, editing or structure. For example lyrics in songs can connect greatly to people’sreal lives which emphasises a realistic connection between the audience and the lyrics. Howeverlyrics can also not relate to an audiences real life but they can wish or hope that they do creating thefantasy that the lyrics are written for them or about what their life could be. This is important as itcan said to be a personal relationship between an audience and lyrics of a song. This is the samewith characters in the music video and the audience for example if a music video was sad theaudience would empathies with the protagonist creating a relationship. Diversely the audience couldrelate themselves to a character and connect with them through similar scenarios they have shared
  6. 6. the audience in which would’ve happened in real life and the character in the video. Learningbehaviours can also be derived from music videos. For example seeing a wealthy good looking youngman or woman causes the audience to want this lifestyle and is very common in R&B and popvideos.Another theory that can relate to my research is Halls encoding and decoding. For example question7 asks about special effects. I will use open encoding in some parts of my video. I will personally beadding effects to the footage that I shoot which is encoding a meaning to the music video which Iwill want the audience to decode either with a specific message or a negotiated message meaningthat the audience can decide for themselves what they believe this part of the music video means.The encoding and decoding will vary depending on structure, shots editing. For example in anabstract section of the video I am making I will want to audience to be able to decide for themselveswhat they believe the shot is emphasising evidently as it is abstract. However in scenes that I will beusing a narrative structure I will purposely be encoding significance in to my shot in some way sothat the audience receive the correct message.