In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realmedia products?Conventions and...
media products by encoding specific techniques for the attention of the audience, which is aconvention of a real media pro...
character within the story giving the audience a better understanding of the narrative . The5 panel cap that the protagoni...
convetions is effective as it gives the video diversity and origiannlity. When editing my video the useof reverse effect t...
The genre of my music video was Electro which is generally known as an unconventional andeccentric style of music genre. T...
ancillaries and main product which is effective as the audience can recognize thesimilarities. The use of image manipulati...
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  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realmedia products?Conventions and forms of media products are foundations and components which categorize andrepresent specific exemplifications producers want to implicate in to a media product, where theaudience can then derive the correct connotation which the producer is signifying through themedia product. My media product uses develops and challenges forms and conventions of realmedia products in different ways.As a producer when using, developing and challenging forms and conventions, setting and locationhas an imperative significance. To deliver the accurate sentiments and feeling of the music video toan audience I wanted to use specific settings and locations for the reason that I desired a specificresponse from the audience. The target audience of electronic music is known mainly to be ayounger, as a younger generation are seen to be able to relate to this style of music. I wanted theaudience to be able to relate to the music video and by using certain settings and locations I foundthat this was an effective method of encoding the surroundings to relateto the audience. When choosing locations I mainly focused on theurbanised landscapes of Manchester town. I did this as an audiencerelational technique as the young people are known to spend timeoutside. Graffiti art was a very significant piece of iconography I usedthoroughly within my music video. This relates to using developingand challenging the forms and conventions of real media products.Teenagers who are my target audience are stereotypically related torebellion and corruption in modern day society and by using shots ofgraffiti, as it is illegal this would relate to my target audience.However this also challenges conventions of the electronic musicgenre in relation to music videos, for the reason that Hip-hop and R&Bmusic videos are notorious for using graffiti and street art in there videos. I researched and watchedmany electro music videos which include shots of graffiti art and developed this convention in to mymusic video by using more graffiti than any other electronic music video. I have taken this imagefrom an electro music video ‘White Noise’ by Disclosure. Here is an image from my music videowhich shows I have incorporated and developed this convention in to my video. After finding manybeneficial locations including a lot of graffiti I decided to use graffiti as a main theme throughout mymusic video.Moreover as I was aiming my music video at a youngeraudience, I thought that the use of studentaccommodation as a location would be effective toconnect with the audience as this is a place where friendscan gather and listen to electronic music if this is therepreferred music genre. As they are usually small confinedspaces it was effective when filming in this location as Iinitially knew that I would be speeding clips up, by speeding up clips in a small areas it accentuatesthe movements of the characters I believe this was an effective was to encode a relatableatmosphere and familiar setting to my audience. By using this technique it uses conventions of real
  2. 2. media products by encoding specific techniques for the attention of the audience, which is aconvention of a real media product.Another successful convention of real media products I used withinmy music video was consistency of location I filmed the entiremusic video in only Walkden and Manchester which was effectiveas it made the product look more professional in terms of thenarrative of the video. As I filmed my video in reverse linear, therewas a clear structure and story to my music video the locationhelped emphasize this as the protagonist was travelling from area tothe other, the video could have become confusing if many randomlocations were used However I believe by only using the two areas itkept the consistency and flow of the narrative strong. The two imagesused within my final product highlight the two areas in which I havefilmed in this gives the audience a greater understanding of the use oflocation and setting.The use of props and costume within my music video is another significant area within the videowhich uses, develops and challenges the forms and conventions of real media products. For examplea prop that is reoccurring within my video is a bottle of alcohol. Thisinstantly relates to the audience of my product as younger people are oftenrelated with drinking and drugs as is the electronic genre. This usesconventions of real media products as it sets consistency as do manymainstream music videos. However it challenges the conventions of realmedia products in the electronic music genre as electro music videos areknown to be very abstract and use random and immaterial iconography.The prop is also significant to the narrative of the video as it reveals that the protagonist isintoxicated which is relatable to my younger target audience as alcoholconsumption is found to be appealing to young people who enjoy electronicmusic. An electronic music video I researched when creating ideas for my musicvideo was ‘Cornelius’ by the Bloody Beetroots this music video alsoincorporates the use of props mainly alcohol and bottles. My video usesconventions of this video in the use of props this is effective as they are thesame genre of music, giving my video a conventional quality to suit the genre.The use of costumes within my music video in comparisson to real mediaproducts use similar convetions. It uses the convetions in the way that we keptthe protaganists costume the same throughout the filming for continuity effect, in other real mediaproducts although the videos can be filmed over weeks and months costumes are frequently keptidentical. Regarding choosing costumes for characters the proccess was relavtively simple for thereason that we used clothing that all the characters already owned, I decided to let the characterschoose an everyday outfit that they would normally wear. This was effective as the characters werecast as everday teengagers therefore by using their own clothing it played on the reality of the musicvideo. Making it seem existent, this was effective as my younger target audienc can connect andrelate to the use of costume. Also the protaganist wore a bright blue and black jacket which washighlighted well against the blander locations that we used, which indicate that he is the main
