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Studi vz powerpoint


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German Social Media website StudiVz

Published in: Business
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Studi vz powerpoint

  1. 1. Devon HummelWichita State University
  2. 2.  Approximately 81.3 million people One of the largest countries in Europe Ranks number 1 in the Top 10 Internet Countries in Europe Germany lags in Social Media
  3. 3.  Private and reserved online Many Germans feel that their information is not safe online Resistant to change Uses social media differently than the U.S. Problems with facial Detection
  4. 4.  Target Market: College Students Studiverzeichnis=St udent’s Directory Comparable to Facebook 16 million members Declining in Use Ranked 683 on
  5. 5.  Too similar to Facebook Features bear German rather than English names “Poke” - “Gruscheln” Error Messages- “Fakebook” Sued by Facebook in 2008
  6. 6.  Business use is limited on StudiVZ Can advertise through targeted or non- targeted banners Many businesses are hesitant Facebook Vodafone Incident
  7. 7. As a student, would you use StudiVZ?