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Education department pdf without movies

  1. 1. Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction to Sims Recycling Solution, Global 2. The ITAD market in South Africa 3. Sims Recycling Solution South Africa 4. WeCare Program 5. Conclusion Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  3. 3. Sims Recycling Solutions - Global Global leaders in the secure and sustainable management of resources for industry, organisations and the public-at-large. Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  4. 4. • World’s largest recycler public company(ASX/NYSE) • Turnover in excess of $9bn • Global Presence (+270 sites 5 continents) • Carbon Friendly  Sims’ global carbon footprint 256,215 tonnes  Carbon saved by using recovered commodities over virgin 15.2 million tonnes (offsets 4.3 million average. households)  Carbon abatement generated by Sims Energy – 1.8 million tonnes • Global 100 most sustainable companies 11th on Corporate Knights 2010/2011/2012 (released at the Davos Summit 2012) • Over 7,200 employees Allan Werth, Country Managing Director Sims Recycling Solutions - Global
  5. 5. Over 270 sites operating globally NZ 10 Operations Asia 5 Representative offices (SRS) Singapore 1 Operation EU 66 operations California 47 Operations New York/ New Jersey/ Connecticut 21 Operations Pennsylvania/ Virginia/ S. Carolina/ Kentucky/ Maryland 14 Operations Arizona/ Colorado/ Utah/ Nevada 8 Operations Alabama/ Tennessee/ Mississippi 14 Operations British Columbia 5 Operations Arkansas/ Texas/ Louisiana 3 Operations Ohio/ Indiana/ Illinois 15 Ontario/ Michigan 3 Sites Florida 1 Operation Australia 52 Operations South Africa 1 Operation India 3 Operations China large strategic Investment in Chiho-Tiande (SMM) Dubai 1 Operation Sims Recycling Solutions - Global Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  6. 6. Multi-service facilities • 52 processing facilities world-wide • Over 40 audited partner sites • Covering 46 countries across 6 continents Sims Lifecycle Services • Over 2million per annum individual assets recovered for reuse • Over 15million individual Integrated Circuits recovered Cell phone Division • 60% of all BER Mobile Smart Phones and tablets repaired • UK operation currently process 30,000 units per month Sims Recycling Solutions, • In excess of 735,000 metric tons of electronics processed in 2012 • 135,000 metric tons in N.America 580,000 metric tons in Europe 20,000 metric tons in APAC • The equivalent to over 42 Million Desktop Computers • Excludes non-hazardous Large Domestic Appliances (Sims Metal Management) Sims Recycling Solutions - Global Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  7. 7. ISO 27001 Our Commitment To The Highest Standards Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  8. 8. Sims Recycling Solutions Features, • Dedicated WEEE recovery plants. • Ferrous Materials refinement plants. • Precious and Non-Ferrous materials refinement • Shredder fines recovery • Plastics refinement • Asset tracked from receipt to destruction (WebView) Benefits, • Industry leading recovery and recycling rates • High quality materials ensure sustainable markets and best value recovery • Complete chain of custody from recovery and refurbishment to recycling and refinement Recycling and Destruction Services Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  9. 9. Deploy Equipment Equipment Recovery High Grade Mid Grade Recycle EquipmentRefine Materials Manufacture Equipment Redeploy Equipment Refurbish Equipment Primary-use Secondary-use Final-use (Digital Divide) Components Warranty & Repair Energy Recovery Small Percentage Closing The Recycling Loop Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  10. 10. UK’s Computer Electronic Security Group US’ Department of Defense Norway’s National Security Authority Polish Internal Security Agency The Netherland’s National Communication Security Agency France’s Central Information Systems Security Division Japan’s Refurbished (reused) Information Technology Equipment Association Some Examples: National Agencies with ITAD Security Standards Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  11. 11. Information Technology Asset Disposal in South Africa Allan Werth, Country Managing Director • ITAD and e-waste seen as two separate entities • Standards not clearly defined • Assets sold via finance houses • E-waste disposal not clearly defined • Data security not 100% secure • Resale not part of corporate social responsibility or environmental compliance • No access to international technologies
  12. 12. Key Features • Comprehensive refurbishment division • Secure data wiping to ensure safe redeployment • Microsoft Software license management • Online stock control via Web View • E-waste manuel brake down, increases job creation • International standards adhered to Benefits • Maximise useful lifecycle • Charitable donation support for CSR objectives • Increasing return on electronic investment for clients • International experience locally • Prevent the leakage of sensitive data • Management of redeployment of assets • Closing the recycling loop with redeployment of assets Allan Werth, Country Managing Director Sims South Africa Key Features & Benefits
  13. 13. WeCare-Schools Program Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  14. 14. WeCare-School Program Design Program designed to Achieve • Maximise the re-use of PCs to the benefit of South African’s which are exclude from digital technologies • Increase computer literacy in South African schools • First closed loop solution to be rolled out Internationally • Source end-of-life IT equipment from business and government as a Social Development Initiatives • Data wipe, sterilise, audit and report with Sims international standards • Sell to schools and South Africans that have been affected by the digital divide and support via Sims Approved Dismantlers. • Job creation, IT inclusion for population segment that is excluded • Take back/ buy back the IT equipment at end of life via Sims Approved Dismantlers • Participating companies will be registered as part of WeCare Social Development program and will receive social media advertising for there support Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  15. 15. Allan Werth, Country Managing Director WeCare-School Program
  16. 16. Some basic figures: • 2,7 million learners in KZN • 5957 Public schools in KZN • At a planned PC to learner ratio of 2:1 = 1,35 million PCs in KZN • 23.9% of total public schools are in KZN • 31.5% of learners in foundations phase • Technology is one of the eight learning areas • Our views is that computer will also become part of life orientation in the near future due to advance in personal computing internationally *Department of education stats as per 2011 WeCare-School Program Stats Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  17. 17. WeCare Approved Dismantler Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  18. 18. Sims Approved Dismantler Overview, • Micro Business start up. • Electronic Recycling point • Micro ICT incubators. • Housed in shipping containers Revenue Streams, • Internet Café sessions. • Prepaid Vouchers. • Recycling. • Refurbishment Electronic Sales. • Printing. • Service Rendering. Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  19. 19. Sims Approved Dismantler Training & Support • Sims Training Program. • Skype support on demand from Sims • Business Management Target Market • Rural Areas • Income of less than R3,500 pm. • Digital divided effected South Africans. Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  20. 20. WeCare Approved Dismantler-Support Structure Allan Werth, Country Managing Director
  21. 21. Conclusion Allan Werth, Country Managing Director • Only closed loop solution world wide • Job Creation • Its profitable thus sustainable • Corporate Social Responsibility for multinationals companies • Bridging the digital divide while creating jobs as a total solutions. Thank you for your time, we look forward to digitising South Africa