  3. 3. character within the story giving the audience a better understanding of the narrative . The5 panel cap that the protagonist is wearing is stylish and fashionable amongst theconsumers my chosen genre, electronic music also to other young audience, therefore theuse of this costume is very relevant for the audience keeping them attracted to the musicvideo.To begin the title chosen for the music video I produced uses the forms and conventions of a realmedia product for the reason that music videos in the media are not known to name their videoanything other than the title of the song. For this reason I decided to stick to a typical music videoconvention by naming the music video ‘Berlin’ after the title of the song that I chose. Anothereffective use of title relates to the genre I chose. I selected Electronic for the genre to base my musicvideo around. I found through research that the title of my chosen song related to this genre. I foundout that Berlin the capital city of Germany has a famous electro music school and that the maingenre of music played in clubs and at famous festivals in this state is electro music. By choosing asong with the title Berlin I encoded conventions of the electronic genre instantaneously in to mymusic video giving both an audience with or without experience of this genre to immediatelyrecognize the conventions. The font of the title is El&Font UrbanCalligraphycreated byJérôme Delage. I found this on a websitecalled Da font which is a font generating website with thousandsof different fonts and styles. The one I finally decided to choose Ibelieve was a good choice and was significant to my products.Graffiti is the style that the font divulges I used this for the reasonthat within the video and all of my ancillary’s graffiti is a main component.Therefore it keeps consistency within the media products giving it a professionalappearance. Also graffiti enhances the electro genre and relates to the audience; as my targetaudience is younger the stereotypical views on the younger generation is negative and they are seenas insubordinate and rebellious and street art ‘graffiti’ is illegal and is primarily associated withyoung people by using graffiti in my title and throughout my media products it relates to theaudience significantly and was successfully encoded in to each of my media products.The use of camera work and editing within my music video issuccessful in ways such as using, encoding, developing andchallenging conventions. For example in my music video I used inand out of focus shots thoroughly throughout although this isconventional of real media products as it is a consistent use ofcamera work many electro music videos do not use the out of focusthoroughly or at all for example in the music video ‘Warp 1.9 by thebloody beetroots’ . The video does not go out of focus at all.Diversely in my video an out of focus shot is used innearly every scene this is significant to my video as theprotagonist is intoxicated throughout the video so I usedthis camera work to connote this. Therefore the use of inand out of focus is both convetional and unconvetional ofreal media products. I believe by having both types of
  4. 4. convetions is effective as it gives the video diversity and origiannlity. When editing my video the useof reverse effect throughout the entire video again both uses and challenges convetions of realmedia products. In the coldplay video ‘fix you’ the entire video is in reverse effect which is similar toours, this is an abstract effective effect which gives the video and innovative feel. However othercoldplay videos such as ‘paradise’ and ‘yellow’ do not use the reverse effect which could mean thatthis is challenging the conventions of real media products.The narrative of my media product is interesting. Narrativestructure is commonly defined as the structural framework thatmotivates the order and manner in which a narrative is presentedto anaudience. The structure of my music video is linear which iswhen the storyline runs smoothly from beginning to end thestoryline isn’t fragmented or broken up. However my music videois in reverse meaning that the video starts at the end of the storyand runs backwards to the beginning I believed this would beeffective as it breaks the conventions of real media products inthe way that commonly the use of linear structure is keptcustomary running in order. Also I believed that by doing this the video wouldn’t be predictable sothe audience could guess the story however I used each scene to link to the next so the audiencewouldn’t become confused and could understand that the video was linear and did involve astoryline however it was in reverse. The narrative was effective as the audience could relate to it,essentially the storyline involved a teenage boy waking up, making his wayto Manchester on the train to go to a friend’s flat to socialise and drinkalcohol resulting in him becoming ill and vomiting in the toilet.Stereotypically teenagers are known to spend most time socialising withfriends and consuming alcohol. A theory used within the video is Todorovstheory of dis-equilibrium the protagonist is vomiting in the bathroom. Thisaggravates the enquiry to the audience as to how the character has come tothis situation. The mystery at the beginning is then d back to equilibriumwhen the protagonist leaves his friends university flat. A symbolic code isaccessible to the audience if they choose to see it. This lets them eitherperceive the character in their own way; this is the different cameras shotsand angles used with the main character. Another symbol used ishiscostume as he is wearing distinctive colourful clothing. It constructsanillustrationof the protagonist asyouthfulas the costume fits with thebright shots and within the unconventional narrative. The beginning of thevideo show extreme long shots of Manchester city skyline which reveals it Idark indicating it is night time. However when he leaves the apartment thelight becomes daylight indicating that the video is in fact reversing the video in time. Levi Strausstheory of opposition is then encoded, in the flat it is dark and dull and when the character leaves thebrighter colours appear and natural light opens up the shots; giving a sense of opposition.As thevideo was in reverse the first shot after the title is the protagonist vomiting in to the toilet thereforethe basic narrative is showing the main characters entire day but in reverse. Within the narrative andstoryline the landscapes and urban locations were shown to indicate stereotypical locations whereyoung people spend their time this was to relate to the audience. This is conventional of real mediaproducts as the majority of music videos conventions try to relate to their target audience.
