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Overhaul Your Online Presence - 2016 ILF District 3


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Overhaul Your Online Presence - 2016 ILF District 3

  1. 1. Overhaul Your Online Presence Devon Henderson Marketing & Web Services
  2. 2. Improve the library’s online relationship with patrons. THE END GOAL Presentation Outline ➢ The current issue(s) ➢ How people use the internet & social media ➢ What it all means ➢ What we can do
  3. 3. Our Current Issues Library stereotype - stuffy, quiet, books only Library as an “institution” - cold, impersonal, professional (which, in this case, is a bad thing!) Training - always new things, constantly changing & shifting
  4. 4. What can we possibly do to overcome this??
  5. 5. Data
  6. 6. Internet Use General Internet Use Top 3: Search, Email, Social Media Google, Yahoo, Bing Blogs - WordPress, Blogspot News - Buzzfeed, Quartz Shopping Smartphone catching up to computer Social Media Facebook ➢ 75% of avg. community ➢ #3 most used in 2015 Women & men use equally 90% 18-29 yrs, 35% seniors YouTube (#2), Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr
  7. 7. Content Trends Information/Learning How-To Articles: Million-$$$ industries ➢ Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Brit.Co ➢ “Lifehack” entire industry Lists (who doesn’t love lists?) Learn from peers - YouTube, Skillshare, Question + Answer sites (Quora, Stack Overflow, etc.) Recreational How-To Articles, Lists Social Media (Facebook is king) Media (YouTube, Imgur, etc.) Quizzes Blogs
  9. 9. Takeaways — Your Website
  10. 10. Be Google-Friendly Google - internet entry for many All search engines follow same practices Mobile-friendly required ➢ SEO your site ➢ Fill out Google Business info ➢ Get site responsive or mobile-friendly
  11. 11. Be a librarian, not a library Buzzfeed, Pinterest, blogs, et al. popular due to personal touch More approachable Relationship > membership ➢ Write how you talk ➢ Embrace trends, memes, etc. within reason ➢ Encourage engagement ➢ Be human
  12. 12. Blog! Personal Local, original content - pride Write content like Buzzfeed, et al. ➢ Short, easy-to-read articles ➢ Fun/useful lists ➢ Simplifying complex services - databases, inter-library loan, etc.
  13. 13. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly!) 9th grade reading level ➢ Flesch-Kincaid Readability ➢ Hemingway text editor ➢ XKCD Simple Writer text editor Front-load important info Keep pages clean, easy to navigate UI Test if needed
  14. 14. Takeaways — Social Media
  15. 15. Be on Facebook Post like your Page is your Profile Native video/photos Post daily Post funny/silly things Post behind-the-scenes, staff pictures & info Use known emotions A little $$$ goes a long way
  16. 16. Share often Share posts more than once Schedule in advance ➢ Facebook ➢ Buffer App ➢ HootSuite Share uniquely to each site ➢ Image size ➢ Post length ➢ Share schedule
  17. 17. Send emails Create an email list 1-3 emails/wk Personal is key — nothing canned Share on social media Update patrons on library, news Feel like communicating to family
  18. 18. Unaware → Observer → Supporter → Advocate PROGRESSION OF PATRON INVESTMENT -PC Sweeney, EveryLibrary
  19. 19. Resources Buffer App Social Media blog Pew Research: Internet & Tech Pew Research: Libraries Flesch-Kincaid Readability Tests Kincaid_readability_tests Yoast SEO - WordPress plugin Hemingway Text Editor XKCD Simple Writer Text Editor MailChimp email platform Unsplash — Open-source photos
  20. 20. Thank you! Devon Henderson Marketing & Web Services