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Front cover essay

  1. 1. Incentive Masthead Cover Lines Cover Star Splash BarcodeThe Masthead of this magazine is ‘top of the pops’ the text is bright pink, similarly to thebackground which results in the title being washed out, the font is round and bubbly whichis informal and draws the attention of a younger audience. The main image covers part ofthe mast head which is conventional of a music magazine indicating the mainstream genreof the magazine. The masthead in this magazine isn’t very effective as it doesn’t stand outvery well, which is unconventional of a music magazine as the majority of the time themasthead is large and bold so the audience can see which magazine they are reading.The Target Audience of this magazine is young girls aged between 13 and 17. This isprevalent through the images of boy bands and young male singers on the cover, there arealso images of popular girl icons such as Selena Gomez and Cheryl Cole which also suggestsa female audience. The price of ‘top of the pops’ magazine varies however is always lessthan £3 this also reveals the target audience as a younger generation as they can afford themagazine with spends.The Images within this front cover are varied. The main image is Justin Bieber a youngsuccessful pop singer with an extreme worldwide fan base mainly including young girls. Theimage of Bieber is a medium shot, with his torso facing slightly left. The image designates apersonal feel to the image as there is direct address used as he has eye contact with the
  2. 2. camera which gives the audience the feel he is looking straight at them, this appeal to theyoung female audience a great deal. The lighting of the photo is quite bright which gives themagazine a vibrant look which fits with genre of the magazine. The person in the imagelooks relaxed and isn’t posing in any particular way which indicates an informal tone whichagain suits the genre of the magazine and the audience, as it is casual and fun. There areseveral other images placed around the page which breaks the typical conventions of amusic magazine as usually there is only one main image on the page to attract the attentionof the audience to the main story. However the use of other images is both effective andineffective as it gives more stories to interest the reader and get a good value for theirmoney nevertheless you could argue that having several images on a front cover coulddistract the attention from the main story and purpose of the magazine.The Guttenberg Design Principle is used thoroughly within this magazine cover, in theprimary optical area there is one of the subsidiary stories as the image is only small, thefocus of the audience then shifts to the middle of the page towards the terminal area of theimage which in a music magazine is usually the main story, the largest image is placed hereto draw the attention of the audience to the lead story. In the weak fallow area of themagazine where an audience’s attention is usually distracted away from, interesting storiesare usually placed to attract the audience’s attention to keep interest in the wholemagazine. In this front cover two images a pop icons are used on of Cheryl Cole and anotherAston Merrigold, this is effective and meets the purpose of the target audience as CherylCole is a role model to young girls and Aston is a pop attraction. Therefore the use of theGuttenberg Design Principle in this front cover is effective as in each area of the magazinekeeps the audience’s attention involved.The House style of this magazine isn’t very consistent which targets the younger audienceas it is informal. The colour scheme is mainly different shades of pink however black, whiteand purple are other colours used within the front cover the colours are vivid and brightwhich attract a younger audience, also the colour pink connotes feminism and is extremelygirly which indicates the target audience being mainly female. A variety of fonts, font sizesand colours within the text are used which suggest an informal tone once more gaining thefocus of a younger audience. The house style is mainly effective in terms of meeting itstarget audience and purpose as it conveys a bold, fun, vibrant tone. However as the housestyle is inconsistent and informal this breaks the conventions of a typical music magazinecover as they mainly are consistent and professional.
  3. 3. Incentive MastheadCover Lines Cover Star Splash BarcodeThe masthead of this magazine reads ‘UNCUT’ the text colour is bold red which stands outand contrasts on the black and white background, which is effective as it attracts theaudience well. Red has a variety of connotations such as danger and rebellion which issuitable for the genre of music promoted in the magazine (rock, alternative). The font isserif which indicates that the magazine is aimed at an older audience. Furthermore the textof the mast head covers the whole width of the image which draws the focus of theaudience to what magazine it is, this creates familiarity with frequent magazine users whichalso forms consistency in the magazines. It is placed in the centre at the top of the pagewhich is conventional of a music magazine which creates recognizable relationship of amusic magazine with an audience.The Target Audience of this magazine is very ranged, male and female aged 16+ howeverthe majority of the audience of this particular issue of the magazine would be older as themain story is based around Ian Curtis the lead singer of Joy Division which formed in 1979therefore indicating a core older audience. The black and white background also enhancesan older audience as it indicates a vintage authentic, classic image which relates to an oldertime period. The price of the magazine is £4.50 this in the higher price range of magazine
  4. 4. prices which also suggests an older audience as they can afford the magazine. In the socialeconomic scale the target audience comes under C1-E which ranges from lower middle classto students based mainly around the price and the music promotion.The image in this magazine is of Ian Curtis he is the lead singer in an English rock band Joydivision, the image portrays the vintage classic rock look as it is black and white. He iswearing a blazer jacket which originates from the UK indicating the bands origin. He ismaking direct address with the audience with straight face which creates a tense formalconnection with the audience attracting them to the magazine. If the main image is an artistin a music magazine a convention is direct address with the image to draw the audiencesfocus, this magazine clearly meets the purpose of this convention. The contrast of light anddark lighting in the imagery conveys a tone of rebellion which is suitable to the rockalternative genre of music being advertised. There are no other main images which standout on this cover which suggests this issue of the magazine is aimed at a certain type ofaudience who listen to a particular genre of music. This is effective as it makes this exactingaudience feel individual as if the magazine is just for them. On the other hand this could bea negative as fewer magazines will be sold as the audience is so limited.The Guttenberg Design Principle is used within this magazine cover, it is evidentimmediately as in the primary optical area as there is an incentive a free CD is received withthe magazine which is effective as it attracts the audience without delay. Their focus is thenshifted to the top of the terminal area where the main image and cover story is generallyfound in a music magazine, as in this one. It is placed here to gain the attention of theaudience and indicate the main story. In the weak fallow areas of this magazine there areother stories and writing placed as when reading an audience’s attention is distracted awayfrom this are, however by placing writing and other stories in this area it keeps theaudiences involvement and interest in the magazine. The design principle is used well in thismagazine as in all named areas there is images or text in the correct sections.The House Style of this magazine is very consistent and professional giving it a formal tone,which also reflects the older target audience again. The colour scheme is white and redwhich relates to the fact that the magazine is an English magazine. This also relates to thisparticular issue as Joy Division is an English band. The fonts are mainly consistent sizes andfonts; as some are different it designates and connotes a rock rebellion quality which iseffective as it suits the style of magazine. The house style meets the typical conventions of amusic magazine as it is regular and dependable again creating familiarity with the audience.
  5. 5. ComparisonIn the two magazines there are a large number of differences, the main one being the targetaudience the extreme difference also involves the house style as one is very feminine andaimed at young girls the other having more of a vintage style and is aimed at an older morevaried audience. The top of the pops magazine is much more cluttered and full contrastingwith the Uncut magazine which has more space, this looks more organized and professional.One of the similarities is that the cover star on each magazine is in the centre and is makingdirect address and eye contact to the audience revealing that this a main convention of amusic magazine.