  5. 5. The genre of my music video was Electro which is generally known as an unconventional andeccentric style of music genre. Therefore I tried to incorporate and encode different elementsthroughout the video to both meet the conventions of real electro music videos and break theconventions of a real mainstream genre music video.Stuart Hall’s theory of encoding and decodingcan be applied to a variety of features within my media products. The audience is a very significantarea within producing distributing and consuming of my music video and its genre, for the reasonthat the music video is indicated mainly through the point of view protagonist and the targetaudience is the same age as this character, they can also relate to him and the narrative in the wayof watching and listening to the video as they enjoy this genre.By doing this, I am allowing theaudience to become involved with the video and share the point of view of the main character whichallows them to construct a representation of how he thinks which is effective as I want them to feelas though the character is real and that they share the enjoyment of the genre and its conventions.As I wanted to encode the genre in to the music video to relate to the audience by using conventionsof the electro genre within my video for example graffiti and relatable characters I believe that Ihave successfully portrayed the genre and encoded the conventions effectively.Characters used within the music video are a significant elementin portraying the accurate narrative and receiving the correctresponse from the audience. The protagonist is immediatelyintroduced after the title, he is shown with his head over a toiletvomiting with his jacket and hat on the floor, I did this to create astereotypical view of young people as rebellious and adolescent,so that a young audience could relate to the character. He is thenin the same flat with his friends socialising and drinking alcoholagain which a younger audience can relate to as teenagers areknown to enjoy socialising with friend and drinking. The othercharacters within the video aren’t introduced intensely like theprotagonist they are only shown in shots socialising with the maincharacter, when the camera is focusing mainly on the protagonistwhich reveals them to be the central characters friends howeverthey are not as significant as the main character as the videosnarrative is showing his day out, however they are important inshowing the characters lifestyle as it elaborates on the fact that he enjoysdrinking and partying stereotypically like most other teenagers. The use of acentral character can be both conventional and unconventional of real mediaproducts depending on the genre in mainstream songs such as chart songs forexample Rihanna Russian Roulette other characters are involved however thevideo focuses on the protagonist mainly throughout. However in Electro songssuch are ICH R U by boysnoize no characters are used within the video and onlyabstracts imagery is used..In my ancillaries for each one I used still images from my music video which Ialready had manipulated and applied special effects using adobepremiere after effects. I made the colours brighter and hue andsaturation slightly greater. This added consistency between my
  6. 6. ancillaries and main product which is effective as the audience can recognize thesimilarities. The use of image manipulation when making the colours on the videobrighter is useful in terms of relating the genre to the effects of my ancillaries, for thereason that in electro music bright bold colours enhanced through special effects andimage manipulation are a thoroughly used convention for example in the daft punkvideo special effects are used throughout the entire video similarly in my music videothe manipulation of the colours is use throughout my media products such as myancillary 2. The use of special effects and image manipulation are effective and havebeen encoded in to my music video and ancillaries successfully as it sticks to theconventions of my chosen genre and indicates immediately to the audience the genre ofthe media products.In conclusion I believe my media product both my music video and ancillaries uses develop andchallenges forms and conventions of real media products in effective, diverse and successful ways.