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Artist images

  1. 1. The Stone Roses are an English rock band. The image uses black and white photography to add aclassic look to the bands image. The rules of thirds are used in this image. The attention of theaudience is drawn to the drummer on the left hand side of the image as he is in the primary opticalarea; the focus is then shifted to the lead singer as he is in sharp focus at the front of the image. Theband members on the right hand side of the image are in shallow depth of field this indicates theroles in the band that they are shown as less significant in this image.The Kills are an indie rock band. In this image the white background is in the primary optical areathis result in the focus shift to the artist in the middle of the image. The image is very sharp which iseffective because the artists can be seen clearly. The lighting is bright which contrasts with the darkclothing worn by the artists giving the image a distinctive look. The cigarette connotes rebellion anda rock and roll image. The cup of tea portrays an abstract image for the band as it is arbitrary also asthey are English based band the cup of tea is a stereotypical English drink.
  2. 2. The Cure is an English Rock band. This image enhances a dark ominous tone; half of the bandmembers are wearing dark eye make-up which indicates a solemn quality. Direct address is used asall the band members are looking at the camera resulting in the audience feeling involved in theimage. In this image the rule of thirds includes all of the band members. Black and white imageryreveals the contrast of light and dark lighting, this also reflects on the band’s music as their songs areboth cheerful and sinister. A lot of The Cures music involves love the image reflects the good andbad qualities of this that are also shown in their songs.The Clash are an English punk rock band, the image is in black and white giving the band a classicvintage look. There is not set image in the primary optical area which results in a focus shift to themiddle of the image where the band are positioned which is effective as the audience can clearlyrecognize the band. The lighting contrasts the dark clothing wore by the band members thisdistinguishes the bands fashion and style; we can see the leather material indicating the rock punkimage. The image reflects the bands music as the colour black portrays a rebellious theme whichsimilarly the Clash’s music is.
  3. 3. The Fugees are a Haitian American hip hop group. In the image the primary optical area is emptywhich instantly shifts the focus of the audience to the band members at the bottom of the image. Allmembers are looking up which adds enigmatic tone to the picture as the audience wonder what themembers attention are focused on. As the lighting at the top of the image is darker than the bottomit emphasises an ominous composition to the image. The background of the image is green whichreflects the music of the band as the music involves peace and world harmony.Soulwax are alternative rock/electronic DJs. In this image formal symmetry is used this gives theaudience a sense of the band’s music, as techno electronic music is structured as the DJs recreatethe music in live performances meaning the music has to be controlled and organized this isreflected in the image. The image connotes a care-free feeling from the band as they are lookingaway from the camera this indicates an inspiration of freedom to both DJS and their music. Also theimage is sepia/black and white this portrays a original fresh image, which suggests the band aremodern and their music is unique. The focus point is in the centre of the image where the DJS are satas there is blank space in the primary optical area, so the attention of the audience is drawn to themiddle of the image.