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Dedicated to helping network administrators and IT executives securely manage remote connections, network accesses, passwords and credentials.

Remote Desktop Manager lets you centralize and manage all your remote tools and protocols into one easy-to-use platform.

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Remote Desktop Manager by Devolutions

  1. 1. Dedicated to helping network administrators and IT executives securely manage remote connections, network accesses, passwords and credentials. Remote Desktop Manager lets you centralize and manage all your remote tools and protocols into one easy-to-use platform.
  2. 2. Remote Desktop Manager delivers Powerful Productive Intelligent Centralize and manage your remote connections. Create synergy within your team by sharing information. Empower individual and team performance and productivity. Give the power to your IT team. Say goodbye to spending valuable time trying to remember or locate passwords, credentials and connection settings. Focus on tasks that add value to your organization. Save time and simplify your life. Enjoy the industry’s most complete and easy-to-use remote connections management solution. Leverage integrated technologies to manage your connections, tools and entire IT infrastructure. Customize to meet your specific requirements.
  3. 3. What Experts Are Saying Remote Desktop Manager is extremely useful in my day to day work, making connecting to servers and services extremely easy across a wide variety of customer environments and connection types. David Szpunar Vice President of Technology Services at PC Help Services, Inc Feature set is huge, support is excellent! Freek Berson Microsoft MVP on Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Manager is so much more than a tool for RDP. It's very robust in all that it can do and once you start using it, you'll never turn back. It's my go to tool for all my remote connectivity needs: RDP, iLo/iDRAC, SSH, VI Client, etc... Ben Liebowitz VCP, Systems Engineer
  4. 4. What Experts Are Saying I use this product literally every single day. With todays distributed networks using different platforms and VPN connections, this product has streamlined how I access all of them. Jeremy Huntsman Software Development Manager at Applus Technologies Remote Desktop Manager is an Enterprise Architects best friend! I could not support Fortune 1000 customers without it! Shawn Tooley Senior Virtualization / Cloud Architect at IBM Remote Desktop Manager has everything a support technician needs to manage remote desktop connections to a wide variety of different systems. It's more efficient than managing spreadsheets or text files to keep track of remote connections! Russel Smith
  5. 5. Remote Connections • Connect any session type, sush as: RDP, SSH, Web, VNC, Telnet, ICA/HDX, Web, Team Viewer, LogMeIn and many more. • Increase productivity and efficiency with more than 60 add-ons • Securely connect to more than 25 VPN types
  6. 6. Documents & Information • Protect sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, serial numbers and bank accounts • Store, share and link document and contacts • Create templates to simplify management
  7. 7. Security • Secure the organization via the best encryption algorithm • Generate strong passwords and identify weak passwords • U.S. federal government approved encryption
  8. 8. User Interface & Organization • Intuitive interface for all types of users • Easy to deploy and use in an enterprise environment • No extensive training required
  9. 9. Password Management • Save and manage all of your passwords • Input credentials and automatically login everywhere • Import or integrate existing password managers, such as KeePass and many more
  10. 10. Team Solution • Share and centralize all of your connections and passwords within the organization • Access your data when offline • Manage and restrict user access • View connection logs and track all remote access details
  11. 11. Management Tools • Integrated console for Citrix XenServer, VMware, Microsoft Terminal Server and Hyper-V • Many tools like remote shutdown, Wake on Lan and inventory report • Execute macro or script files, such as PowerShell, VBScript, SQL Script and many more.
  12. 12. Other Features • Deploy from an installer or zip file • Portable device operation model supported • Extend the application with our SDK
  13. 13. Deploy Remote Desktop Manager in a matter of minutes Have you ever wished that you could easily add, edit, organize, delete and manage all your remote connections? With Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), you can do it all in a matter of minutes! 1. Get started Download Remote Desktop Manager to your computer. The Enterprise version is required to use all features. The free Standard version has limited functionalities. You install it by following the instructions and you’re ready to go. 2. Create sessions Set your connection settings, passwords and credentials. You can choose from hundreds of integrated tools and protocols, including RDP, VPN, SSH, TeamViewer, VNC, Putty, LogMeIn and many others. 3. Start working You’re now ready to easily add, edit, organize, delete and manage all your remote connections! You can control different servers, machines or any other device via a single click, and rapidly switch between sessions.
  14. 14. A single, easy-to-use dashboard GROUP YOUR CONNECTIONS To simplify your life, Remote Desktop Manager lets you organize sessions in groups (folders). You can then easily view all sessions within selected groups and subgroups, and find a specific group(s) using the search filter. MANAGE YOUR SETTINGS Use the RDM dashboard to create, edit, delete and manage all of your connection settings. Simply create a session and RDM takes care of the rest. Enjoy the freedom to select options and settings that meet your specific needs. SECURELY SHARE INFORMATION Easily add information, documents and sensitive data to any connection(s), so that you can securely share information with your team and increase productivity. You can also manage each user’s security rights and grant access to a specific group of users.
  15. 15. Remote Desktop Manager Online (RDMO) is a powerful, secure and low cost cloud-based data source that empowers IT pros and network executives to save time and money, while they strengthen their workforce, increase security for sensitive data, and enjoy the rewards of being among their organization’s strongest business assets. Used in combination with the Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) client, RDMO lets you access remote connections from any Internet connection.      Free subscription (up to 15 sessions) Create an online data source and access all your remote connections from anywhere All transfers are encrypted using Triple DES and Rjindael encryption Add users and create security groups Share your sessions with multiple users Visit
  16. 16. Remote Desktop Manager Server (RDMS) is ideal for clients who would prefer to store their data in-house, want to deploy their own SSL certificate or firewall, or who need Active Directory integration with role management. Remote Desktop Manager client connects to an RDMS data source, but it is hosted and controlled within your own infrastructure. With RDMS, you have total control over security, configuration and network topology.        High-end security server for your organization Share your sessions with multiple users Can be deployed online or internally Support Windows authentication and Active Directory group management Client and server side caching optimization Includes Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise client (global license) 100% compatible with the SQL Server data source Visit
  17. 17. Resources Support team Our world-class support and development team is always ready to help you! We don’t just sell licenses; we create partnerships. And we don’t just develop new technologies; we deliver concrete solutions. That’s why our support team is always ready to answer your questions and respond to your requests. Forum Our RDM forum is your one-stop source for RDM-related knowledge, technical information, expert-to-expert conversation, and more. With over 2,000 active members from across the globe, be assured that you’ll be in exactly the right place to ask your questions, request new features, or tell us about an add-on or plugin that you’d like to see. We take all requests very seriously, and pride ourselves on being responsive to our community.
  18. 18. Resources Blog Our blog serves a global community of IT pros and other users, and focuses on both technical and non-technical topics of interest. Our blog is also a great way to learn more about us, who we are, and what we do. You’ll also find information on software updates, new tools, and tips and tricks to help you get the most of RDM’s many enhanced features. Tutorials Explore more than a dozen video tutorials that clearly explain RDM’s key features. Learn how to setup new connections, share sessions, manage security groups, install add-ons, manage credentials, store passwords, and more. Plus, we’re always adding new videos and updating existing ones to capture the latest features. Online help RDM online help is your 24/7 go-to resource for answers regarding various features, functions, integrated tools, protocols and much more.
  19. 19. Download Free 30-day trial